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Albert Einstein Elementary School
18025 NE 116th
Redmond, WA 98052
(425) 558-7973
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public | K-6
County: King


  School Head OfficialYear
Melissa Pointer2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/28/2012parentThis is an amazing school. The post talking about 7 teachers in one year and a vice principal is clearly referring to some other school. This Einstein has never had a vice principal and there is very little staff turn over.
10/11/2012parentEverytime I enter a bad review here it is taken down. Einstein stinks!! My son lost 7 teachers the first year there. Moral is low, the staff hate the principal, the vice principal sued the district and won tons of money over a food fight so there is little money to pay for functions. This website must be run by the district because they control the reviews.
10/10/2012parentGreat school with great teachers.I am very happy my child is attending Einstein elementary. Teachers, principal, all staff is very much included in school activities. It is very bad that such a great school has so little rating.
2/21/2012parentEinstein was a successful school community for my son. He had caring well qulaified teachers who both challenged him and helped him succeed when he needed remediation. The mulitcultural school climate gave him a golabal perspective and fostered in him an appreciation for all cultures. Einstein prepared my son for Junior High and future learning. I am so glad we chose Einstein for his elementary education.
2/21/2012parentBoth of my children attended Einstein until the district boundaries were redrawn. The school has amazing, dedicated teachers that work as a team. Due to the leadership and cooperation amongst the staff, parents are happily involved at Einstein. Unique events hosted by teachers and parents bring the community of Einstein together. The unity and cultural diversity is unique and to be celebrated at this school. We miss what we found at Einstein.
2/21/2012parentI love this school and new principal so much that I m still volunteering 6 years after my kids have left. My daughter started at Wilder and transferred to Einstein for 5th and 6th grades. We were worried at first, but it was the best move. We finally felt needed and appreciated as volunteer and Katie loved her teachers. My son was in one of the first classes to go all the way through, he also loved all his teachers. If you have a choice, go to Einstein.
2/14/2012parentIts sad that people rate this school the way they do because it is awesome. There is nothing we dislike about this school. The students, the teachers, and the parents are awesome. We care a lot about challenging our kids and we feel that this school can totally meet the needs of advanced kids. Plus, there are kids from all over the world at this school which makes it so much better of a school to attend than a place where all the kids are from the same ethnic group.
9/26/2011parentDon't let the negative ratings fool you. Einstein is a great school. This school has some of the best and most hardworking teachers around. We had an option to move to some of the higher rated schools around our neighborhood, but we chose to stay here. I am very happy with my decision. This is one of the only schools in the district that breaks students into groups based on ability and teaches each group at their academic level. My kids were doing Math and English well beyond their grade level. Most other schools do not provide that kind of instruction. Keep this in mind while making your choice.
1/20/2011parentEinstein has incredible parent participation. This is the part we like. The parents help bring a sense of community.
10/25/2010parentWe moved here in the middle of the year in 2nd grade and his teachers were very helpful and understanding. He didn't miss a beat. The first day of third grade, his teacher, Ms. Hemingway taught the class the word ""quintessential". They really challenge students there and I'm frankly surprised their rating isn't much higher. In the five different schools my son has been to, this is his and my favorite. They make learning fun which is difficult and relate to the kids without patronizing or diminishing them. I can't say enough about them.
8/4/2008parentEinstein is a great school. The teachers are excellent and caring. The principal is super involved and really goes out of his way to care for the kids and the overall school environment. My daughter does speak of a class bully or two, but overall we're very fortunate to have such a great school!
4/25/2007parentWe are delighted with our experience at Einstein. Each one of my daughter's teachers has been creative, kind and effective. Terrific music/choir program, active PTA, fun family activities, the principal knows every student by name. We love the multi-ethnic, multi-lingual population and the celebration of differences. A poster in the library contains a quote from Einstein: 'How I wish that somewhere there existed an island for those who are wise and of goodwill!' This school is such an island!
9/23/2006former studentI am a former student and the teachers were great but the principle was almost never seen .
6/10/2006parentThere is a great parent involment at this school. Although the students may be a little roudy, the academic is great. There are not a lot of sports at this school, though.
11/11/2005parentThe teachers and administration are wonderful at Einstein. They're highly supportive, and the PTSA is very active. I was stunned to find out Einstein didn't have the greatest of reputations -- oddly enough with parents at another, semi-rival school 8) -- because my daugther's education and experience at Einstein was fantastic.

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