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Alabama, Alabama, gets 56 inches of rain per year. The US average is 39. Snowfall is 1 inches. The average US city gets 26 inches of snow per year. The number of days with any measurable precipitation is 104.

On average, there are 213 sunny days per year in Alabama, Alabama. The July high is around 91 degrees. The January low is 33. Sperling's comfort index for Alabama is a 62 out of 100, where a higher score indicates a more comfortable year-around climate. The US average for the comfort index is 54. Our index is based on the total number of days annually within the comfort range of 70-80 degrees, and we also applied a penalty for days of excessive humidity.

  CLIMATEAlabama, AlabamaUnited States
  Rainfall (in.)  56.339.2
  Snowfall (in.)  0.725.8
  Precipitation Days  104102
  Sunny Days  213205
  Avg. July High  90.686.1
  Avg. Jan. Low  33.222.6
  Comfort Index (higher=better)  6254
  UV Index  5.14.3
  Elevation ft.  4891,443


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