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Sweet Home Alabama
Star Rating - 12/6/2016
My husband and I have lived in Memphis for the last 14 years. Believe me, anyplace is better to live than Memphis. These poor folks are stuck in a Civil Rights bubble they can't seem to bust, not to mention the school system totally sucks. I've made some great friends but I am so glad to be leaving. The only reason we stayed this long was to get our kids graduated. Now we are free to go and I am so excited to be moving to our new home base in Huntsville. We are middle-aged, empty-nester baby boomers, highly conservative, evangelical Christian, republican, absolutely love and support Trump/Pence 100%, and I got a shotgun to prove it. Of course, being from Texas, you're practically born with a shotgun in your hand. I grew up in a family that hunts and fishes. But then I went and married myself a 'Damn Yankee' of all things. However, 30 years later, I can honestly say I have successfully 'Southernized' him. (Wink) Heck, he even speaks with a drawl now. All his Ohio family recognize it too. We are looking forward to living in our sweet home Alabama in 2017. I see this as a real good place to live and retire. I think we will fit right in with the folks here.
Londa | Bartlett, TN
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LMAO You're the reason I left Huntsville, AL! You're right, you should fit right in!
Daisy | Madison, AL | Report Abuse

LMAO You're the reason I left Huntsville, AL! You're right, you should fit right in!
Daisy | Madison, AL | Report Abuse

Judging by the way libtrash wants to avoid it and leaving. It sounds perfect to me. Take your ass to a blue state.
Kevin | Fort Mohave, AZ | Report Abuse
- 8/22/2021
I would rather live in hell
As someone who has lived in Alabama for 19 years, the best thing i can say about the state...
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Thinking of moving to Foley
Can anyone tell me about the services available to senior citizens in Foley. example: if ...
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- 9/25/2014
Hot and Humid Summers - Mild Winters
Alabama summers are stiflingly bright, hot and humid. Heaven help you if you don't have A...
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- 10/24/2012
There are to many shootouts near my county. ...
Mary | Weaverville, NC | No Replies

- 9/9/2012
High crime rate...
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