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The average one-way commute in Alabama, Alabama, takes 24 minutes. 85% of commuters drive their own car alone. 9% carpool with others. 0% take mass transit and 3% work from home.

  TRANSPORTATIONAlabama, AlabamaUnited States
  Commute Time  24.2525.71
  Auto (alone)  85.31%76.41%
  Carpool  9.38%9.59%
  Mass Transit  0.45%5.06%
  Bicycle  0.13%0.59%
  Walk  1.14%2.78%
  Work at Home  2.69%4.37%
  Commute Less Than 5 min.  2.85%3.15%
  Commute 6 to 9 min.  9.64%10.11%
  Commute 10 to 14 min.  14.75%14.14%
  Commute 15 to 19 min.  17.24%15.47%
  Commute 20 to 24 min.  15.86%14.78%
  Commute 25 to 29 min.  6.34%6.18%
  Commute 30 to 34 min.  14.61%13.66%
  Commute 35 to 39 min.  2.66%2.79%
  Commute 40 to 44 min.  2.90%3.73%
  Commute 45 to 59 min.  7.18%7.70%
  Commute 60 to 89 min.  4.12%5.73%
  Commute greater than 90 min.  1.84%2.56%


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