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Thinking of moving to Foley
Star Rating - 3/25/2015
Can anyone tell me about the services available to senior citizens in Foley. example: if I move there now, I am 67. If I stay and eventually stop driving are there services such as senior citizen centers and senior pick up services to help me go about my daily activities such as shopping etc? Also in reference to religion, andn please don't take this the srong way, but I was told that Alabama is not too fond of people of the Jewish religion such as I. Can anyone give me any feedback on these two items?

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Joyce | Selden, NY
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I'm not sure about services for seniors, but I can tell you it's not called the "bible belt" for nothing. They are HUGE baptists there! I lived there 5 years and never saw anything related to the Jewish religion.
Daisy | Madison, AL | Report Abuse
- 8/22/2021
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