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I would rather live in hell
Star Rating - 8/22/2021
As someone who has lived in Alabama for 19 years, the best thing i can say about the state is that it could be worse.

First of all, if you're not a straight white christian you're out of luck. The state is incredibly racist, sexist, and homophobic, so if you're a minority of any kind stay away. There are basically no legal protections for anyone other than white men.

Secondly, Alabama is a right to work state, that should speak for itself.

Thirdly, the summers are unbearable. Our average summer temperature is around 88 and it is always humid here. On any given summer day you could expect a heat index of 100 degrees.

Forth, our health services are atrocious. Unless your job offers really good health insurance youre gonna be in the hole very quickly because

Fifth, the people are idiots who will run you off the road for driving a Honda civic.

Sixth, our infrastructure is abysmal. And god forbid you live on a dirt road, youll never not have a trench across the road.

To elaborate to the whole sexism and racism thing, the last time Alabama elected a female governor (that wasn’t a special election) was during the civil rights era. We elected the wife of our previous governor, George Wallace. Ever heard of him?

In conclusion, unless you are the stereotypical white guy, do not move here. There is probably no place more hostile to minorities than Alabama.
Blake | Berry, AL
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You are just dumb. If the state were truly so bad, the fact you live there proves how dumb you are. That fact nullifies even further the idiotic things you tried to say. My guess is, you have rarely visited other states to know what to compare to.
Denzel | Montgomery, AL | Report Abuse

You're just dumb. If the state is that bad, you are truly dumb for not moving, or having the ability to move. That fact alone further nullifies the materially wrong, dumb things you wrote.
Denzel | Montgomery, AL | Report Abuse
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