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Arkansas is fattening
I have been gone from Arkansas for quite a few years now. I lived there for several years, years ago. Prior to moving there, my weight was slightly above a healthy range. While there, it increased by 35 pounds. It is now back to where it was prior to moving there. Arkansas has one of the highest obesity rates in the country. The people I am around now are into fitness, healthy eating, bicycles, hiking, etc. Very few of the restaurants here feature deep fried foods. Being around healthy people and healthy influences tends to make you do the things they do to stay healthy. When you drive around and see giant fitness centers all over the place, and most of the people you associate with have a healthy weight, it naturally tends to influence the way you behave, eat, exercise, etc.



Super cheap
I’ve lived in Fayetteville about five years now and I’m 60. Rent, real estate, and most everything else is very cheap here. It's clean. The crime rate is low. The weather is usually pretty good. Winters are short and not that cold. I think there's enough entertainment in the way of restaurants, bars, and shopping, especially if you include the entire northwest Ark. area. And of course college sports. However, health care choices and doctors (specialists) are limited. Incidentally, I wish medical people would stop trying to set me up with a girlfriend. I don't go out with healthcare women anymore. Bad experience with a number of them, especially my first wife.

Fayetteville is too conservative in some ways. For example, it's amazing how many people won't shut up about my military job some 40 years ago (nothing special). Simply being a veteran is an endless source of fascination for many people here. Nearly every time I walk into a large Walmart some stranger makes a remark about it. Not entirely normal. They exaggerate the importance of it. My military job required only a few months training after high school. I got a four-year college degree a long time ago. By the way, I am not buddies with any military veterans in Fayetteville. If any of those old cranks say they know me they're lying. When I first moved here a few years ago, sleazy old lower-class white men were harassing and insulting me in Walmart stores. All total strangers. Never seen them before. They wore dark-blue ball caps with a Navy logo. Some brought along hideously ugly old hags. I reported them to police. A police officer told me harassment is against the law.



Too Expensive
Housing hard to find and over priced, high crime and a lot of homeless. Most new buildings in the north part of town. A lot of drugs all over town. Mostly ugly and people range from crazy to druggies to snobs...with some nice people in between...many hate it here and are moving.



Fayetteville, Ark is not a good place to live
I read Sandy's review and was very impressed with its honesty and factualness. I used to live there in Fayetteville and I moved away for pretty much EXACTLY the same reasons. I am much happier now in the Great Pacific Northwest. One of the things I love about the northwest is its “inclusiveness”. They go to great lengths to make certain that people feel “included” even if they are not from the northwest and have no extended family here. To give you an example, I was a member of a tennis club in Fayetteville for about a year, years ago. For new adult male members with no tennis partners, to be able to come and play in any type of league or weekly activity with other members their only choice was to show up and be available as a substitute. Often, no subs were needed and they just went home. Not very “inclusive”. By contrast, let me tell you about a local tennis club where I live now. About 3 or 4 evenings per week, there are tennis activities you can go to where you get put with three other people and play one set. Then you get put with three other people and play a set, and so on. Everybody is “included”. These tennis clubs are just an example. Another example would be the weekly extended family reunions in Fayetteville. If you are not family, you are not “included”. Here in the northwest, people have family reunions MUCH less frequently and spend a LOT more time in activities that INCLUDE people such as an adult only child with no family. There was a man from ancient history that was actually deeply interested in “Inclusiveness”. His name was Jesus. When I think about the maniacally dangerous way people drive in Fayetteville compared to the northwest, I am convinced that if Jesus had been a driver, he would drive more like a northwesterner. It’s a Christian thing to do to show concern for the safety of others. Glad I don’t live there anymore. Sandy, if you read this I hope for the best for you. Get out if you can. It wasn’t easy for me. I kind of thought of Andy Dufrayne from the Shawshank Redemption. It was simply time to “get busy livin or get busy dieing.” I didn’t literally climb through a river of shot a quarter mile long, but I moved 2,000 miles away late in life to a place where I knew NOONE. Just do it, Sandy!



Regret Moving Here
For those of you thinking about moving to Fayetteville...DON`T DO IT!
Fayetteville (in fact most of Arkansas) is filthy. Poverty is everywhere. More people than not have no pride in their houses or property. People just pile up junk and garbage out in their yards etc. So many houses look as if they should have been demolished years ago. This also goes for the buildings throughout the city as well. Obviously no ordinances. Going out to eat is almost impossible since every place I have been in is disgustingly gross. Sticky seats and tables, dried on foods on the walls by the seating areas, floors that don`t look like they have been washed in weeks, no gloves being used when handling the food, the list goes on and on. They apparently have no inspectors for anything. I would have thought they would at least have nice Walmarts here since a lot of Walmart exec stuff goes on around here but their Walmarts (especially Springdales) are very sketchy, rundown dives. The parks and lakes are not kept up either. The so called southern charm means being nice to your face and turning around to gossip about the newcomers who do not belong unless you have grown up here and/or have extended family here. I could go on and on about why not to move here.I will end with the "Natural State" means exactly what it says which means there is no bug/mequito control and no weed control. Oh and no curbs or decent roads.



Most of the year is fairly mild except during a few weeks of the winter. With mountains and tons of trees all around us, the great climate enhances the beauty of the area.



Lived in Fayetteville/Springdale area for 17 years, loved it, totally loved it. Housing is fair, prices are great, groceries are not expensive, schools are so of the best in the state. VERY sorry I moved away, will be coming back as soon as I can.



affordability + access to outdoor fun
Fayetteville is a great place to live in Arkansas because of its affordability with housing, education, recreation, and amenities. It is close to state parks and rivers and is improving in its friendliness to sustainability. The major thing lacking in Fayetteville is great museums and nightlife (although Dickson St. is pretty fun).



Well being
Fayetteville residents are extremely kind and helpful. I am proud to call it home.



Pretty good weather year round, except there can be some brutally cold days in the winter and ice storms. Fall is great in the Ozark Mountains and is perfect weather for football.



Fayetteville is a wonderful place to live.



Seeking Room & Board to Relocate
Please contact me if you are in need of a long term home care helper or personal assistant. Or, better yet if you are willing to move in someone trying to make a fresh start! :)

Female, 40, no kids, great personality and character.



Crime rates, traffic safety?
I have read some of the comments about crime rates in Fayetteville and I am puzzled. It is really a simple matter to check online about such things. Fayetteville's crime rates were below the national average 20 years ago but are today right at the national average. The traffic fatality rate is way above the national average. That rate is dubiously not reflected in the crime rates, even tho reckless driving, drunken driving, running red lights and speeding are all crimes. So safety in Fayetteville is lacking. The other writers here obviously have access to the free data available on the web. They seem to be writing rather carelessly, in not even bothering to check such sources as and Is there something you other writers have in common? - perhaps being primarily native southerners?



A good place for a certain kind of person; for ot
Fayetteville would rank very high on your personal recreation scale if you enjoy outdoor sports, such as backpacking, canoeing, hunting, or fishing. It would rank very low on your personal cultural scale if you enjoy live performances of ballet, opera, symphonic music, or theater. Extrapolate from those extremes, remember that it is in the Bible Belt, and you can get a pretty good idea of what it's like to live in Fayetteville.



Something for Everyone
Fayetteville is an excellent city for individuals interested in politics on a national, state, or community level. There are tons of organizations with activities planned year round. It is hard to live in Fayetteville and NOT be involved in something. Additionally, there are more liberal political leanings in Fayetteville than in the rest of the state, which is decidedly more conservative.


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