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Don't ride the bus in Las Vegas
I feel bad for the passenger on the bus in the wheelchair. I was staying at Palace Station and went to the local Walmart for some food for my room. On the way back to the Hotel, A guy in a wheelchair got on the bus when I did. The driver told the wheelchair guy to take down his American Flag. The guy in the wheelchair said no. The driver said he was going to beat up the wheelchair guy if he did not take the flag down. Also the driver stated that if the guy in the wheelchair would not take the flag down he was going to break it off and wreck his wheelchair.

The bus company in Las Vegas is called the RTC.

I am not going back to Las Vegas, because I am scared. I wear an American flag on my jacket. Will the bus driver beat me up just because I am proud American?



Great place for serious transferees
I have read some of the other reviews, and would like to offer some constructive comments of my own:
1. I have lived here 23+ years.
2. Given the right background and outlook, there are many positive opportunities here in LV.
3. I wouldn't suggest moving here without a job lined up, or by answering an add for roommates, and then finding yourself in a dicey situation with marginal individuals.
4. The lack-of-a-winter is very attractive, coming from someone from a harsh Midwest climate.
5. I coexist well in the summer heat (plus, I have a pool), but I don't presume to speak for everyone on this issue.
6. Housing is still affordable and plentiful -- but do your research.
7. Don't trust everyone who approaches you with a "sob story" (this is a universal truth).
8. Since it's a 24/7/365 area, there is always something to do/see/eat/drink.
9. I don't gamble -- but enjoy the fact that there are numerous recreational opportunities, restaurants, and movie theatres nearby.
10. The driving here can get a little crazy, but since I recently retired, this is less of an issue than it had been.
11. Don't move here because you think that the streets (and soon, your pockets) will be lined with gold. As with most locations, personal and financial enrichment begin and end with hard work, not empty promises and dead-end fantasies.



Solid friendly place to live, easy to find work
I moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and lived in Sin City for ten years. I want to share real insights, not exaggerated crap that you often read on message boards like this.

People in Vegas are much more down-to-Earth than those in California. More polite and a more "yes sir, yes ma'am" kinda place. When my roommate and I first moved there, we immediately noticed folks were friendlier and less elitist. This is not LA where people compete on who has a larger paycheck and more expensive vehicle.

Las Vegans are also less Balkanized. In Los Angeles, you have racial groups that cling to each other. There's even neighborhoods devoted to certain ethnic groups. But in Vegas, there's a lot more blending in. Go to a Starbucks and you see frequently see young people studying comprising of different ethnic groups. I'm Asian. In Vegas, I had far more non-Asian friends that I did in Los Angeles.

It's also easy to find a job in Vegas thanks loads of call centers, construction sites and casinos. Look, these are not glamorous jobs you brag to friends on Facebook. But most people can get them within a few weeks landing in the city. And thanks to lower cost of living, you can get by on a $12/hour job. It's not an exaggeration to say, unless you have a criminal record or some mental affliction, and if you are halfway personable with a decent work ethic, you'll attain a middle class life in Vegas. If you can't find gainful employment here, you probably can't find it anywhere.

Now the bad parts. There's a bit of a roughneck gun culture. I respect the right to bear arms. But there's a difference between being a gun owner and having a creepy obsession with guns. There's definitely a sizable sub-group of the latter type. Not surprisingly, there are more gun crimes in Vegas than in Los Angeles.

Another downside is the appalling state of higher education. You pretty much only have UNLV, which is not considered a highly ranked school. Vegas has a service-based economy so there's less need for higher education. This might not be such a bad thing. Methinks there's nothing wrong with jobs that don't require a college education...and nothing wrong with not having a degree. But if you have kids and you desire higher education for them, then you'll have to prep for possibly sending them out of state.

Overall, I enjoyed my ten years in Vegas and was sad to move out. If you're contemplating a move, I suggest paying more rent and living in Summerlin or Henderson where it's safer.



Don't get caught up in the hype or the pretty ligh
I moved to Las Vegas in October of 1997 from Florida and have hated every minute of it. I pretty much got stuck here after starting my own business getting married and having children. When I say stuck I really mean stuck. Barley made just enough to live on (most of the time) and could never save enough to move to a better place.

Las Vegas is one of the most over rated cities when it comes to living here. If you are not a gambler there is absolutely nothing to do especially if you have children. Everything on the strip is expensive, the shows, the decent restaurants, attractions all here for tourists and not something a local would even think of going to on a regular bases. $8 for a beer, $13 for a glass of wine, $18 for two margaritas, $25-$45 for a buffet per person. $70 for a ticket to see even the crappiest show on the strip and to see a decent one it will cost hundreds of dollars.

Away from the Las Vegas Strip you won't find much other than the normal stores and restaurants. There is really no culture here and finding a good restaurant that is not a national chain is impossible. They have tried to revamp the down town are and turn it into an art district but you risk your car, valuables you take with you and your life going down there. If you leave Fremont St. you will see quickly what I mean.

I see a lot of people talking about RedRock Canyon, Mt. Charleston, Valley of Fire, Lake Mead as things to do. First off during the summer the heat is just unbearable and you will spend most of your time inside and your kids will also. All of these places are great to visit one or two time but really there is nothing to do at them other than walk. Lake Mead is a swamp, dirty nasty and just disgusting. After you visit them all one or two times you will really not want to go back.

The health care system here is a disaster. My wife had to make an appointment for high blood pressure and the appointment was 3 months out. She went in and they said they needed to schedule her for some tests another 3 moths out. Then after that it was another appointment to get the results 3 moths out. She finally just bought a blood pressure tester and watched what she was eating and got it under control herself. Took my son to the eye doctor, showed up almost an hour early and 6 hours later he finally got to see the doctor. The eye doctor was suppose to be a specialist for a specific surgery he needed and when the doctor did finally look at my son he said "I guess we could do surgery on his eyes". Never went back, I ended up driving to Berkeley where the doctor scheduled the surgery the next week. Took my daughter to the doctor for a problem and the doctor came in for 30 seconds and said he was writing her a prescription and that was it, just left the room. I can tell you many nightmares about the health care system here but this would be a very long review at that point. To put it simple if you plan on living here, hope you don't ever have anything major wrong with you because this is the last place you want to be when you need real medical help. In the last 10 years no one in my family has receive good healthcare for anything we had to go to the doctor for.

The school systems are the worst. Not enough books to go around, the food is garbage, the classrooms are over crowded, fights. If you have kids and they have to go to the public schools here you will fear for their safety every day when they leave for school.

The weather temperature wise is okay most of the year. About a year after I moved here I started to miss the rain, thunderstorms, seeing lightening. I can count on my two hands the number of thunderstorms I have seen in almost 20 years here, they are that rare. Every time it rains (drizzles) here it is a big deal and I find myself going out and standing in it but unfortunately that is only during the colder seasons.

The housing here is just laughable but not really funny at all. Homes are build at so poor quality made of chicken wire and stucco. From the interstate when driving the housing developments look like graveyards with all the same tombstones. In most of the newer homes even ones that cost $200k+ the distance between them is less than 10 feet. The backyard is usually just a slab of cement with rocks and a couple of cactus. The homes are expensive here but the quality is just crap compared to a home half the price built in places like Florida and Georgia where I have lived before. I guess since there is no bad weather here they have very lax building codes and can get away with a wood 2 x 4 frame, chicken wire and stucco.

Las Vegas is a desert and eventually you get tired of seeing nothing but brown ugly desert and brown and yellow ugly home that all look alike. There is mountains in the distance but not very appealing. Went to Georgia for the first time in almost 18 years last summer and I realized I had forgotten how nice it was to see green landscapes, rolling heals, mountains, real trees, real solid built homes with real land around them. The air quality is bad here and if you leave the windows of your car or home cracked open for fresh air you will get a layer of dirt all over everything after about a day. During the summer if you wipe the sweat from your forehead you can feel the sand that has gathered on it.

Trafic is a nightmare here and the construction is never ending. The city never plans for road closures and will close lanes down on every road at the worst time leaving you no detour during rush hour. They are talking about bringing in a stadium which will bring in tens of thousands of people at the same time for sporting events. The city can't even handle the traffic it already has and if you consider they almost never finish construction on the roads as it is, it will be 20 years of construction and they will never solve the traffic problem.

Crime is much worse here than you will read about and what the staticts say. If you leave anything in your car in sight, your windows will be busted out. Your home will be broken into. My home in Las Vegas was broken into and I had to get a full security system installed but I still had to worry. If you don't have a security company that has their own responding armed agents the security system won't do you any good. The police will not even show up for an alarm unless there is a eye witness who actually sees someone breaking in and then it takes forever. The criminals know this and they break in ignore the alarms and snatching up what they can and get out. The police will take a report but never even follow up on trying to find the criminals who do it. I've had to resort to buying a large safe along with the alarm system and keeping anything of value in it looked up whenever we leave home. I moved to Henderson about a year ago which is suppose to be a better area. The day after we moved in I was unloading my car and forgot to lock it. The next morning I go out and my car had been rummaged through with the glove box contents all over the front seat. So much for living in a better area of Las Vegas.

I can go on and on but eventually no one will read past a certain point. All I can say is the quality of life living in Las Vegas if very poor. I feel so bad for my children who have had to grow up here compared to the quality of life I had growing up. I'm planning on moving us out in the next year before they grow up anymore and waist their entire childhood in this hell hole. Anyone who is planning on moving here thinking that it is a fun place to live with 24hour nightlife should think again. It will be a big waist of time and you run the risk of getting stuck here like I did, waisting the best years of your life, living a very poor quality of life.

This is not a rant but my honest opinion of what it's really like living here. Hopefully I have saved some of you from making the worst mistake of your life and changed your mind about moving here. If you truly care about the quality of your life than you will look somewhere else to live and put your roots down and save Las Vegas as a place to vacation at one day. Anyone looking for a place to blow your money and valuable years of your life away sitting at a table or machine where there is no windows than this is the city for you live.



Before moving to Vegas, go check the health care s
If you consider moving to Vegas, go first to a medical facility there and you'll understand ....



Las wages
Born and raised in Las Vegas. 37 yrs.old

In this Glittering Concrete Hole, that I call Home. My home brings confusion. Anxiety lingers, filled with my Regrettable Past.
In this Glittering Concrete hole, my home.
Loneliness fills this place, whether it's to be Wanted or left Alone.
It has my hopes and dreams all wrapped up in my Failures and mistakes.
In this Glittering Concrete hole. I call Home
The Heat is unbearable, the Lights are intended to entice, in between every church on a corner, you will find a lost soul.
In this Glittering Concrete hole.. She will give
You hope in its Dancing lights, all wrapped up with a little, drunkenness, brokenness and bitterness .
In this Glittering Concrete hole



This is NO place to live!
Was there for less than two months. This was a mistake and I won't be back. It was more than likely the bad roommate that lied to me about everything - no cable, no internet, this was a rooming house. This person didn't say this was a rooming house. I was the only female with four other males. All either on drugs, alcohol, warrants or gambling. I know, next time, I will look better. This things lied every step of the way. Don't expect any assistance from the police. Unless there is a body, they won't respond! I don't think the landlord was even here legally. I'm sure Las Vegas is beautiful, just not for me!



Don't do it!!
Don't move to this city unless you enjoy crime 24/7 and constantly worrying about your house getting broken into. We lived in a "nicer" part of the city and my doors were always locked and gun was always loaded. This city truly is a hellhole and you couldn't pay me to move back there.



Las Vegas Living
Hello, I have been living in Las Vegas since 1985. I have seen this city grow and continue to grow. I like it here because of there's so much you can do. My kids love it here and will not move anywhere else. I wish it stays this way forever.



lack o f AOG Churches
Assembly of God
The true old fashioned Assembly of God Churches do not exist in Las Vegas like the do in Southern California. We are moving out of town and I will once again will be able to worship in a true AOG . Praise the Lord !



Summer can be brutally hot. The other three seasons are pleasant.



Summer is as HOT as the bowels of HADES. Within the last ten years or so the heat has steadily segued into November after getting an early start in May.
However, if you are done with ice and snow, this is your place. Now, if you were a Thanksgiving turkey, done to a turn with moist heat or choosing the dry heat would be moot as either way you are cooked. Oh yes, it is dry. Buy stock in skin products.



Living Las Vegas
I lived in LV for 3 years and really loved, coming from NY, the peace and quiet living plus the hot weather made me happy. I am looking forward to go back. I was recommend Southwest for residence.



Moving to LV
Every time I hear Steve Wynn on the news complaining there is no real economic recovery, I know his LV profits had tanked again..Save the LV strip designed for tourists and bunch of caged golf course communities around the suburbs, the rest is a mostly filthy, beggar sprinkled desert metropolis.Half of the retail stores are empty premisses.The real estate market is as speculative as a Russian roulette dice chuck.Nevada State is broke and is desperate to fund itself through issuing traffic citations.Definitely not a good place to grow a family. June through September is over 100F and the air pollution tops 10 in the country.LV huge water problem seems to be looming on the horizon and the outdated spaghetti bowl highway interchange is jam crammed with traffic as ever.Most of North LV between Rainbow&Graig is a famous no go area for tourists and newcomers too.But shoving all this under the rug the rest is all great and your Mega Bucks Jack Pot is waiting for you.



Nice to visit once, not to live there ever
Las Vegas has changed forever since the invention of the online,Indian and Macao casinos.Save the outdated Strip, there is little else to see.Half of the city retail is dead, its filthy, crime is rampant,at around 8am and 3pm the city traffic crams into this insane outdated spaghetti bowl interchange freeway.June through September is over 100F.The bunch of suburban golden cage communities with its golf courses stick as sore thumbs around town,reminding me of the Panama City expat camps.Fly over is highly recommended.


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