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North Carolina is not safe.
To Best Places:
Due to an archaic discriminatory common law North Carolina is not a good place to move to or to live in.
It is known as the 1% contributory negligence law.
For a company or corporation that has been negligent and is without conscience they and their insurer will use the discriminatory law to try to find you 1% responsible for your injury (in my case it was a hazard created by Biltmore Farms LLC that caused my fall).
I took one year prior to moving to NC to research NC and other states. Nowhere did I find a mention of this NC law. I may have seen Best Places lists however I didn't read any comments such as the one I'm posting here.
This is critical information, particularly for people who want to retire to NC.
AARP partners with Hartford Insurance, the corporation that worked with Biltmore Farms LLC to try to find me responsible for my injury.
I wrote a petition on change dot org that I use to advocate for myself and to educate others.
By going to change dot org and searching under Biltmore Farms LLC, you will find my petition.
Were it not for comments such as these a truer picture of places is difficult to know.
Thank-you Best Places, every time I'm able to let others know what could happen to them, I feel I've done what I could to prevent others from making the NC choice I did.
Please do your own research if this law and it's consequences appear too difficult to believe.
My injury in NC resulted in the loss of my health, my business, my ability to work, my savings/retirement, and my most loved dogs.
I've moved to continue medical care in the state of Ohio.
Meg Conway, formerly of Asheville NC



Love the parts of NC I've seen !
I don't live in NC, I'm from GA. But wish I was wealthy enough for a second home ! I've traveled much of NC and all that I've seen the places are beautiful and the people are very nice ! My wife and I love to vacation there !



Keep an open Mind
Typical northerns who cant appreciate southern culture do not like the south. I am from PA, (I know, to people in NE that's the "south"), but I fell head over heels in love with southern culture. If you keep an open mind, embrace the slower speed of life, attend a community event, and eat the food, they welcome you. Southerners are very proud of their culture and heritage. And why shouldn't they be?
They have a lower cost of living, lower taxes, a healthy economy, and fantastic weather. If you say they turn their noses up at northerns its because northerners do not embrace the culture and think "slower" and "Christian" mean "backwards." Its a different country; and when you live abroad (as I have), you embrace the experience, the good and the bad. You show the people there that you are willing to learn and adapt to their ways. Its called assimilation. This is required when you move to a different part of the country, since the US is so lucky to have such a vast and varied subsets of cultures. Northerns, ya'll need to get over yourselves.

And I'm sorry, but "ya'll" is way better than "yous" "yous guys" or "yinz."



Durham NC
I love where I live in Durham NC. It is nice that it is close to Raleigh, Cary and Chapel Hill. Lots of great shopping and events nearby which are very important to me.



Dobbs Youth Development Center
No place to vent this information. Dobbs Youth Development Center in Kinston, NC is a all male youth detention center that is privately operated. It is a horrible place that is in my opinion given a blind eye to. I know that there is bullying going on there where some of the boys there take food from others and the "guards" see this happening. There is fighting and recently a big one. Does anyone care about the boys here? And they are all boys. Try and contact this place; no one will answer or call you back. Are we going backwards? Someone please help.



housing in N.C.
would like real estate info about N.C.



Looking for a good retirement area



relocation to N. Carolina
preferably up into the mountains. North and West. Any help working on a contingency?



if you come south go urban stay near big citties
originally from Long Island, NY. Thought southern hospitality was real, found out not for northerners. We went suburban big mistake, we are not religious, no kids. The Home owners Associations are crazy, it is like living with in a dictatorship. A woman I know living here 20 years finally gets to be called a transplant. All you hear is have a blessed day which I have been told is their ways of saying F-U. They think all the northerners coming down are ruining their culture. Churches run every thing, sports, daycare, and we even have to vote in churches. No separation of church and state here. My husband has joined town clubs only to be insulted or ignored. I want to move back north, but because our development allowed the third section to be built 60 grand cheaper we can not go yet. Four years of a nightmare still going



Would like more information about living in NC (preferably coastal areas).



Rocky Mount, NC- quality of life for a minority fa
Hi I am looking to move to Rocky Mount this fall. Can anyone give me feedback about living there?




Looking to Relocate to North Carolina
I am a Realtor and a Licensed Broker/Owner at The Buyer Agency. My passion is assisting my clients on the road to home-ownership. I look forward to finding and closing on the perfect home for my clients. I have been in the Real Estate Business since 2009, but have worked in the Mortgage Industry since 2003. Whether you are relocating to The Triad area, downsizing, upgrading or looking to build a home, please call me for all your real estate needs! I look forward to our Journey together.



I like it



would like some advice on NC & SC

We live in Maine and are looking to find a place in NC or SC. We plan to spend Jan- March there and possibly retire there later on. We hope to rent the house on the months we are away and will need a good local rental company.We are open to multiple locations, but want to be w/in 10-15 minutes to the beach in a safe area and need AT LEAST .5 acre with a bit of privacy for a pool, dogs and kids, and we would like to avoid outrageous community fees and taxes ( and not on the any water please - as we would like to avoid the aquatic wildlife from coming into the yard:). We do not care about the school systems, as we haven't really found any that are great and so we homeschool. We are starting to look at Wilmington and st. helena island areas right now. We want a place that will have decent rental potential. We know there are negatives to any location, so please do not respond to this with reasons not to move there. We love Maine but it is super expensive and the winters are getting worse every year, so this is a move we will be making. Would love some suggestions on lodging as well, as we come down to look around. Lastly, if anyone reading this is in the mental health field, I would love suggestions on companies with seasonal positions if they exist. Both my husband and I are LCPC's/ therapists and would love to know if there are local agencies that offer work for a few months at a time ( ie- assessment/intakes, etc). Thank-you so much for taking the time to read and respond to us :) Luwana



Mountain Island Day School
Someone keeps taking down my reviews???? I wonder who that could be? Tammy and Tom?

This school has teachers removing anything that is not positive about the school. It is unbelievable to me what they will go through to hide the truth. Do your homework before going to this school!!


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