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North Carolina is not safe.
Star Rating - 2/8/2017
To Best Places:
Due to an archaic discriminatory common law North Carolina is not a good place to move to or to live in.
It is known as the 1% contributory negligence law.
For a company or corporation that has been negligent and is without conscience they and their insurer will use the discriminatory law to try to find you 1% responsible for your injury (in my case it was a hazard created by Biltmore Farms LLC that caused my fall).
I took one year prior to moving to NC to research NC and other states. Nowhere did I find a mention of this NC law. I may have seen Best Places lists however I didn't read any comments such as the one I'm posting here.
This is critical information, particularly for people who want to retire to NC.
AARP partners with Hartford Insurance, the corporation that worked with Biltmore Farms LLC to try to find me responsible for my injury.
I wrote a petition on change dot org that I use to advocate for myself and to educate others.
By going to change dot org and searching under Biltmore Farms LLC, you will find my petition.
Were it not for comments such as these a truer picture of places is difficult to know.
Thank-you Best Places, every time I'm able to let others know what could happen to them, I feel I've done what I could to prevent others from making the NC choice I did.
Please do your own research if this law and it's consequences appear too difficult to believe.
My injury in NC resulted in the loss of my health, my business, my ability to work, my savings/retirement, and my most loved dogs.
I've moved to continue medical care in the state of Ohio.
Meg Conway, formerly of Asheville NC
Margaret | Bay Village, OH
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I'm so terribly sorry for what has happened to you. You've made a very serious and important point on just one unethical aspect of NC laws. Unfortunately there are many more laws that protect the wrong doer and further damage the victim. Women. Laws in NC are used against you in matrimonial cases. If you have children and want/need to divorce the husband, you must wait one full year in order to have a separation agreement, not divorce. During that one full year your husband, the father of your children, is not required by NC law to pay you a dime NOR support the children. Zero support of any kind is required from him for those children in that one year waiting period. What do you do for money? Get a job (jobs) and how you watch your young children is your problem. No family to help? You're on your own. After that one full year apart, a separation agreement goes into effect. Divorce is next. Time consuming and costly. It's shocking how many men refuse to support their own children without the courts forcing them to. Common situation in NC: the Male boyfriend or spouse beats you up, police/sheriff called, it will be You, the visibly beaten person, who will be arrested and taken to jail. The sheriff/police will take you to the hospital for treatment of your beating (often photos taken), but You, the female victim, will be arrested and jailed. Doesn't matter in the least that the Male is a huge angry idiot and you're badly beaten, bleeding, broken bone -- NC has backwards and extremely hateful attitudes and laws directed at women. For those who voted done the original author's story regarding the 1% law -- Why? When it's used against you and your life destroyed we shall see. Obviously the negative votes are from those who don't care or understand the very real negatives of living in NC and vote all critical and accurate comments down. To be expected by ignorant, uneducated people and real estate agents with vested interests in marketing the area and homes.
Margaret | Asheville, NC | Report Abuse

I'm horrified reading your comment, learning of your experience. Why did you lose your dogs? Because they died or because of something else? It sounds just awful and I am so very sorry.
jean | Costa Mesa, CA | Report Abuse
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