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Retirement living
Star Rating - 2/10/2018
Lots of scenery, slow moving, minor crime and mostly friendly people. Natives only want your money: was told I needed to spend my money locally and not else ware. If you were not born here you will never fit in. I an glad I do not need a job as there are none and don’t even think about starting a business here. Simply put summary: nice weather for 10 months, quiet, shop in Asheville or Atlanta and watch out for the local shops prices, they vary greatly.

Tom | Franklin, NC
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You'll be TOLD you never fit in, but you can fit in anywhere if you don't tell them. :-)
Gary | Asheville, NC | Report Abuse
- 3/4/2020
Western NC is Not the place to live
Western NC (eg Asheville, Hendersonville and surrounding areas) is Not the place to move t...
Ash | Hendersonville, NC | 3 Replies

- 2/8/2017
North Carolina is not safe.
To Best Places: Due to an archaic discriminatory common law North Carolina is not a good ...
Margaret | Bay Village, OH | 2 Replies

- 12/12/2016
Love the parts of NC I've seen !
I don't live in NC, I'm from GA. But wish I was wealthy enough for a second home ! I've tr...
clay | Unadilla, GA | No Replies

- 8/16/2016
Keep an open Mind
Typical northerns who cant appreciate southern culture do not like the south. I am from PA...
Allison | Reading, PA | 6 Replies

- 1/25/2016
Durham NC
I love where I live in Durham NC. It is nice that it is close to Raleigh, Cary and Chapel...
Debra | Durham, NC | No Replies

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