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 Amber Rivers
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Star Rating 1/24/2010
WE are a family of four, two small children, planning to move to Colorado by late spring/early summer. We visited Colorado about 6-7 years ago and fell in love with the scenery. We are trying to narrow down our searches for the right town so any informational insight would be much appreciated. We currently live in Indiana now, love the outdoors(hiking, camping...) & musical scene has to be a must of the town (husband plays music), I currently work as a RN so close to medical facilities would be a plus. We are definitely searching for the right town to fit us for our new beginning!!



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Hi Amber, My wife and I are also from Indiana and want to move to Colorado. She is also in the medical field and was temporarily assigned to a hospital in Loveland, Colorado. We also fell in love with the state. I don't have much information or insight at this time. Actually I was wondering if you and your family have actually made the move and if so, how has it been for you. Please let me know if you have anything to share about your experience so far. Sincerely, Dave D.



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