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Star Rating 10/12/2010
This is sooo true, I wish I'd read this before I moved here. Construction is a mess. Highways have ridiculously long entry/exit ramps. The streets never go anywhere, they ALL end. So you can't take any streets the whole length of the city. And 6 months after I got here, my Benz passenger window was smashed for a $5 pair of sunglasses. Drivers SUCK, don't use signal lights, will cross 4 lanes of traffic then exit suddenly! Inconsiderate! For the most part they're not friendly. I hate it here and can't wait to leave. Oh and lets not forget all the graffiti tags EVERYWHERE. It's like they don't want a nice place to live. Like you say, Sonterra, Alamo Hts, Lockhill Selma area etc are ok. And you're also right about the teen pregnancy. No job or car and WALKING with 3,4,5 children while pregnant with the next. This place SUCKS! And to all of you, NO I'M NOT WHITE. Plus at least once a week, some drunk is driving down the wrong side of the road, usually ends up in some innocent person's death. Roosters and chickens in a (supposedly) modern city is discussting. You all should be out on a farm, not in the inner city. I've been here 2 years from IL and can't believe the hype on the Internet that helped my decision to move here. UGGGG! can't wait to leave. All of you that say about being here is because you haven't lived anywhere else and don't know any better. Don't be mad, if your town sucks it sucks! You've learned to live with it so more power to you.



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