Horrible place to live.

 Tijuan Williams
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Star Rating 1/4/2011
Your absolutely correct! What a horrible place to live! The crime here is OUTRAGEOUS! And the people are rude, every where u go. Even on the phone. But you're wrong, the cops are a problem, however; the crimes are committed by some of the most dangerous individuals ever!I moved here two years ago and I still can't find a job. I want to leave here so badly, but I don't have the means to get out of here! But you're right to tell everyone not to move here. If you value your life, the safety of your family, your sanity and the morals and high standards that you obtained living in a better society, DON'T MOVE DOWN HERE TO GEORGIA!EVER!



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Do not move here. Atlanta is a good place to visit but in my opinion not to live. I'm from here & ive always hated it. I've moved twice & came back here twice. This is my final time leaving for good. First, the people I've met and been around here are extremely fake and grimy. They will envy you even if you're not even all that these people here are jealous of anyone that has some confidence & doesn't want to be like the rest of them. It's a lot of groupies looking to get with a celeb and get Preggo just to get a check. Most of the men are either undercover or fake balling a financed life to look rich. I can't believe I was actually born here! People never believe I'm from here because I'm not a like most people here & my style is different & women here jealous when they see beautiful unique woman. The job life here is beyond horrible. I've been unemployed for over a year now and I've been on every interview and did what I'm supposed to do but these jealous women get in authority position and use against me. I'm so over this crap hole place. I know I sound bitter but I am cause I hate this place passionately & me and my fiancé are moving this year. It's nothing like you see on these stupid tv shows they do here. Everyone here has there nose stuck so far up their own ass to even realize this place is crap. Fake crap. Don't believe the hype. Unless you wanna be a stripper, rapper, dealer or scammer then this isn't the place for you. The crime sucks bad. People stare everywhere you go & are really nosey. Real friends are hard to make here because people are so evil and always plotting against you pretending to be your friend.



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