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No straight roads. - 8/1/2018
I have had the pleasure of living in 11 different states which now includes GA. These have all been major cities. I have also visited an additional 29 states over the years. My impression of the GA and Atlanta is not good. The people are GREAT, the geography sucks. No straight roads, and lots of neighborshoods that don't connect. The folks in charge of planning never planned on traffic, and how to deal with it. I have noticed that people are impatient in all things. The poverty level is the biggest hurdle to a better quality of life. The best solution to poverty is higher education, greater number of folks with degrees raise the economy for everyone.
My degree is in Geography with a focus on cities. I love to live in a place that has diversity in the population. The lack of disposable income in the population of the Atlanta and metroplex area is a product of education. Read More

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The "A" is NOT all that it's cracked up to be!! - 6/5/2018
The "A" is NOT all that it's cracked up to be!! Why? Cost of living, auto insurance, traffic, drivers, people, roads, pay, lenox mall, transit, buckhead, atmosphere, weather, activities and food/service - +

Cost of living - without sounding harsh.....IT IS OFF THE CHAIN HIGH!! Sure you can live in South Atlanta, Mabelton, Austell or other "high crime" low income areas and pay under $900 but you won't be a white person living there!! For affordable and safe housing, you will pay over $1400 for a 500 square foot studio, yes a studio!! All the new apartments that have gone up over the past two years, a one bedroom WILL run you $1500-1900 for a basic 600 sq foot apt. or if you are adventurous and want to live in midtown or buckhead, that could be a lot more!! So yes growth is great but when they don't pay folks, the cost of living is WAY to high!! Now, yes you can live 30 miles away and pay almost $1200 but then tack of ware and tare of your car, gas, more frequent oil Read More

Small town wants to be big city - 3/12/2018
Here's the real about Atlanta. To sum it up its kid who thinks they're grown cause they're in high school but compared to the juniors and seniors is still a wet behind the ears noob. Allow me to explain: Atlanta does have some things going as it is the hub for Delta Airlines (though if Deal and Cagle have their way with the whole NRA mess that could change) and UPS. Several box office hit movies have been filmed here as well as TV shows. Also make no mistake everyday more lofts condos and office buildings are being put up as the city is undergoing a massive makeover including the billion dollar totally unnecessary stadium for the Falcons. And yes the cost of living is lower. That's the good
And here's the bad (you knew this was coming) it still is the Ol South. The concentration of bible thumpers and old throwback 1950s racists still run rampant still got the voting power to keep Georgia blood red. And even the city still clings to old time outdated rules and habits. Need Read More

High violent crime rate, traffic, hot, and low pay - 11/18/2017
We lived in Atlanta for 3 years before moving due to one of the highest violent crime rates in the country. A friend got shot and killed at an ATM machine while taking out $40. We did not feel safe going out after dark. The violent crime rate was 92 out of 100 with non violent almost as bad. Our home got broken into first year and patio furniture was stolen one week after moving in. Our yard was fenced so had to pad lock it after the theft. It took the police 4 hours to come out after our break in due to the amount of calls. It this was not enough the summers are 6 month long of hot humid weather and traffic bad with people driving like animals. Lucky we moved to an all white golf gated community in Florida and can sleep well with our windows open at night.  Read More

fsjhs hsg 2017 - 2/16/2017
OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon - Online Race Results
Ridouane Harroufi, 1:02:46. 2. Festus Langat, 1:03:02. 3. Benson Cheruiyot, 1:03:07. 4. Scott Overall, 1:03:21. 5. David Rutoh, 1:03:38 Read More

worst city for income and health care - 7/25/2016
moved to Atlanta when I was 14, left when I was 25 and don't want to ever back. It's impossible to live within 30 minutes of work if you're a member of the working class. People in San Francisco laugh at people in Atlanta who complain about the cost of living, but what they don't realize is that middle class incomes in San Francisco are about four times what they are in Atlanta. Minimum wage in Atlanta is the same as the federal, even though Atlanta is the most expensive city in the Deep South except Miami, even more expensive than Tampa. You have to live in the suburbs in order to buy a gallon of milk for less than $4. Also, the healthcare system is so crooked. People who can do yard work with no difficulty can get disability but thousands of residents with a real disability are told they don't qualify, probably because the state doesn't have enough revenue to give them disability because too much of their revenue is given to too many people who don't really need disability.  Read More

Home for sale - 6/9/2016
I live in Fairburn GA. It is in South Atlanta in a lake community, directly across from the lake. My home is currently for sale, 7955 Stillmist Dr. Fairburn GA. Please Read More

Home for sale - 6/9/2016
I live in Fairburn GA. It is in South Atlanta in a lake community, directly across from the lake. My home is currently for sale, 7955 Stillmist Dr. Fairburn GA. Please Read More

Moving to Atlanta - 3/2/2016
From NYC moving to Atlanta. Where to live (have my senior disabled mom with me)?

I hear that Northeast, GA (Lawrenceville, Snellville etc.) is nice and mostly safe (There is no place on this earth that is completely safe and/or without DRAMA- This is not Heaven). So, thriving school and church areas etc., would be suffice. We are very Street Smart so Atlanta would not scare us. There has to be some decent areas in Atlanta. I wonder if Atlanta gets a bad rap due to the majority of the population being African Americans ( As Harlem and certain areas in Brooklyn NY).
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Atlanta is not a good place to live - 3/1/2016
I moved to this Atlanta thinking that they have many opportunities in the workforce. It is not true, I work in the medical field and cannot get a job here. I been living here too long, and ready to move from Ga. The people here have mistreated, lied, and broke into my home about 5 years ago. These people are very rude, backstabbing, and jealous. You cannot make friends with anyone because you will be afraid of what they may do behind your back. I have had a tenant that live next door to me, and I allowed her to come inside my home. She got very jealous of me, when she seen my furniture she begin to copy it. She put the same furniture in her house. And I went on Link IN these same woman copied some jobs from what I have on my profile. I do not trust these people in what they do they are serious backstabbers. I will be moving this year, cannot take this CRAP Read More

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