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The "A" is NOT all that it's cracked up to be!!
The "A" is NOT all that it's cracked up to be!! Why? Cost of living, auto insurance, traffic, drivers, people, roads, pay, lenox mall, transit, buckhead, atmosphere, weather, activities and food/service - +

Cost of living - without sounding harsh.....IT IS OFF THE CHAIN HIGH!! Sure you can live in South Atlanta, Mabelton, Austell or other "high crime" low income areas and pay under $900 but you won't be a white person living there!! For affordable and safe housing, you will pay over $1400 for a 500 square foot studio, yes a studio!! All the new apartments that have gone up over the past two years, a one bedroom WILL run you $1500-1900 for a basic 600 sq foot apt. or if you are adventurous and want to live in midtown or buckhead, that could be a lot more!! So yes growth is great but when they don't pay folks, the cost of living is WAY to high!! Now, yes you can live 30 miles away and pay almost $1200 but then tack of ware and tare of your car, gas, more frequent oil changes, tire ware etc., and of course the over one HOUR commute!!

Pay $$ - Yes, some jobs pay but if you are looking to make over $60k+/year - move on!! It is not here, at all!! The A is like a wanna be "big city" but still has small town mentality!! Many of your big companies simply DO NOT PAY!! The offer great PTO but not pay....PTO doesn't pay my again, check the market before you move!!

Auto insurance $$$$ - is so dumb....why?? Because of the stupid drivers around here....I know bad drivers are everywhere - distracted on the cell phones with texting....these drivers here really CANNOT DRIVE!! I mean that!! So that is why auto insurance is so high....I got, no lie, a $30 hike in six months....the top highest counties for insurance are: DeKalb (Decatur and others), Fulton (Atlanta of course), and Cobb (new stadium is there) so if you are living one place, be mindful to have to pay higher in insurance!! for instance I am over 30, no traffic infractions, new car and pay $160 a month! Seriously, I took a driver safe test to lower it and it's still $150 -

Traffic - just a nightmare!! These folks really have NO idea how to drive!! Bottlenecks for no reason and there is just always traffic. REALLY that is not a lie - some of the expressways have 8 lanes (with HOV) mind you and it's still a nightmare!! When it rains....hold on!! WRECKS everywhere....I blame the city because their roads (will speak upon that below) are so bad!! Not taken care of and can barely see lines on the roads, expressways are terrible and for that street signs are far few and in between!! The A has: I75, I85, I275, GA400, I575 and I20 (I think I am missing some)......They are all a hot mess!!! just be patient and know you will be in traffic!! With the growth boom, side streets are not any faster anymore :-( May the force be with you!! Keep WAZE on all the time!! It will route you a lot!! Wrecks are everywhere so let WAZE be your BFF if you move here!!

Drivers - dumb, distracted, do not signal, do NOT LET YOU IN, (the FOUR D's) they ride the shoulders (at 60+ mph) cops do nothing!! They also will cut you off, drive wayyyy to fast (I go 80+) so if you are flying past me....well, you are just an idiot!! NEVER leave the "passing lane" it is a passing lane so if I am faster then you - MOVE - Regardless, they NEVER move for you!!! They are RUDE really which doesn't surprise me since the ppl here are so rude! You wonder why the insurance and accidents are terrible around here!! Just be ready for dumb and dumber on the roads!! ALL ROADS!!!

People - I will keep this as nice as I can - RUDE, TRASHY and lazy!!! Homeless ppl are everywhere - be mindful!! There ain't no "southern charm" here at all!! It's a mix of rude, nasty people who really can careless about you!! The most unfriendly bunch of people you will ever meet......head to Buckhead and those booshie rich folks will make you feel a certain type of way!! Just remember, if you come here nice, you will leave here mean!! There are so many BAD pockets around here!! Like a lot!! Bankhead (google that), South Atlanta (East Point, Cleveland Ave, Union City, West End, College Park - anything near the Airport) Austell, Mableton, places near Boulevard (set to be gentrified around 2020) The list goes on.....anything near the new benz stadium....Vine City, be careful with places on Northside Drive or around Joseph E Boone or Joseph E Lowery!! Again BAD pockets EVERYWHERE!! These are the run down cities that the libs don't want ppl to see when they see the A ooh how deceptive they really are!!

Transit - SUCKS!!! MARTA only goes so far. (north springs and Doraville is as far north and the airport is as far south) The west rail ends where you really don't wanna be anyway (Bankhead or HE Holmes) The east line takes you are far north as indian creek! It only goes so far because the rich white folks in the burbs think they will get murdered LOL - So that is why traffic is still a nightmare!! MARTA buses will cut you off, run you over and really, well just don't care about anyone but that big ole beast on the roads!! MARTA is not safe at night!! It's not like NYC get on MARTA after 10 p.m., you BEST keep your head up, phone down and eyes everywhere!!

Roads - not sure when they fill pot holes but the roads here are TERRIBLE!! Mind you, I do live downtown so most of my time on the roads are around here and midtown! They are just really bad!! The roads are poorly constructed and very narrow at times! Actually no matter where you go roads are a hot mess!!

Lenox mall - not sure what the draw is but folks it's NOT all that!! Take the drive to Perimeter Mall - way nicer and better - enough said on that :-) Phipps isn't all that either!!

Buckhead - an endless sea of rude, rich people who think they and their precious Audi's are more important and valuable then you.... yeah so NOT my cup of tea!! Buckhead is also a TRAFFIC nightmare!! Roads make no sense and I guess folks think they are going to see the real house wives or run into some other non-important "celeb" and that is why they move there!! Keep going....Buckhead is way overrated!!

Atmosphere - not sure how I would classify this!! I can say this, mid-town is a very gay place if that is your thing and you can see how festive it is by the $200k they spend on a side way on 10th and Piedmont!! Yup close down a shelter but paint a sidewalk - hmmmm....priorities!! Many gay bars, clubs and gatherings...if you are gay, midtown is for you......Amsterdam area and Virginia Highlands are big areas for that - The atmosphere here is always popping if you like to party!! Something is always going on here.....Maybe they do that so people really won't see how bad the city is. Be mindful the A has such a bad habit of scheduling everything at one time - doesn't impact our wonderful traffic - said no one ever!!

Weather - HOT summers (they don't call it HotLanta for no reason) - it will warm up in late April - early May and stay HOT until October - mid November (still 80's) humid humid humid......really not much of a fall or spring but from January through March, WOWZERS, the weather is stunning!! Not cold but a spurt every now and then. When it "snows" please don't drive!!! these folks CANNOT DRIVE at all and give excuses as to why it's so bad!! It's quite laughable.

Food/Service - Food is reasonably cheap compared to other big cities....the service usually terrible!! A lot to choose from and the food is great!! Atlantic Station is by far the WORST in service!!!

Activities - one of the BEST things here is the things to do outside!! So many trails, parks and places to walk, ride or hike!! The beltline is by far the BEST ever!! they are expanding and hence the reason they re-gentrified some areas. Couldn't have the beltline going through bad areas....LOL the out of state folks would have never replanted here!! Again, you can "fix it up" but see my comment on ppl above!! But really so much to do - Chattahoochee Trail, Silver Comet, Belt Line and so many many many more!!

Jay Walkers - only thing here is IT WILL NERVE YOU!! Yes, they have the right of way but honestly do not care about the cars!! Cops again, do nothing and if you are near any hot spot, watch for people!! In the cross walks, not in the cross walks, cussing you since you almost hit them!! It's so annoying!! It's really really really bad!!!

Movies: production happens a lot and can cause some gridlock!! Fun part, you may see a celeb or two!!

GREAT places: Old 4th Ward (O4W) (re-gentrified) , Cabbage Town, Grant Park (re-gentrified) , Inman Park, Candler Park, Virginia Highlands, East Village (re-gentrified) - reynoldstown (re-gentrified) - I would look into the areas that have been (re-gentrified) that way you can see how FAR the A needs to come in order to be a SAFE city!!

Crime - just keep your head up!!! Enough said on that!!!

Anyway, if there is something i missed, feel free to comment!! Atalanta is not the worst but it's certainly NOT the BEST!!

Happy Hunting and I hope this review helped you!!



Small town wants to be big city
Here's the real about Atlanta. To sum it up its kid who thinks they're grown cause they're in high school but compared to the juniors and seniors is still a wet behind the ears noob. Allow me to explain: Atlanta does have some things going as it is the hub for Delta Airlines (though if Deal and Cagle have their way with the whole NRA mess that could change) and UPS. Several box office hit movies have been filmed here as well as TV shows. Also make no mistake everyday more lofts condos and office buildings are being put up as the city is undergoing a massive makeover including the billion dollar totally unnecessary stadium for the Falcons. And yes the cost of living is lower. That's the good
And here's the bad (you knew this was coming) it still is the Ol South. The concentration of bible thumpers and old throwback 1950s racists still run rampant still got the voting power to keep Georgia blood red. And even the city still clings to old time outdated rules and habits. Need an example? Look no further than the liquor laws. Until recent it was illegal to sell liquor on Sunday( as if that stopped people from drinking) yes folks right here in Atlanta. No matter how much its built up the city after nine at night is dead even on a weekend. Everything pretty much is closed. Hungry after 10 PM? Hope you like Chinese Pizza or Waffle House or live near a grocery or convenience store or gas station. You might get lucky with a bar if they serve food. Those are pretty much your choices. Then there's the transit which is okay between 7AM - 11PM . Outside of 11PM good luck unless you can get a Lyft , Uber or a friend with a car. Otherwise you're screwed if you cant catch that last train out cause trains stop at 1am and most of the bus routes stop at midnight. I do concede the cost of living is lower but so are the salaries. This is a right to work state so unless you work for Delta or UPS expect to do more work for half the pay. You can get a decent four bedroom two bath deal on the outskirts and you better have a car cause chances are its out in West Bumblefuck so count on at least 25 minute commute to every place you have to go. MARTA goes out a ways but the further out it gets the worst and longer wait time it gets. Cobb and Gwinnett have transit but they shut down even earlier than Marta and dont run on Sundays. That's not saying you cant get somewhere to live in the city. You'll be paying for the convenience either with rent over 1K or risking your safety cause your other choice will be a yet to be gentrified area (aka the hood). Good news is if you hang on long enough the property values go up and it becomes a nice area provided you can still afford it. Bad news until then some areas get used to the gunshots and police paying you a visit. The very least keep your pepper spray on your person if you're walking out after dark. Oh and that genteel southern hospitality? Its on life support. I've found nicer folks in Seattle WA and a better transit system.
But hey you may not mind all of this so come on down. The weather's been bipolar as of late and a dusting of snow throws the city into panic mode. Play your cards right you might get on the movie set as an extra or run into one of the Real Housewives at Hartsfield Jackson.



High violent crime rate, traffic, hot, and low pay
We lived in Atlanta for 3 years before moving due to one of the highest violent crime rates in the country. A friend got shot and killed at an ATM machine while taking out $40. We did not feel safe going out after dark. The violent crime rate was 92 out of 100 with non violent almost as bad. Our home got broken into first year and patio furniture was stolen one week after moving in. Our yard was fenced so had to pad lock it after the theft. It took the police 4 hours to come out after our break in due to the amount of calls. It this was not enough the summers are 6 month long of hot humid weather and traffic bad with people driving like animals. Lucky we moved to an all white golf gated community in Florida and can sleep well with our windows open at night.



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worst city for income and health care
moved to Atlanta when I was 14, left when I was 25 and don't want to ever back. It's impossible to live within 30 minutes of work if you're a member of the working class. People in San Francisco laugh at people in Atlanta who complain about the cost of living, but what they don't realize is that middle class incomes in San Francisco are about four times what they are in Atlanta. Minimum wage in Atlanta is the same as the federal, even though Atlanta is the most expensive city in the Deep South except Miami, even more expensive than Tampa. You have to live in the suburbs in order to buy a gallon of milk for less than $4. Also, the healthcare system is so crooked. People who can do yard work with no difficulty can get disability but thousands of residents with a real disability are told they don't qualify, probably because the state doesn't have enough revenue to give them disability because too much of their revenue is given to too many people who don't really need disability. And if you have a teenager who you think might have Asperger's but hasn't been diagnosed yet, stay as far away from Atlanta as possible. Only one autism center evaluates anyone over 14, and even that one has an age limit of 21. And outside autism centers, only private professionals evaluate people of all ages, and none of them accept insurance and they all charge at least $500 up front. If you have a disability, anywhere in the South outside east Florida is stuck in the 14th century



Home for sale
I live in Fairburn GA. It is in South Atlanta in a lake community, directly across from the lake. My home is currently for sale, 7955 Stillmist Dr. Fairburn GA. Please view.



Home for sale
I live in Fairburn GA. It is in South Atlanta in a lake community, directly across from the lake. My home is currently for sale, 7955 Stillmist Dr. Fairburn GA. Please view.



Moving to Atlanta
From NYC moving to Atlanta. Where to live (have my senior disabled mom with me)?

I hear that Northeast, GA (Lawrenceville, Snellville etc.) is nice and mostly safe (There is no place on this earth that is completely safe and/or without DRAMA- This is not Heaven). So, thriving school and church areas etc., would be suffice. We are very Street Smart so Atlanta would not scare us. There has to be some decent areas in Atlanta. I wonder if Atlanta gets a bad rap due to the majority of the population being African Americans ( As Harlem and certain areas in Brooklyn NY).



Atlanta is not a good place to live
I moved to this Atlanta thinking that they have many opportunities in the workforce. It is not true, I work in the medical field and cannot get a job here. I been living here too long, and ready to move from Ga. The people here have mistreated, lied, and broke into my home about 5 years ago. These people are very rude, backstabbing, and jealous. You cannot make friends with anyone because you will be afraid of what they may do behind your back. I have had a tenant that live next door to me, and I allowed her to come inside my home. She got very jealous of me, when she seen my furniture she begin to copy it. She put the same furniture in her house. And I went on Link IN these same woman copied some jobs from what I have on my profile. I do not trust these people in what they do they are serious backstabbers. I will be moving this year, cannot take this CRAP anymore!!



Jacksonville or Tampa???
Ready to leave Atlanta, GA where I was born and raised because of overpopulation and the traffic that comes with it. Lived in New Smyrna Beach, FL for a short while years ago and loved it but the job market is poor for what I do (CNC machinist). Lots of jobs in Tampa and Jacksonville but I've never spent time in either so some advice on which place is better would be greatly appreciated. Keep in mind that the quality of the beach is very important!



I wish someone would have been able to warn me!! :
We didnt have a choice. NCR relocated world HQ to Atlanta after 120 years in Dayton. After a year looking in Ohio, we packed up my youngest daughter, left my oldest daughter, & son n law, my husbands 2 kids, ailing mother, hubbys father...entire family. My husband was with NCR for 27 years. April they kicked him to the curb. Said they didnt have a position for him any longer...27 years GONE. I have been in Medical Management for 25 years. I have already been through several offices here. People here are the flakiest people I have ever met. Just when you think you have seen it all. Weirdest thing is, most of them didnt originate here....has to be something in the water...probably extra floride. I have never been unemployed in my adult life, nor has my husband. Now BOTH of us have been looking for work for almost A YEAR!!! The numbers are padded, unemployment is off the chart, auto insurance cost more than twice what I paid in Ohio because people here drive like lunatics.

Now both of us are out of work and cant even get a loan to move since we are both out of work. People here assume everyone else is a criminal, no trust, no love, no compassion. It totally feels like I have been dropped on another planet!!!

I will say the lakes are beautiful here and we love the look of the suburbs, but I have never experiences such a cold place!!!!! I am however grateful to have 2 great neighbors. I guess I got lucky. People typically dont go outside, nor do they talk to each other. In the Midwest, all of us knew our neighbors and helped each other. I have seen others comments that match my own.. They are telling the truth. I didnt realize why most High School kids take the bus until we saw what it costs for insurance...its CRAZY because of the wild drivers. Maybe southern hospitality exists in Savannah but not in mecca Atlanta!!!!!!!! If you are looking for contentment, ATL is not where to find it! NO BALANCE AND if you are taking a job at NCR have a back up plan!



Do Not Consider Relocating to Atlanta Georgia or S
My spouse's job relocated our family to the Atlanta Georgia area. I thought it was going to be a great move for our family. Prior to moving to Atlanta I heard that it was hard to find a job in Atlanta. I had hopes for Atlanta and thought that maybe it would be different for me. Turns out everyone who told me not to move here was right. The unemployment rate is ridiculous high, it is very hard to get a job here, and the schools are not diverse in affordable areas.

Atlanta is very segregated; rich from the poor and black to white. Atlanta is a nice place to live in you are well off or have a decent paying job to live. If you are low income I repeat DO NOT MOVE TO ATLANTA!!! My spouse and I are middle class with just my spouse's income alone. I'm not happy being a stay at home spouse.



Moving to Atlanta
I want to move to Atlanta from Philadelphia, PA. My husband and 5 year-old will be moving as well. I'm a Librarian and my husband is a truck driver. We're African-American and are looking for a single family home no more than 200k. Any recommendations on a nice neighborhood with a good public elementary school.



Get a lot of house for a little a month!!!
Here in Atlanta, Ga. you can get a whole lot of house for little to nothing in comparison to most other major cities!



Don't ever move here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I moved to Georgia two years ago for a position within an engineering company. I grew up in California, have lived in Las Vegas, and Portland, Or. Whatever you do don't move to Atlanta, in fact don't move to Georgia in general.

1. Traffic. I thought California was bad, but atlanta has some of the worst traffic I've ever experienced. The drivers in Atlanta are also the worst I've shared the road with. People act like they own the road, I'm not even sure they realize there are other cars on it!

2. Crime. The crime is horrible here, even if you live in the "safe" areas, you're not safe because when someone that wants to rob you knows the wealthy areas to go and get you. Happens everyday.

3. If you live too far away from Atlanta, you enter redneck territory. I had to do some work in Jasper, Ga which is 30 to 45 minutes north of ATL. I heard two men talking about our president saying, "if that n-word walked in her right now I'd kill em!". Dealing with people in Jasper was like experiencing a Jerry Springer episode first hand.

4. People here are the rudest people probably on earth. Southern hospitality is a damn lie!!!

Do yourself a favor move any where else.

Ps. The good schools are a joke compared to public schools in other states.


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