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 Pete Burghewski
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Star Rating 6/6/2010
St. Louis, MO is safe, friendly, stable place to live. I've grown up here all my life, and now I'm proud to call this place home. I'm a single male who makes between $35,000 and $45,000 depending on the economy. I have a dog, a house and I live very comfortably. The cost of gas at the height of the "gas spike" reached $4.00 and during the lull in 2009 nearly fell to $1.35 a gallon. The city is easily navigable as there aren't toll highways and the interstates are places in convenient areas. The city is small and personal and at times it seems that everyone knows someone who knows your neighbor. The city is diverse in all regards. There is something for everyone in and around the city ranging from championship sports teams, to world class theater and musicals, to historic Forest Park and all that it contains. The downtown area has all the nightlife one could ask for. Laclede's Landing and Washington Ave. have become a hotspot for adult age groups. West Port Plaza, Maplewood, St. Charles, The Central West End, the Delmar Loop, Clayton, Brentwood, and many more places in and around the city are home to great night life and every kind of restaurant you could imagine. St. Louis schools on all levels seem to be top rated. St. Louis University, Washington University, University of Missouri St. Louis, Fontbonne, Southern Illinois University and Maryville University are just a few to name, and the community colleges around the area are also highly rated. The housing market around St. Louis took a hit much as any other cities, however it seems to have already reached bottom and be rebounding. The job market as it stands currently seems to be slowly recovering however the trades still aren't doing well. St. Louis is a fantastic place to live and raise a family.



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Shonda T.

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U must dont know that st.louis is #1 in crime..So how is it safe here...People are not friendly here unless youve grown with them...Its terrible here, U must live in a stable area, the schools, forest park, the events they have, the arch, and a few other things I love very much, but I wouldnt dare raising a family here. And ive been living here for 3years and it has been babies getting killed just for crying to much, it was a lady that got raped and beat a block away from my job, she got stuck in the snow and it was a guy that helped her get out the snow...Do u know this guy made this lady drive somewhere on delmar and raped and beat this woman...It was on the news. She thought that he was being a good person by helping her and this happened to her.



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