So many schools.... Why so many uneducated people?

 Michael Richardson
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Star Rating 6/23/2010
Why are there so many schools in one congested area? These children in San Antonio are ungrateful for the education they get. Half of them aren't even in school when they are supposed to be, they are at each other's home getting pregnant while the parents are out back barbecuing and drinking beers. There should be so much more required from these children in order to graduate and futhermore alot more pressure put on these irresponsible parents, both teen and adult. And STOP segregating the schools. I understand places like the Southside and Eastside are predominantly hispanic and/or african american but these children and cultures are growing up around each other in various cities in the country, but this is the only city I've seen that segregates these students to the point where they are completely ignorant to one anothers culture. San Antonio is way behind in a lot of ways. City needs to step it up big time.



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