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 Dave Edwards
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I was thinking very strongly of moving to San Antonio but am now having deep negative thoughts about it. I am white, single, 50 yrs old and gay. I am not a "flaming" gay, and do not act gay. I had read other reviews on other websites stating that San Antonio was more family oriented than Austin, and was more laid back. After reading the reviews here, I think it's quite the contrary. I was hoping to find a peaceful, Texas town with work, where I could simply live a quiet life and enjoy my surroundings. This sounds more like a bad black and white Western TV series. Ongoing hate, crime and corruption. I know there is No perfect city anymore. There is always going to be something in the soup you don't like, but with the items on this menu, I think I'll just pass on San Antonio. I would be open to suggestions for other parts of Texas that would be more suitable. Thanks to All.



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I think that no where in Texas is a great place to live. I used to like Austin a lot a long time ago back in the early 90's and mid 90's but and then I moved away and then came back to Austin area 7 years ago and do not like it here anymore. Its has change because ruder people and really bad traffic and its seem like the weather is getting worse by getting hotter and drier. I pretty don't like the whole state of Texas at all because its very boring looking and I can't do anything for fun during summer because its so hot and humid. I am not trying to tell you that you are not welcome here but I don't think you will like Texas very much. There are some nice people here in Texas but not many like its used to be. If I were you look at Bend Oregon or Colorado or maybe central California if you can afford Cailfornia, but Oregon is a great place to live and I am moving to Bend Oregon soon because I will feel so much happier in Oregon because of better climate and nicer people and a whole lot less traffic in Bend Or.



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