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Star Rating 12/28/2009
San Antonio, Texas is a great place to live if you are of the following: (A) an entrepreneur, doctor, lawyer, techie or a flight attendant, (B) have an income of over $60,000, and (C) travel frequently.



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Reviews for San Antonio, Texas

Jack Meza
San Antonio, TX
Title is far more than true. Most of the reviews i've s...
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Dying Here
San Antonio, TX
Not for driven professionals, allergy sufferers or
Thank GOD that I’m not the only one with these same tho...
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Mary Alejos
San Antonio, TX
Seeking new place in Beautiful Pueblo Colorado
I plan to move to Pueblo Colorado. It's long over due,...
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El Jen
San Antonio, TX
It's a dump! San Antonio is the biggest move mista
If you don't know anyone when you move here, but you re...
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Chris the natural
San Antonio, TX
Truely one of america's worst cities
When rating a city there are several factors and those ...
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Ann Sawyer
San Antonio, TX
Variety of cultures and recreation
Many city parks all over town, most with walking and bi...
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