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 Lakeia Hughes
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I joined this site solely to warn anyone interested in moving to San Antonio about how dangerous the driving experience will be.

I was first on the scene when a woman with 5 DUIs (who still had a legal lisense)slammed into another woman. Not weird right? Except this happens all the time. Why? Everyone drives drunk. My bff is used to drunk drivers at her drive-thru. It's a nightly occurrence. People are so drunk that they can't order food at a restaurant. As soon as people get off work, they drink. All over the city you will see a high number of shatter car remnants where people have accidents. Half the people you know will have witnessed one.

Every time I am on a freeway in traffic, I am afraid. People cut off 18 wheelers. 18 wheelers cut off drivers. I've seen a truck drive on it's rims because it's tire flew off while it was on a bridge on the freeway. I honked him down and he smiled at me. I've nearly been hit more times than I can count. I've nearly been merged onto more times than I can count. Slowing down to get onto a freeway? yes it's happens regularly. I never expect people to use their blinkers and usually expect people to jump onto the offramp and the very last second, rolling onto the solid white line. People will drive in the opposite direction of traffic top get to a parking lot. People will pull out of a parking lot that you are rapidly approaching then honk at you as if you were wrong. People drive on the freeway in the middle lane using their hazard lights. I've seen it at least 3 times. Dangerous driving is just a way of life here. I've mentioned how scary it is to a local and she proudly mentioned that she likes to speed and cut people off. I was shocked at how casual it was to her.

I've never seen anyone pulled over after one of the crazy traffic violations I see daily, but they will pull you over just to see if you have warrants. (I never have.)Castle Hills and Leon Valley, however, seem to have cops everywhere.

Work ethic is horrible. Professionalism is often not taken seriously, to non-existant. People in a medical assistant class joke all day, copy each others work, and still graduate. My mother an bff are both managers and fire someone regularly for insubordination. People here are raised top be prideful and full of themselves, therefore why should they listen to the boss?

Speaking of pride, "mexicans" (they are actually american and of mexican descent)think they are better than you if you are black. It's that simple. From personal experience, if someone is rude to me it's a mexican. Considering the large number of mexicans in the area, it's not just a population thing. I was surprised and disappointed to have this experience again, and again.

This is the 3rd fattest city in America and I understand why. Food is big here. Restaurants are everywhere, which is nice, but I guess the locals just don't know when to stop with food (or beer). There is a sad amount of overweight children. AT least 1/10. I've noticed this in each of my daughter's schools.

Though there are several great colleges here, the majority of people are uneducated and enjoy gossip ALL THE TIME. Most people I've met gossip, and they gossip more often than people I've met anywhere else. Along with no work ethic, people don't seem to care about being educated or healthy in general, and though they love their kids, many parents here don't believe in disciplining children besides simply yelling. It's another disappointing thing to see. Teen pregnancy is huge here though. It's quite normal to see grandmothers in their 30s.

I may sound like I'm exaggerating, But I wish I were.

It's impossible for this city to grow and thrive because the people won't grow and don't seem to want to. There's no diversity of people or cultures here at all. In general people look the same, and speak the same, and have the same desires day to day in and life in general. There is no culture outside of mexican culture that I know of. And people are surprised when I haven't experienced the watered down things they call culture, such as the river walk, or some mexican dish from a drive-thru. I'd like to enjoy real mexican culture, but most people don't seem interested. The few I've met who are aren't even mexican.

I'm not saying most everyone here is shitty, but their driving skills are. :P Overall, I haven't had a single terrible experience here, but the combination of things I see makes this a sad place to be if you weren't raised here, or are different from most people in any way at all. This ignorance people live in makes me sad, and the roadways combined with the worst driving I've ever seen (I've been to Los Angeles AND San Diego)will make you pray to you maker every time you get on the road (if you believe in such things). Someone WILL try to "run you off the road", and it will likely happen over and over again.




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