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Cost of Living

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Our cost of living indices are based on a US average of 100. An amount below 100 means Sarasota, Florida is cheaper than the US average. A cost of living index above 100 means Sarasota, Florida is more expensive.

Overall, Sarasota, Florida cost of living is 114.10.

  COST OF LIVINGSarasota, FloridaUnited States
  Overall  114100
  Grocery  104.1100
  Health  110100
  Housing  141100
  Utilities  97100
  Transportation  100100
  Miscellaneous  99100

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Your Business. Your Life.
Both can flourish right here in... (read more)
Sarasota, FL
Unemployment is approaching 13%; and housing values have declined as much as 60% in some areas. It is paradise for the climate; the beaches; the arts; and... (read more)
The good news is housing prices have dropped. The bad news the economy here has a large precentage that is dependant on the housing market and it is... (read more)
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Do not move to Sarasota unless you are rich!!
I moved here to Sarasota Fl. back in 2012 from New York it's been 3 years now. This is definitely not my ideal spot to settle down. The people are horrible, unfriendly,... (read more)
Quality of Life in Sarasota
I am thinking of moving to Sarasota from New York and I would like hear from people who live there who are from New York or surrounding states. How is the quality of... (read more)
Life in Sarasota
Due to the climate and ease of getting around town and easy access to doctors and hospitals; great major league sports and many other factors, the quality of life is... (read more)
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