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Sarasota, FL is a vibrant and diverse city located on the Gulf Coast of Florida. It is known for its beautiful beaches, outdoor activities, arts and culture scene, and many other attractions that make this city such an attractive place to live. The rankings of Sarasota vary depending on what criteria you use to measure them. According to BestPlaces, Sarasota ranks as the 25th best city to live in the US, with an overall score of 7.3 out of 10 based on factors such as crime rate, housing costs, employment numbers, educational opportunities and weather. It also ranks high when it comes to quality of life, with a score of 7 out of 10. The sunny climate makes it an ideal spot for outdoor activities year-round. Additionally, the cost of living is very reasonable compared to other cities in Florida and throughout the US. Furthermore, there are numerous job opportunities available due to its booming economy and diversified industries; from tech companies and startups to healthcare providers and hospitality businesses. Overall, Sarasota offers plenty of recreational options for its residents and visitors alike.

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Sarasota Ranked
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Sarasota is my home from birth but those of us who have lived here long enough to have seen the devolution of what was once an easy to navigate, clean, low crime beach  More

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Starting to love Sarasota: Wife and I moved to Osprey- a small suburb between Sarasota and Venice. We're about 13 miles to downtown Sarasota, so not "city dwellers".   More

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As always, anyone considering moving to anyplace new, including Sarasota, needs to come down and spend a month or two before actually moving here. The city is overrun  More

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