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Mohave High School - Bullhead_City, AZ

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Mohave High School2251 Highway 95
Bullhead City, AZ 86442
(928) 758-39169-12MohavepublicColorado River Union High School District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic60.80732008
Black, non-Hispanic1.888022008
American Indian/Alaskan Native0.7161462008

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Michael Leuck2009

Students Getting Free LunchYear

12/2/2011parentTo be completely honest, moving here from a 5 star school system to this kind of environment was difficult. Not only is this school in DESPERATE need of COMMUNICATION between staff, students and parents, but it also lacks in the department of handling the Extracurricular activities so that it benefits the students as well. I do believe this school has some "less than worthy" staff or "volunteers" who have been making the years for certain students doing well, a living nightmare. My children go to school to earn an education, not be knocked down by staff telling them "THEY CAN'T" do something. If the staff grew up and acted their age, perhaps the level of maturity among the students might as well! TRY LISTENING TO THE CHILDREN, THEY ARE THE IMPORTANT ONES........DUH!
1/10/2011studentThis school was alright for the 2.5 years I went here. Recently things have gone down a bit, such as the emphasis on education and other problems. Although my years here have been rather down, I have made some friends that I miss so much and really wish I could be there to see them again, especially one friend who has made my days brighter than they ever were at the school. Overall, a decent school, but could use some upgrades.
7/30/2010parentWe have two High Schools in this area. Both lack academic advanced excellence. I believe both are Average. I believe parent involvement and communication is the basic factor to a better school which both school lack. These schools need leadership.
6/25/2010parentThis school s not suitable for any child. The freshman last year were terrible. They dressed in grown woman clothes and went around and tried to get older students to sleep with them. over half of the freshman left school last year pregnant by seniors or seniors from the year before. This school also has teachers that have been currently fired for hitting their students, and man handling them. 2009-2010
11/29/2009parentMy opinion of mohave high school is one of the worst I have seen. As a parent, I would expect the school listens to a student before punishing them to the point of grilling them daily on something they did not do!
8/30/2009parentthis is the worst school you can go to
11/14/2008studentThis school is the one of the best in the city.... Going here makes me happy
5/23/2008parentOK school, needs more communication for parents and they are in desperate need of school spirit!
4/11/2008studenti attend this school it is a very nice school it needs some help in some things but other then that its good. the sport were are great we have a very good sports team which probly keeps most of the kids in school.
1/18/2008studentMohave is by no means perfect, but I definitely think the school makes the most of what is available to it in this area, and I am very happy here. All the faculty and teacher genuinely care for us students.
4/27/2007parentI have three children in the high school. My oldest son was having trouble in school and the principal intervened and helped him out. If it wasn't for the help of the administration our son would have dropped out of school. The real issues are the negative parental involvement.
4/20/2007parentI am a parent of three students at Mohave High School. The administration is extremely supportive of all students and teachers. The teachers are extremely caring and willing to help all studnts. There is a lack of parent support. The current principal has raised test scores and cleaned the discipline of the entire school community.
3/27/2007parentI have two children attending Mohave High School and they are in all the honors courses and are doing very well. The principal in wonderful, he has helped my children be successful and has helped many many of the underprivileged kids in the school. He cares about the students not the politics.
12/13/2006parentI have a student that graduated last year, and one currently attending. The teachers are mostly good, but this has to be the worst administration. The admin itself needs to be changed.
10/21/2006parentI have had two kids graduate from Mohave high and they both did great under the guidance of the best principal Steve Sexton. I know many politics come to play in how or why we can keep such a principal like we have now. I have one student left and thank god it's his last year. There are many great teachers at the school and most of them feel the same way I do. What goes around comes around.
9/20/2006parentMost of the teachers are decent but admin and board seem way more concerned about attendance and federal funding then the students. They need to be more concerned what the child is learning than how many hours he's in class.
9/19/2006parentMy daughter attends Mohave High and she loves it. I've met her teachers and I was impressed with what they had to offer my daughter academically. My daughter also plays soccer for the school and her experience has been wonderful. Overall I think this school is great.Your children will get what they put in to it.
9/3/2006former studentThe guidance departmant and the teachers are the only things that save this school. A majority of the teachers sincerely care about the students, and are easy to talk to when there is a problem. However, the administration is a mess. They favor the athletes and disregard the needs of anybody else. They act completely unprofessional towards students, parents, and even the teachers.
8/29/2006parentMy son attends Mohave. Most of his teachers have been excellent, especially Honors English. We try to stay involved and be sure he is making the right choices for college prep. Teachers and counselors are available by email through the school website, and that has helped. Parents must know that their involvement is so important to student success and they shouldn't wait until there are problems to check up on what's going on at school. There are dual enrollment classes available with Mohave Community College, but they are sort of confusing to figure out, and don't seem to fit what students need. There are plenty of extracurricular opportunities. Administration works hard to provide a safe learning environment and qualified staff.
7/24/2006parent6 Teachers on the current staff are national merrit scholars, the school is lucky to have them. Poor parental involvement is the problem with this school. Parents are a childs most important teacher and too many locals expect teachers to raise their kids for them.
7/21/2006parent Admin cares very little of how well a student does as long he/she shows up enough they get there funding. District on a whole has way to many extra days off maybe why they have such a bad attendance policy (miss 10 auto flunk) district starts, ends, and breaks at wierd times of the year! I have two kids in this school and 2 in lower grades, the school system is THE major reason we are moving!
11/11/2005studentNot very challenging class courses. Little to none parent involvement. Very poor education in school
9/29/2005former studentI graduated top 10% teachers=absolutely awesome! Better than my college professors! The teachers in that school pour their hearts and souls into the kids, providing numerous clubs, dedication, and support.
8/4/2005teacherVery dissipointed with this school. Seem more interested in promoting the recreational activities of the town, rather than the educational values of the school.
8/3/2004parentMohave High School really disapointed me, They dont pay any attention to students needs and they dont care about students attending the school.
5/26/2004parentAll of my kids have gone to MHS and done of them honestly did so good till my last two and why? Well. That is because of Steve Sexton. He sits and talks to his students. He is everything a school needs in a principle. It is just to bad that he is going. All I have to say is Steve you did a great job changing that school around. Thanks
10/17/2003parentI wish Mohave High School's emphasis would focus more on education than on rules and regulations.

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