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Spruce Creek High School
801 Taylor Rd
Port Orange, FL 32127
(386) 756-7200
public | 9-12
County: Volusia


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8/6/2012parentSCHS is a diverse high school that works hard to provide for the students who are lucky enough to attend school here. My two children, one who was in IB and one who followed the Honors/AP route, both did very well at Creek as well as at the University of Florida which they attended and graduated from. Creek was instrumental in preparing them for both college and life after college - the real world of work.
9/20/2011studentI realize that no school is perfect, but SCHS comes pretty close. I am in the IB program at Creek and adore every aspect of it. One of my teachers from 9th grade is still the most inspiring and motivating people I have ever met! Every teacher I have come into contact with has been fantastic. Thank you Creek!!
5/1/2011parentMy son went there for one year and the teachers are great they really work with the kids. The school is very overcrowded and the students are tough to get along with. A school is what you make of it and i will taking my son out of this school. This school is defintely overratted and dirty and hold on to your phone or it will walk.
11/21/2010parentSpruce Creek High School is a fantastic school. We have two children who graduated from SCHS. A well rounded school that offers many programs for a diverse student population. The school is ranked 120 nationally by Newsweek Magazine, the IB Program is rated 1st in the nation and 2nd in the world and much much more. Hands down as a parent you would be pleased with education your child will receive. Follow the link to see more of what SCHS has to offer http://www.sprucecreekhigh.com/school_info/noteworthy.htm GO HAWKS!!!
10/7/2010parentSCHS gives a great education for all abilities. The IB program is ranked one of the highest in the nation as well as internationally. The music program is well-regarded across the state and has a very active, supportive booster club which consists of parents, alumni, and community members. I would be happy to send my future children to The Creek!
10/5/2009parentSpruce Creek HS is an award winning, excellent school providing opportunity and encouragement for all students.
9/27/2009parentSpruce Creek is one of the finest high schools in the State of Florida. Two of my children graduated from there and they received an excellent education.
9/16/2009parentThey are raited one of the highest academic schools in the state and they offer a lot of activities to keep our children busy with their lives instead of letting them sit idle. Great teachers and very nice principal.
1/16/2009parentThis is an excellent school! My son is in the Robotics program,and he loves it.
5/6/2008parentSpruce Creek is a great school. Both of my children attend and are very happy there. It is ranked 57th in the nation for all schools. That in itself tells you that it is a great place.
1/27/2008studentI graduated from the IB program at Creek and absolutely loved it! It prepares you so well for college. I go to UF and I find it easy because I was prepared so well for it! It is definitely a great school and I would recommend it to anyone who asked!
11/22/2007studentThis school is one where you have so many things that you can do. The marching band alone is the best thing around. I cant see myself at any other school. The administration is amazing and the teachers implement the creekconnect.com really well.
9/7/2007studentThis school is amazing. I recently moved here from out of state. Since i walked in to register everyone has been so welcoming. My experience here has been amazing and the academics are great. There is no comparison to any other school. I feel that the teachers put forth their best effort in all of my classes. There is so much to do and so much oppertunity. They have a huge AP program if your not interested in IB. The school is extremely large and there are so many people. It can be seen as overwhelming but with time it becomes more of an oppertunity. Theres so many people to interact with and no matter what kind of person you are, you'll find a place in the school. The school spirit is great. Its an amazing school and it has given me a great experience.
7/28/2007former studentIf you're not in IB or any of Creek's special academies then your experience will be horrible. It's overcrowded, dirty, and the staff could care less about students (unless you are a precious IB student) Organization is bad, and teachers don't put effort into your child. This schools only redeeming quality is its abundance of clubs and sports. Other than that, leaving this school was the BEST decision I have ever made.
11/1/2006former studentCreek is a great school, I graduated IB and loved it. The overcrowding can be seen as an issue or a blessing, it gives kids more people to interect with and the teachers dont short anyone based on numbers. If/when I have kids I hope they get the chance to go there.
9/20/2006parentWhat's so great about this school? Overcrowed and Overrated. Took my child out and put in a different high school, best decision I made. In a word, this school is disappointing.
8/29/2006parentAbsolutly Wonderful. Those are my two words that describe Spruce. This school provides many oppurtunities for the students.
5/23/2006studentthis is a great school in ib and offers many extra curriculars. good choice for a good education.
4/23/2006parentStudents work rigorously in the IB program. Many students participate in sports and this is a great school.
9/17/2005parentThis school is excellent. My four children have gone here their entire high school careers. Two of them graduated from the IB Program and received excellent scholarships. I find this to be the best school in this area.
7/3/2005former studentOvercrouded, rated a great school because of programs available IB ect. Good luck if you are not in one of those at getting help.
5/28/2005former studentif you think the IB teachers don't give enough time to complete assignments your child is either spreading him/herself too thin or is not cut out for the program. take it from me, an IB grad/stoner/UF student. seriously.
4/20/2005parentThe school is overcrowded. Girls Athletic funds need increased. Academics and student involvement is above average to excellent. IB is great but needs to provide longer periods to complete assignments since these students have heavy academic and extra curricula loads...it needs to positively support these kids for taking on all they do by allowing them extra time to complet assignments...flexiblilty is very important when one is trying to achive so much in short period of times
2/15/2005studentGreat athletics but kind of dirty and crowded.
9/9/2003parentI transferred my son here from another city. This is a wonderful, caring school. The teachers seem happy. The school has a cheerful airy atmosphere which I think makes it better for student learning. Much better than the school he transferred from!
8/22/2003former studentThere are now over 2,700 students at the school. It is over crowed, but all of the teachers work really hard at help all of thier students.

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