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Tech High School - Atlanta, GA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Tech High School1043 Memorial Dr SE
Atlanta, GA 30316
(678) 904-50919-12DeKalbcharterAtlanta Public Schools

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic3.797472009
Black, non-Hispanic95.78062009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Elisa Ann Falco2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

2/10/2012teacherMany faculty left because of a change in expectations. We now have a more rigorous curriculum, and greater expectations that will continue to rise. We have a long way to go, but we have made amazing strides regarding academics, the lifeblood of any school. The Gold Award received recently proves that. Do we help prepare our students for state tests. Yes, just as every school does because No Child Left Behind makes us do so. To say that is all we focus on is not only inaccurate and ignorant, but a flat out lie. The teachers at this school, old and new, are dedicated to their students. We are emotionally invested in their success, not only in the halls of Tech High, but when they reach college. The increase in academic rigor and expectations was a shock for some, but with change also comes discomfort, and as professionals it is our job to adapt, to improve, and to succeed. The administration at Tech High has high standards, not only for our students, but also for our faculty. Most of us have worked hard to improve, and we have done so for the good of our students. Students are not served by lowering expectations, they succeed by exceeding them. It's true for teachers, too.
2/10/2012teacherNever have I worked at a school where the teachers are so devoted. I've worked all over the state of Georgia and I was usually the last teacher to leave, The change in administration and policies has left a bitter flavor in some parents, students and teachers mouths, but that usually happens with changes. I was not present with the old administration but I know what the school is like now and where the school heading. Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) is quite the buzz and the administration and staff are making serious strides to embody that name. With a robotics club, science fair, math games and the promise of more next year like Science Olympiad the school is embracing the rigors of a STEM school. This kind of true change takes some time and is bound to leave a few resentful people who liked the old system and the old ways of doing things. All I can see in the future is more growth and positive changes.
2/8/2012teacherI rate our school a four ONLY because of low parent involvement. However, that is changing, along with upcoming upgrades to our tecnology infrastructure and facilities, thanks to the dedication and tireless efforts of our principal. Come by any morning and you will see him outside greeting arriving students. Come by any time of day and see him out in the halls, letting students know that he expects them to dress and act appropriately, and to have pride in their achievements, including a new Gold Award from the Governor's ofc. for greatest gains in student achievement. We focus on all grades, not just 11th. Look inside any 9th or 10th grade class and see students engaged in challenging and rewarding lessons. Peek in any of many AP classes and be impressed with the high level, insightful work going on. Sit in on a senior class and understand how hard our students have worked to achieve and be accepted into accredited colleges and universities, despite personal hardships and setbacks of many of them. Our school is a niche school, not a big box, cookie cutter school. Just because it's not for you or your child is no reason to put down the great things occuring within our walls.
1/18/2011parentHorrible, Horrible, Horrible. There is not much left to say. Poor communication and no community involvement or support. Most students do not live anywhere near this campus designed for elementary age kids. A few do, but the majority are shuttled in or take Marta, so most parents never attend a PTA meeting or are involved.
11/10/2010parentTech is a great school that is a true COMMUNITY. Where instead of upper classmens picking on the freshmen, they encourage them. Instead of accepting less they expect the best. From the Principal to the student - FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!
10/25/2010parentI read some of the parent postings. I am a parent and very satisfied with Tech High. My daughter is also a 9th grader. It is not true that all students were put into a Math support class. Tech High does not have a support class at all. It's either Accelerated Math 1 or Math 1. The Principal has very high expectation from his teachers and students, and strives to do everything with his great team of teachers towards excellence. If that means putting your child in Accelerated Math 1, its because he believes each child has the capacity to reach that level. If a child does not work towards it and there is no support from parents, there is hardly anything a school, principal or teachers can do.
3/23/2010parentI think Tech High has been a great place for my daughter. She has good friends and doesn't have to deal with a lot of negative social pressure like she would if she were attending the neighborhood school. She has excellent teachers who really care and the administrative has always been available when I needed them. I hope more people will find out about this great school and take advantage of the opportunity.
3/22/2010teacherI agree with some of the previous reviews that a lack of extracurricular activities are a problem. However, we have small classes and a truly nurturing environment. We really get to know the students in a way that is not always possible at a larger school. Tech has recently received a cultural enrichment grant and students have had the opportunity to travel to the High Museum, the Fox, the Alliance Theater, and other venues. We have students competing in poetry slams, singing in the talent show, playing basketball, cheering, building and competing with robots, etc. It's a great school, and I whole-heartedly enjoy teaching here.
12/18/2009parentOverall, Tech has been a really good experience for my sons. They have made good friends, never complained about safety and their grades have improved over time and they like their teachers. Tech High has a 5th block, M-Th, where students go to the class of thier choosing for extra help (study hall, i guess). This helped my sons a lot. I work full-time so I dont have a lot of time to spend at the school but I like to know what's going on. Some teachers called but most didnt. The main thing that I dont like about Tech is there are no extracurricular activities. They keep saying that they will implement this and that but I never see it happen. Good school for 9th and maybe 10th grade but it's time to get a real high school experience at 11 & 12.
7/1/2009studentThe school got off to a shaky start, but overall, I am happy with my education. I attend a top-tier private school and I am doing very well and a lot of my success, I attribute to Tech High. No one is responsible for the education of a student but that student, and as such that student should never be insulted that he or she is given mandatory tutorial if he or she is in danger of failing. The only negativity I saw coming from the school are from students who simply did not care and expected to have everything handed to them or from pompous parents who sought to have an opinion on everything they knew nothing about. If I had kids, I would send them there and seek to be active in their education, working alongside teachers and administration.
3/19/2009parentI totally disagree with the negative postings about Tech High. Ultimatly my child's education is what we make of it. I can't imagine a more nurturing place where my student is also held accountable and expected to work hard. Grades are not 'given away' they are earned. I apprecaite how Tech High is preparting my student for a great future. Maybe the unsatisfied parents/ students who commented here are not committed to their education. I encourage people to visit the school and decide for yourself.
3/19/2009studentThe school is okay bu ti would not allow no one i know to go there they are all talk but once you get in the school its nothing but trouble i went there for 3 months it was the worst 3 months of my life not including the math camp over the summer
12/29/2008teacherTech High continues to be among the best high schools in Atlanta. As well as being a Title I Distinguished School it is also has become an AYP Distinguished School under the guidance of the current administration. This school has few entrance requirements for students who are at or near grade level. Because of this we have various students and/or parents who are seeking an alternative learning environment where students can work in a small classroom setting and receive additional tutorial instruction if needed. There are ongoing school projects aimed at preparing students for college and jobs of the future. Most members of the first graduating class are currently attending various colleges across the state and country (including Georgia Tech and Emory University).
9/18/2008parentTech High has been a disappointing experiement. My child has been there since ninth grade (he is now a senior). The school leadership and administration is incompetent and ineffective. There are some teachers that are above average, but that is an exception. I would not recommend Tech High unless your child is in physical danger going to their current high school.
8/8/2008teacherAs an educator, Tech High has been great! The current administration has banned together and is commmitted to the overall goal - Teach a child and not just train! Teaching a child means being allowed to give tools that a child will carry with them for life!! Training a child means teaching the test! We Educate!
1/29/2008parentIt has a great concept but poor leadership, great teachers
7/30/2007parentAs a parent and educator, I was totally disappointed with Tech High. Tech High had really good intentions, but failed to deliver and focus on their original objectives. After Tech High, I committed to homeschooling my own child.

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