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The Westminster Schools
1424 W Paces Ferry Road NW
Atlanta, GA 30327
(404) 355-8673
private | K-12
County: Fulton


  School Head OfficialYear
William Clarkson2007
3/4/2012otherWestminster is the school to send your child to if they are extremely high achieving in all areas (including academics, sports, and social life), and can take criticism from college-style teachers. It takes a lot of self-confidence and dedication to thrive at this school.
1/11/2012otherI went to Westminster from 6th grade to tenth grade, I then switched over to Lovett, it was the best choice I've made. I didn't really enjoy the atmosphere at Westminster, and I'm glad I made the switch to Lovett. The parents at Westminster were snobby and the kids a lot of the kids were jerks, but there were nice kids too.
12/14/2011parentAs a former student as well as former parent I speak with years of knowledge regardingthiss terrible horrible school. The reason it looks good is because it is constantly installing new people in place of those they deem imperfect. Whether you are a beloved veteran teacher who gets fired for something trivial or a student who angers a child with the wrong last name, throwing people out is the automatic response of administration. Furthermore, staff are treated like slaves. The place is run as a cut-throat business and is not a place for children. I am speaking from years of observation and sadness at seeing others brutally crushed by this school.
4/6/2011other39 National Merit Semi-Finalists. Most in state, despite a graduating class of only 188. Need I say more ?
4/6/2011otherI'm a student at Westminster, and have been since 9th grade. The school is simply incredible: students are very friendly, the faculty are knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects, and the campus and facilities are just otherworldly. However, if you are switching, be prepared for a rough adjustment period, especially academically. The courses are all taught college-style, with minimal, if any, grade inflation, and the workload, especially at the beginning and end of each semester, can be overwhelming. In addition, tests are based, more so in advanced courses, on insight and deep understanding of topics rather than simple regurgitation of facts and formulae. You will almost certainly have to change your study habits, and don't be surprised if you go from straight A's to mainly B's and C's, especially if you are enrolling in honors and AP courses, as the caliber of the average Westminster student is head and shoulders above the average student at any other school. But if you are looking for a place to challenge yourself in all aspects of schooling, Westminster is the school for you.
12/31/2010otherI am a senior at Westminster, and I've been at the school for the last six and a half years. I've had a blast here--my friends are great, my teachers all know their stuff and keep the classes interesting and engaging. I can't say enough good things about this school. Indulge a brief anecdote: I came from the DeKalb Public Schools, and my first impression of Westminster was it's wonderful bathrooms. You see, public elementary school bathrooms are about as clean as their occupants are tall, and, well, let's just say that I was pleasantly surprised to enter a school lavatory that was so clean I felt like, in comparison, I could eat off the counter (if not the floor....). Okay, what does this have to do with a helpful review? What began with an infatuation over the cleanliness of the bathrooms rapidly expanded to include a pleasant astonishment over the academic rigor and cultural vitality of the institution of which I am proud to be a part. Although I most certainly intend to graduate this spring, I will be truly sorry to leave such a fine school.
12/31/2010otherThis is my fourth year as a Westminster student; I transferred here in 6th grade. I can't even think of a negative experience I've had at this school. I'm sure other people have already said this, but this school could be very difficult for anyone who has a lot of trouble staying organized and motivating themselves to stay focused. Personally, I have loved this school because of its wonderful teachers and my fellow students. It's the perfect school for students who enjoy learning and are good at organization and are self-motivated. I've never yet had a bad teacher!
12/13/2010parentEach of my children switched to Westminster starting in 6th grade after completing elementary school in the Dekalb County Public Schools. Switching to Westminster was one of the best decisions we ever made -- the teachers and students are fabulous -- smart and engaging in a nurturing way that encourages each student to reach their full potential. This is a fantastic school for self-motivated students.
8/21/2010parentGiven its historical success, unmatched resources, broad and influencial alumni base and college-like campus, Westminster is considered by most to be the premier academic private school in Atlanta and one of the best in the country. Westminster does focus on helping students to excel, finding a passion, and preparing for college and life. Its matriculation record each year easily leads the Metro Atlanta schools both public and private and it programs help mold the committed student into an adult ready for the next phase of life. While the school does have its pockets of wealth and a university-like endowment, its commitment to diversity and community service really does help provide a well rounded experience. It attracts the best students, so it can feel competitive, but motivated students will thrive in the environment and others will learn to develp skills to help them succeed, both reinforced by exposure to intelligent classmates.
4/23/2010parentWestminster is a good school for many and a great school for some. Which means if you have an outstanding student/athlete, then you should send them here to be surrounded by kids who are also at the top of their game. If you have a student who is smart or athletic but not superior in these areas, then you might end up feeling disappointed. Which is to say that they are great on the great students, not so good on the good students. The problem this creates for families is the issue. Not every kid in the family is capable of meeting the extremely high standards academically or athletically, and life gets difficult when some kids thrive and others 'fail' at the same school.
4/21/2010parentMy child enrolled at Westminster at the beginning of junior high school after attending Atlanta public schools K-5. The transition was smooth, our child never missed a beat academically and has thrived in an atmosphere that encourages and supports pursuit of achievement and excellence in all aspects of life, not just the classroom. Westminster welcomes and respects diversity, and holds awards and honors assemblies for parents to recognize academic achievement on a level equal to the fine support of the successful athletic program. Excellence in teaching is an emphasis, and the administration is strong. Our child had a choice of three of the city's top private schools when he applied and this was the best fit and our family's experience has exceeded our expectations for Westminster. Great preparation for top universities.
4/1/2010studentWestminster is all around a disappointment after previously attending a different private school in the Atlanta area. Most of the teachers are unsatisfactory, and the administration does a terrible job handling problems.
1/26/2010parentAfter too many years at the Atlanta International School, we are extremely impressed with the high school at Westminster. Much smaller classes, more supportive teachers, excellent in sports, and they don't nickel and dime you to death each week. College counseling is much better as well.
1/17/2010studentThe Westminster Schools is a great opportunity to have interactive learning with the top teachers around. I have gone there since pre-1st and I have loved the school and all the teachers and students there.
1/7/2010studentThis is an excellent school. The teachers are fun. They teach you very good habits too.
12/9/2009studentI wouldn't even think about sending my kids there. I have been at Westminster for 11 years and I am leaving due to the cloud of sadness that hangs over the campus. If you want your kids to be depressed and to not have a healthy high school experience than send them to Westminster.
9/19/2009parentFor the talented, high achieving student, this is the place to be. As a parent, I like that they encourage students to be humble and participate in community volunteer activities.
5/11/2009parentThe Westminster is top school in Georgia for high performing academic students. I agree that it is probably not the best choice for a student of average ability, but it does have a structured program of extra-help that encourages the students in the areas where they are weaker. The teachers have been helpful in reducing the academic pressure and especially supporting a culture where the students care about each other. It also has excellent programs in every extracurricular area. My children have been well prepared for college (Harvard, Georgetown), enjoyed the drama, music and service programs and made good friends. I highly recommend it.
11/11/2008parentWestminster is simply the best. It has the best culture, the most resources, and the smartest kids. Virtually all the kids that are accepted elect to attend. The best school in Atlanta, by far.
11/8/2008studentWestminster is simply the best. With the highest SAT scores, an award winning theatre program, nationally recognized newspaper, literary magazines, and yearbook publications, the best all around sports program in the state, fantastic extra-curricular opportunities, and invested teachers and students, Westminster is an unparalleled force in a child's life.I wouldn't rather be anywhere else in the world. Go Cats!
10/5/2008studentI go to Westminster and i absulutely loveit. I have to admit if you are an average student Westminster is not for you. People might call it the pressure cooker but if you are a dedicated all A student and you get in at Westminter you will do great. This is totally true I heard it is the second best school in the country and tenth in the world!! Go Wild Cats!
5/15/2008parentExcellent all around, academics, teachers, sports, music and all in a christian environment...My child has attended since first grade...she is now a rising 4th grader and states that 'everyday is her best day ever' this is what I most want to hear as a dedicated parent.......
4/21/2008parentThis is a great school with a strong focus on academics and being a good citizen in the world. The junior high program structure is absolutely amazing, the kids get a lot of oversight and guidance.
3/20/2008studentI am a graduate of Westminster who went on to the architecture program at Georgia Tech, one of the very top programs at one of the very top schools in the nation. Westminster prepared me beautifully for college. While fellow students at Tech struggled to keep up with the workload & general level of performance demanded by a school such as Tech, I never felt over-whelmed, under-prepared, or lacking in any aspect of my foundation of knowledge needed to be successful & graduated Cum Laude. Truly nothing I encountered at Tech was as difficult or demanding as what I encountered at Westminster, and the skills I learned at Westminster continue to serve me today in the workforce. In particular, my colleagues are continually impressed with my writing & communication skills since my degree is from an engineering school. I cannot stress enough how fabulous the education and preparation Westminster provides is.
2/23/2008studentI am a student at Westminster and I find the classes very good. The teachers are well-trained and most of my classes don't keep you asleep. Westminster has a great library, a wonderful science and world cultures program, a wonderful art and drama program, and great performing arts opportunities. However, I do not find Westminster's diversity great, I do not like the P.E. program (because you are graded on how good you are in sports), and I wish that the people there slightly less snobby. The main focus is name brands, and although my family has a good amount of money, my parents do not believe in spoiling me. There is a lot of gossip and verbal bullying among the girls, so be careful! I'm sure this will pass by high school.
6/20/2007parentMy daughter went to Westminster, from 9th -12th grade. She received a superior education. While at Westminster, she spent a (school) year in Spain through the School Year Abroad Program. She went on to Duke University. She did well there. She has just finished her second year of law school.
1/30/2007studentWestminster is an amazing school! I go there and it is a wonderful experience. Everybody is nice and smart. All the teachers are helpful and you always have a quiet place to do your homework, study, or ask questions... extra help! There are soo many great oppurtunities and I always feel welcome here! Go wildcats!
12/28/2006studentI go to Westminster, it is one of the best experiences in my life. All of the teachers are very nice and help you with anything you don't understand. The campus is amazing. All of the students are very diverse and are so incredibly nice. In my first year at Westminster I made more friends than I've ever had in my whole life! the teachers provide any way possible for you to understand the problem. I look forward to going to school everyday, which definitley says something. I love Westminster!
4/16/2006parentI have a step-child who attended Westminster and a child who is attending a quite different type of private school. I feel I can offer some objectivity by virtue of comparisons for any families considering the school. Westminster is truly a wonderful school, but only for a child who enjoys a more linear way of thinking. The school offers a traditional top down style of teaching and offers near college level resources. Even with the resources, however, families should be aware that outside supplementation in nearly every area will be the norm and will be necessary if you want your child to be a more rounded thinker. The nice thing about off campus classes and tutoring, though, is that it allows a child the opportunity to try new things without fear of failing. They can bring that experience back to Westminster to help round out their academic experience.
11/8/2005parentEvery aspect of the school is very well thought out and managed. The education process is well designed and every resource is made available to execute.
8/11/2004studentThe Westminster Schools is by far the best private school in Georgia. Actually, it is probably the top private school in the entire southeast. With the help of the highly decorated teachers, students gain a wealth of knowledge that will lead the on the right path in the future. In the elementary school, students learn the fundamental ideas to further progress with education and life. The time spent in the Junior High School is the main building block in the school. It is used to give students a taste of the high school. The highly decorated high school, with its numerous awards, sets the children on a path that will lead through college and into life as a businessman/businesswoman. With the help of the magnificent headmaster, principals, and college counselors, your children if they wish to go to this school will have an opportunity for a prestigious future.
7/26/2004parentWestminster is an incredible social and academic experience. The middle school is one that is extremely nurturing and prepares the students for high school.

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