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Dundalk High School - Baltimore, MD

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Dundalk High School1901 Delvale Ave
Baltimore, MD 21222
(410) 887-70239-12BaltimorepublicBaltimore County Public School District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic62.70492009
Black, non-Hispanic25.02009
Asian/Pacific Islander2.786892009
Native American or Native Alaskan1.721312009

Students per TeacherYear

Students Getting Free LunchYear

9/27/2010studentThe school is very hard to get used to. The students get away with a lot more than they should in classrooms. My expirience so far has been pleasent but I was not put here by choice. If you want a good school and have the money send your daughter to Mercy High School. The best year of my life was spent there. It is worth the money.
3/16/2010parentMy daughter is attending Dundalk High School after a private school experience. She loves it! The teachers are very helpful. She was actually behind in Math. I wish more parents would take an active part in bringing this school up to Magnet standards!!! Teachers and admin. keep up the great work!
2/7/2010teacherAmazing school! I highly recommend it. The teachers are great. The administration are very supportive.
2/4/2010studentThis school is awesome, great teachers, students are friendly and nice. Also they offer a great variety of electives. Definitely one of the best schools in the district. Overall it's fun and the teachers are very understanding.
11/6/2009parentI graduated from this school in 1990. My son attends this school and he is i the 9th grade. This school has wonderful teachers that will take time with their students.
9/13/2009studentits greeeaaat! I love the new teachers! its like theyve totally turned this school Around.
8/29/2007parentMy children have always been enrolled in private schools. Once I placed my son and daughter in Dundalk Senior High, I was amazed. There was no difference. The teachers are loving and caring as well as the administrative staff. I would highly recommend Dundalk Senior High!
8/28/2007parentLove it. Graduated from this school.
12/7/2006former studentI am a graduate of Dundalk High School, year 2002, and believe Dundalk to be a great school with many advanced classes as well as ethnically diverse teachers and students. Without diversity, how can students learn the value of equallity, teamwork, and commitment. I am very proud to say that I attended Dundalk High school, not only because of academics, but extracurricular activities as well. It is a great place to live, work, and be educated!---Keri class of 2002
10/28/2006parentFine school for academics, very underrated. I've seen many good kids graduate and become fine adults. However the level of students and parents involved in sports and after school events is terrible.
8/26/2006studentI am a senior here at Dundalk. The Teachers are the best I have had, and except for the occasional fight(which happen in all schools) It isnt bad. . . I would choose this school over any other.
11/8/2005former studentI attended DHS and graduated in 2000. Since graduation I have recieved my BA in Political Science, and am working on my MBA. I believe that the school has much to offer to students and families that are willing to give back to it. When parents are involved, children succeed. Period. No matter what the name reads on the front of the building.
6/2/2005parentAfter hearing all the nasty things written about Dundalk High School, I choose to send my 4 children there. After my children attended Dundalk they all went to colleges and earned there degrees. I was extremely involved in my childrens education and feel that what i observed from the Teachers at Dundalk was nothing less then wonderful they challenged my children and helped them grow into grown adults.
2/4/2005former studentavailability of music/art-poor. level of parent involvement=poor.
1/21/2005parentThe school has been helpful in getting special needs for my daughter. They have been compliant and sympathetic in getting her special placement and services. Thanks.

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