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Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School
3500 Hillen Rd
Baltimore, MD 21218
(410) 396-6496
public | 9-12
County: Baltimore City


  Students Getting Free LunchYear
11/13/2011studentthis school is large but dirty and the teaching is way below average, the only good thing about mergenthaler is the trades
10/12/2010studentI attend Mervo. The school college rates has decreased since I came there in 2008. The staff has no type of interaction with the students unless the students have behavior problems. I do not see myself getting into a good college coming from Mergenthaler Voc-Tech High School.
9/29/2010studentI attend Mervo. The school is turning out pretty ell so far. I am a Freshman just getting out of Middle School. Mervo has standard rules taht everyone follows. They have support staff, and dicipline is Great. They have the right classes for Honors and standards.
3/4/2010otherthe principals are amazing teachers are helpful and the amoun to of extracurriculum activities are tremendous the parents aren't that involvedbut safety and dicipline iis amazing
2/5/2010studentI am currently a senior at Mergenthaler High school. When I first arrived here during 2006 of my freshman year, the environment and curriculum was excellent. As the years gradually went by and Ms Rayment took her place as the new principle of Mervo, the schools perform has decrease dramatically. Their were active gangs, students cutting classes and disrespecting teachers. However, a new administration has arrived last year with a alternate principle who actually concerns himself with the reputution of Mervo and its students. The rules have been modified and there are more penalties for mishaving student. The future of Mervo is looking promising thanks to new the newly admitted administration.
9/18/2008parentMervois a excellet school, the transition from middle school to high school was great because the bridge program has a great structure, and my daughter loves it. The staff is wonderful.
3/28/2008otherI think mervo is a mervelous scool , i have no problems if i was to move my child in a diffrent envoriment , the same issues would occur, mervo just had cameras placed all over the school , and the behavior of all students have improved, i dont think 2008 was the worst year , infact i think this has been the best year so far for students and parents, my biggest concern with this school is the trades, that are getting pulled for example cosmetology, accounting, barbering, these are trades when you are garunteed jobs right out of hihschool , so why take them out ? Especially barbering and cosmetology , theirs so many shop owners that makes alot of money and becomes entreupieners. I think they need to keep all of there trades, just add more .... And have fun , school is a place to learn but also bel earning
10/23/2007studentThe quality of academic programs here at Marvo is excellent. There are many things to help you:tutoring, and coach class. The teachers here are also very helpful, as long as I've been here for the short semester, that's not even done. When I got here, I couldn't believe how many aferschool things we have. There's sports such as badminton, tennis, swimming, and volleyball. There's clubs like Spanish club and modeling. It's awesome. However, I'm pretty sure that the level of parent involvment could be a lot higher than what it is.
6/18/2007parentAs an alumni I just luv the school and I think the way things are changing is only for the betterment of the times
5/24/2007parentIn my opinion Mervo used to be an excellent VO-Tech school. Now because of the lack of experienced and concerned teachers, parent involvement, school funding,safety officers, and student motivation the school has become a product of the majority of Baltimore City public schools. If your moving to Baltimore, I suggest City, Western, Poly, or private school such as Mercy. Those schools have been consistent with preparing students for college and immediate careers. Although every student is responsible for desiring a greater education, going to Mervo makes it difficult because the curriculm is poor, students are rowdy, and disrespectful at times. There are a few concerned teachers like Mr. Proveux and Nguyen. My child will not be returning to Mervo next year.
1/10/2007parentI think it's a wonderful school. The curriculum is awesome and so is its trade subjects. My daughter is in Administrative Technology which is just for her, 'just like her mommy!'
10/12/2006administratorI had to pull my sons from this school it was a joke. The teachers had the nastiest attitudes. Mrs. Reyment was wonderful. There is always fighting. The security is on the down low (blind eye to gangs etc). My sons did poorly in this undisciplined environment. The prinicipal walks the halls but does not address students cursing and running the halls.
1/15/2006former studentI was a student at Mervo back in the stone ages 75 through 78 and it was awesome. I studied Electrical Construction, and business. I ended up in working for the federal government as an IT Specialist. The teachers of Mervo did much to make me the success I am today. I was a special needs student with many disabilities before their were the kinds of support programs available today. Still the staff and instructors at Mervo did a lot to insure I had the scholastic and vocational skills to enter the world. While it took 20 years of medical, psychological and other interventions before I finally got a great job at age 41 Mervo gave me a firm strong foundation of knowledge and tanacity on which I have built my success. My thanks to the Staff, Teachers of Mervo and the City Of Baltimore for you are part my success.
8/23/2005former studentAlthough, I am not a parent, I am a product of Mergenthaler Vocational Technical Senior High School. I graduated from Mervo in 2003 with a primary focus in Cosmetology. The cosmetology program was excellent. It enabled me to help others to help their beauty from with-in shine on the outside. It also helped me to become the woman that I am today. The academic programs are excellent. With the help of teachers I was able to take what I learned from Mervo and apply it to my college education. I am now a sophmore at CCBC Essex with a 3.86 average. I will be graduating with an A.A. in Arts and Sciences (Pre-Law). I am looking forward to continuing my education at the University of Baltimore. Then I wil be off to Harvard Law School. Thank you teachers and staff for your support.
8/10/2004studentMervo is an excellent school with great teachers. It has just been remodeled and looks better than ever. It has a great curiculum. Also the administrative staff is not to be played with. It is a school that prepares you for the world a head of you.
4/27/2004studentI used to attend this school, I like it a lot. I think it is one of the better schools in Maryland. I now attend a school in Harford County and I still think Mervo is better.

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