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St. Jerome Academy
5207 42nd Place
Hyattsville, MD 20781
(301) 277-4568
private | PK-8
County: Prince George's


6/2/2012parentI am a graduate of St. Jerome's Catholic School. My oldest son also graduated from there. My youngest son will be leaving after this year. Many changes have occurred at what is now St. Jerome Academy. Some ok, some not. I was excited when we were presented with the classical curriculum. After 2 years, I have not seen much to be excited about. I do not feel my child gained much knowledge out of it. The last five weeks of school this year, his class has done nothing but review worksheets/busy work. I honestly feel that St. Jerome Academy has a great marketing director that puts up a great facade. St. Jerome Catholic School was welcoming, loving and like home. St. Jerome Academy is not.
5/23/2012parentWe put our 3 children in the school this year, and what a wonderful experience it has been. The faculty and staff and very welcoming and committed to educating the whole person. Because of the classical curriculum, my kids have gained so much knowledge and have applied this to their home life.
3/7/2012parentMy child is going to St Jerome's and I am highly disappointed in the school as a parent. I don't feel my child is being challanged at all. He comes home with not a lot of homework. Also, I don't see this "Classical Education" taking place. I am sorry we let our child go to this school.
2/29/2012parentAll four of our kids have attended St. Jerome's (we now have two graduates). We love the wholesome environment and the new curriculum is terrific. It and some terrific new hires made an immediate and dramatic improvement in the upper school, and are steadily improving the lower school year by year. A very good school, and well on its way to being a superb one.
2/29/2012parentWe looked at many Catholic schools in the DC area and happily settled on St. Jerome. The community is great, the curriculum is very exciting and the principal is outstanding. This school is only getting better.
2/6/2012parentWe have our child in kindergarten. I'm giving the school a 5 star rating because the teachers and principal are superb. They are an inquisitive faith-filled group of people. Both the academic and spiritual education are impressive. We made the switch (from a public pre-kindergarten program) because of the curriculum and are happy with our decision.
1/3/2012parent We have three children who currently attend St. Jerome Academy. The reason we decided to enroll our children in St. Jerome's was due to its beautiful classical curriculum, the hiring of many superb teachers, and the intense dedication of the administration in the care of their students. We have witnessed the good character and loving attitudes of its diverse student body as well as dedication to the classical curriculum by the staff. Our children are reading works from the great thinkers, reciting poetry, learning Latin, and studying a Christ-centered history. The school has truly been a blessing to our family.
12/13/2011parentMy son entered this school from public school. After a rough first quarter, I am very pleased to say that he has really pushed himself in the right direction. The dedication of his teacher is incredible. The amount of information that he has learned in unbelievable. I made the right decision and won't be changing - God willing anytime soon.
9/24/2011otherTerrible, terrible school. I went here from grade 1 to grade 8, and all of the good teachers have left or been fired. They have a large amount of work that goes into their propaganda to make sure people think that it's an excellent school, but their has been *no* implementation of the classical curriculum plan in the upper school at least. DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT THEY SAY. F-, St. Jerome. Extremely pretentious attitudes from all involved as well.
9/15/2011parentMy son went to St Jerome Child center last year and is now in Pre-K in the "big school". In addition, I switched my daughter to St J from public school, she is in 6th grade. School has only been in session for a couple weeks, but I am definitely very impressed. I do have concerns about the "fees" the school charges. The worst one being the "book fee/student fee" combo of $285 per kid. Even in Pre-K, my 4 yr old is charged a $285 book fee! What books? I find this absurd! There was also a $150 registration fee per student, and a $45 registration fee to use their online payment system. In addition, I just received info on joining the band. My daughter is begging to join, but its $730/yr, plus $25 registration fee, plus the cost of the instrument. Insane! Not only that, but I also just found out that in 6th grade there is NO music class. So if I don't sign her up for band, then she will have no music education this year whatsoever. I think that's awful. I am very aware that this school was broke a couple years ago, and I really think that since they changed their education plan and got more enrollment, they're trying to make as much money as they possibly can!
5/1/2011parentWe enrolled our three children at St. Jerome this academic year, the first after it switched to a classical educational program. A committee of volunteer experts wrote the new curriculum, which is now in the process of being implemented in other schools and even several entire dioceses. The Washington Post recently published a very positive article about the school. Eight new teachers were hired -- all of them outstanding and very enthusiastic about the classical curriculum. The teachers who remained from the previous program are also excellent and highly engaged. We've been delighted at how well the transition has gone this first year. All three of our kids are doing well, even though they came from a much different educational environment (a small, parent-run school) and one of them has special needs. They are learning material that seems well beyond grade level and are assimilating it well. Our first grader knows the Greek myths and can proofread a paragraph; our fourth grader discusses Plato's Republic; our seventh grader excels at Latin and directs plays based on The Canterbury Tales. An amazing school and unlike any other Catholic school in the Washington area!
3/23/2010parentSt. Jerome's offers a quality education, great structure and has high expectations of its students. My daughter attended for 6th - 8th grades. She was accepted to each high school to which she submitted an application (private and public magnet). Some of the facilities are out dated though. The science program is very limited. Some maturity issues with some faculty. Other than that, it was a pleasant experience for our family and an excellent academic experience for our daughter.
10/23/2009parentMy son has been at St Jerome since he was 2 yrs old, he started at their child center, he is now in the 4th grade. I live in Bowie, MD. I love the school and the teacher, very good school. I wouldn't change schools at all. I do expect him to finish there at the 8th grade...God Bless St Jerome and all the wonderful teachers.
10/9/2009parentI love St Jeromes. My son is in the Pre K class and he has learned so much in such a short amount of time. The instructors assess insdividual needs of each student and adjusts the curriculum, accordingly. My family and I love this school. We could not have made a better choice.
9/18/2009parentMy daughter just started the Pre-K class at this school and I must say that I love it thus far. She is in a challenging, caring environment. I love the structure and the extra curricular classes such as Art and Gym. She enjoys going to school daily. Which makes parenting a lot easier.
9/10/2009parentSt. Jerome has a diverse student body, yet the administration does not offer the same. The school is on a downward spiral if the Archdiocese does not make needed upgrades. Much of the technology is outdated as well as school fixtures. It has been a real disappointment. The school does not challenge the students academically and there is not many options in the area.
6/8/2009parentExcellence in education, spiritual development and community spirit. Each child is treated as an individual with the focus of parents, teachers and peers supporting his or her growth. Academics, art, music, and good sportsmanship are all part of the St. Jerome experience. Acceptance by the best public and private high schools awaits.
6/2/2009parentMy son is in the 7th grade and he feels that the teachers and school administrators really care about each student and their first priority is that each child gets the best education. His grades have improved and his attitude towards learning has improved since coming to St Jerome. I would recommend STJ to anyone who wants their child to be in a small family environment that nurtures the whole child, spirit, body & mind.
7/14/2008parentThis was probably a good school in the past, but based on our experience, it is in a state of decline. There are still some good teachers left in the lower grades. But overall the school has been a huge disappointment.
9/25/2007studentI go to Saint Jerome's, in sixth grade. I no longer go to the aftercare there, but when I did, I can say it was very well run. A snack, recess, gym, homework time..and that's nothing compared to the day. We have art, computer lab, gym, and many other specails.
2/13/2007parentSo far my wife and I are very pleased with St. Jeromes though our child is only in the child care center. We have tried a few other places some more expensive some less costly and St. Jeromes has been the best by far. Nice teachers good curriculum and our child has developed greatly since starting here. We recommend. ALB
11/30/2006former studentI attended St Jeromes many, many years ago. My children have both attended St Jeromes also. The school will become part of your history. It is a private school and as with all private schools it has to ask for financial donations. St. Jeromes keeps its tuition low to be able to offer as many families as possible a safe haven from PG county public schools. God bless St. Jeromes!
10/18/2006parentThis school is wonderful, they really care about the children, and take the time out to know the children's names, I currently am going to keep my child here until the 8th grade. He is currently in the first grade. The teachers and staff really care about the students Great school!
10/18/2006studentI am a 7th grade student at st. jerome's school and as far as i know this school is far better than public schools .I have been in this school since 6th grade and i love it here. So bring your child to a place you can trust st.jeromes school in hyattsville,md!
2/11/2006parentAcademically I think this school is very good. There are some pros and cons though. Many of the teachers have been there a long time. This is good and bad. Some teachers are excellent. The children love them and learn a lot. Others have less than stellar teaching methods, i.e. yelling, demeaning kids publicly, etc. The homework load from third grade up is heavy. While they offer many sports programs through CYO, the organization of the teams and communication within is poor. The kids have a great time, it's just stressful on the parents getting the correct information.
1/21/2006parentthis school i believe asks for way too much money!i had to change my child to hyattsville middle school...for one, you have to participate in all fund raisers and if you dont, you still have to pay so much money afterwards and my child is now learning more than she was in saint jeromes.
4/18/2004parentExcellent, Dynamic, and Superb. This school embraced my children on all levels. My 10, 8, 7 and 5 year old all attend and are performing above average. The teachers genuinely care for the students and help the children through difficulties. My children attended another parochial school beginning in Pre-K and I do not regret the changing of schools. It has been a breath of fresh air for my family. Not only does this school have a top notch academic program, it also has various sports programs that are wonderful. My children have all participated in at least one of the following extracurricular activities....Basketball, Softball, T-Ball, Soccer, Baseball & Track and Field, Glee Club, Liturgy Choir, Heats Club and much more! Overall, I would rate St. Jerome a perfect 10!

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