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Centennial Academy
6610 Grand Montecito Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89149
(702) 315-3190
private | PK-5
County: Clark


3/31/2010parentMy daughter attended Centennial Academy for Pre-K and Kindergarten. Started out great - but the founder of the school was a builder/developer, and as the economy went south, so did the school. By last year, the curriculum director was gone and it seemed like nobody was in charge full time. One Kindergarten teacher administered the pre-school and the other Kindergarten teacher administered the elementary school when they weren't busy teaching. Either that or they turned their class over to the aide, when they were busy administering. 4th grade teacher was also PE teacher. 3rd grade teacher was also the Spanish teacher. No PTA. Parents not encouraged to participate. Input not welcome. My daughter is much happier and doing well, in her current (public) school. Not surprised to hear that the school was closing.
2/22/2010parentGreat school to bad they are shuting it down, and turning it public on the 17 of jun. Now we have to find a new school for my three year old.
10/20/2009parentMy son was enrolled last year in the 1-yr old class, and this year we have him in the young toddler program. I feel that he's in really good hands. This is not a day-care environment--it's a preschool. There is a low staff turnover rate, and the staff is always friendly and attentive. All the kids usually seem happy in the class, unlike some other places I visited in the area. I also like safety here, and the fact they made accomodations from some of my son's unique medical needs. I really am happy we found this school for him.
6/7/2009parentMy son just completed the Kindergarten program at Centennial Academy. This is our second child to attend Kindergarten at this school The teacher's ability to teach advanced curriculum in a developmentally appropriate fashion is extrodinary. Mrs. Swartout and Mrs. Carpenter are very good at identifying where a child is and building from there. I have worked with both of them on various issues with both of my sons with great success. When I pick my child up before and after school (not after care) they have been available to answer questions or bring issues to my attention in a timely manner. Extracurricular activities may not be abundunt but I am paying for reading, writing, and math skills as well as promoting appropriate learning and citizenship behaviors. I know many public schools with extracurricular activities but who are not challenging their kids in the core academic areas.
6/6/2009parentThis school has wonderful teachers and the cirriculum is great. There is no actual principal or vice principal so administration and activities are lacking. Parent communication needs to be improved, more extra-cirricular activites/sports need to be offered and events planned. Safety is a very wonderful feature here.
6/1/2009parentI really enjoyed sending my son to school here. It's a shame we'll be moving away, but hopefully I can find a school as good. Academics: The students here are taught at an advanced pace compared to public schools, which I like. Administration: I believe that the principal also doubles as a teacher, so I can see a potential conflict there. I never had any issues with the school administration. Teachers: Love 'em! My son went here for three years and he always had good teachers. Extra-curricular activities: They have Mad Science, Kids 'n' Motion, Cooking, a chess club, and a few others. Not a real strong point. Safety and Discipline: I always felt that my son was in good hands at this school. There is almost no bullying. My only complaint: I did have a conflict with one of his teachers. She was pretty open about her political views. School should not include political indoctrination!!
5/29/2009parentI have never met who owns the school and the prinicpal they put on their license is also a teacher therefore there is not much leadership. I have actually never met her and I am happy to be sending my child elsewhere.
5/28/2009parentMy child is required to go to this school because of a court order that she attend a private school. I am consistantly disappointed on how I am treated. My ex is required to pay the tution because this was their request in court, that she attend a private school. I am rarely notified of ANY activities, school projects and parent teacher confrences, even though I have joint custody. I am treated disrespectfully by most of the staff, including her teacher. There is 1 member of the staff that is always wonderful and she is not a teacher. The educational program is intensive and my daughter has learned alot but I have to say I have not been happy overall with the school and I would very much agree with the other review, it is all about the dollar.
2/24/2009parentThis school is wonderful. Very caring and knowledgeable teachers, great environment, wonderful cirriculum and great security. Our three children are thriving at Centennial Academy.
11/14/2008parentThe owners and administrators are the greedy and don't know how to their staff with kindness. After being open for 5 years they still are not accredited?? The staff is wonderful and caring despite the treatment they receive from the owners.
8/1/2008parentMy daughter thrived in Pre-K here, and we will be sending her back for Kindergarten. this is a wonderful school, with very caring faculty who made a somewhat shy little girl come out of her shell and thrive!
7/13/2008parentGreat School! My daughter went there for 3 years, since she was 2 1/2 years old and she has thrived, great teachers and caring staff.
6/24/2008parentMrs Mckelvey and Mrs Simon Pre-K were the best I could have hoped for as my son began school last year for the first time. I cant say enough good things about the dolpin class. We will bring our daugher to that class when she is of age. K. Bailey

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