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School Profile

Desert Pines High School
3800 Harris Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89110
(702) 799-2196
public | 9-12 & ungraded
County: Clark


  Class SizeGradeYear
29 2005
  School Head OfficialYear
Timothy Stephens2008
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/9/2012otherthis school has to be the worst school people are rude and stuck up and the girls their are conceited.
8/8/2012otherI am very disapointed at everyone who thinks the school is horrible! This is a very great school! if parents complain about the no homework policy thats because its just freshmen year far along with it they end up getting it. if you want them to have more homework than usual make them get honors or AP classes that will straighten them out. I was a proud jaguar student who was in the magnet program. AOC was the academy of commuincations that changed my life! i became more confident and outspoken. The teachers always include EVERYONE so no one is left out! this gives great job opportunities as well. like internships with other professional radio stations and news stations in the city. I would like to ask the parents to think twice about this school because they are the ones that dont understand all the things the teachers and especially the councelors do for the students to pass and graduate. -class of 2012 graduate
10/5/2010parentDeplorable. Test scores reflect it. Large population of non-English speaking students bring others down because teachers have to spend a larger percentage of their day trying to teach the Spanish speaking kids. Be cautious driving around the campus and neighborhoods after school. After school fights are not uncommon.
2/25/2010parentI think desert pines is an awesome school ama parent and my daughter loves that school
2/18/2010studentOkay so even though DP isn't one of the best schools, i do love this school. Our teachers are either very understanding and helpful or very useless and irritating. The administration is a joke, but coming to school with my friends nd having awesome classes is worth it. I'm a magnet student and although the magnet program isn't something to boast about, the studentss really try (when motivated.) I just wish other people would see that. I love my graduating class of 2011, because it's liek a family. Our school is so multicultural and i'm always learning something new about people. The dress code is ridiculous, however. (So when voting for the SSA comes around, please say NO parents. :]) Yes, our standards are low, and you know what, i'm okay with that. Life's standards are low and it's up to ME to make them higher, not the schools. :p -VLS
4/21/2009parentMy child decided to attend one of DP's magnet programs for her freshman year. Shortly into the year I realized that she never had homework and when she did, the work was similar to her assignments in middle school. I had contacted the school and after many attempts to receive a straight answer I was be informed that the school had a 'no homework policy' because the students were busy during class time. My child has decided to accept an offer to another magnet program because she feels as if she is not challanged at DP. Sadly, it is fairly easy to get great grades at DP because the stardards are very low.
1/22/2009studentDesert Pines HS is one of the best schools that I've been to. I went to Canyon Springs HS last year and it was awful. Now that I am Desert Pines, my grades are better and the teachers are amazing.
1/21/2009parentDesert Pines High School is one of the best Schools in the state of Nevada. They have Teachers that actually Teach and they love doing it. The very first day I registered my daughter in this school they noticed her Graduation Date was Wrong, they corrected that, then they got right on it making sure she takes all the necessary classes she needs to Graduate. See my Daughter had Thyroid Cancer at the age of 11, due to the Cancer my daughter lost 2 years of her growth and learning abilities, The Staff for the I.E.P they are the only ones that pin pointed my daughters weak points and got right on helping her understand and succeed without struggling, This is the first time my Daughter was Understanding what she was Learning and she has been so excited. The Teachers here are dedicated to our Future (our children). Thank You: Sue A Potter
7/1/2008otherDesert Pines is a great school. Others will not know until they visit the campus and interact with the people there. DP has great clubs and organizations and some of the brightest kids in the valley. DP is very multicultural and isn't perfect, but it's a good school.
11/27/2007parentGreat School, good education love all the sport involvment
11/27/2007parentGreat school. Love all students and staff
6/4/2007former studentWell i used to go to this highschool and i learned alot the teachers care about their students as long as they are willing to participate. yes the school is overcrowded but that didnt bother me and the school is also pretty safe. like they said there is a reason for close campus event thought it wouldn't be a bad idea. -shacha zelalla
11/18/2006studentThis high school isn't bad in terms of safety. The school though, is very overcrowded and I hate the fact that they still let people apply for the magnet program. The school seriously doesn't need any more students. The magnet program isn't even 'spectacular' as I thought it would be. The school doesn't have enough clubs, either. Parent involvement is quite low, as I hardly see any parent volunteers around campus.
2/25/2006former studentI am a gradute of DPHS and I loved beigh a student there and I feel that the teachers I had did a great job teaching the students who wanted to learn. Yes it is overcrowded but if a student wants to learn there a countless ways for that student to learn it at DP. To the students above there is good reason for closed campus and you should look into that before you complain. DP to me is one of the best new schools of Las Vegas.
11/29/2005studentLike almost any other school in the district- Desert Pines is over crowded. for the most part there is little that can be done for the time being. I myself am a graduate of this high school, though there are many rumors going around our school has made excelent strides in becoming one of the better known. Progression is the only thing that can happen, and over the past three years large strides for perogression has been going on. You will soon see many successful people all around, due to the experience they recied at Desert Pines High School
5/11/2005studentOur school has one of the best math teachers in the district, Mr. Peila. He was the Nevada teacher of the year because he helped many students pass the math proficiency test. I am thankful to have Mr. Peila as my math teacher.
1/28/2005studentPersonally I go to the school and I really don't think it's that great. Sure they have two magnet programs and around 3000 students, but that is just more reason to get more techers. In each of my eight classes I have around thirty to fourty classmates. I think it is extremly overcrouded, and most of lunch is spent in the lunch line. If it were an open campus school their students in the lunch lines and kitchen workers will appriciate it. I honestly think that they should lower the standards just a little for the magnet programs. I am in one of the magnet programs and it is kind of hard to get at least a 'C', in every class. I am also in their MCJROTC program and it is a good program, but the only thing that brings the program down is the power hungry upperclassmen.
11/5/2004parentThe school is excellent. The teachers care and the curiculm is great. I have a problem with only 2 meal periods for almost 3000 students. It sounds like they spend most of their lunch time in line.
6/9/2004parentGreat football program. Education wise, very poor quality due to over crowded and lack of dedicated teachers.

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