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Frank F Garside Junior High School
300 South Torrey Pines Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89107
(702) 799-4245
public | 6-8
County: Clark


  Class SizeGradeYear
29 2005
  School Head OfficialYear
Stephanie Wong2008
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/30/2012parentFrank Garside has no viable approach to Bullying. My Granddaughter has loved school since she started. Until she supposedly broke the unwritten law of NO SNITCHING. She was being bullied and it wasn't even her who contacted the authorities. It was another concerned adult. I am almost 60 years old and can't walk past that school without hearing the most vulgar insults I've ever heard a young person say. We have met w/ the principle , vice principle and dean of students. TO NO AVAIL. They say this is not a dangerous proble. MY daughter took my granddaughter to her parent-teacher conference , She was met outside by not only the bullies and their friends But also the adult sister of one of the students who brought along her own two young babies in a stroller to watch this fight or whatever was suppose to happen that day. The authorities that be said they took statements from the people involved . To my surprise the bullies statements matched, All 12 of them. The 3 that didn't were deemed misleading. Last week the school called us at home and asked us to pick her up for her own safety. she is scared to go to school.13 yrs.old and can't go to school
8/29/2009studentGarside is a very kewl school. we get to do alot of things like dances, basketball games, and feild trips. you can join diffrent clubs like the girls or boys basketball team, band, orchestra, choir, the cheerleading team, or just do what i do and join the Dance Tem!!! im a 8th grader this year and im not even sure i want to go to high skewl because of how much fun it is at garside! I Love Ya GDT 09' 4 Life!!!!!!!!!!!
8/21/2009studentGarside was a great school and made me a better person... I played on the basketball team and the coaches were great, send your child there and you won't regret it.
6/3/2009studentI am a former student at Garside, now attending Bonanza High.i do agree with some of the comments, for example, the root of discipline is at home. my parents have high expectations for me and i attempt to fulfill them. Yes, Garside has a bad reputation of a 'ghetto, bad school', but what makes people think that is the reflection on the student's personal image and because the school is an old building. Many programs there are not great, for example the band, i blame most of it on the teacher, Mr. Howley, he does not know how to teach for the success of the student and the program alone, yet their Orchestra has had much success with Mrs. Wood. They need teachers that are hard working and ENCOURAGING in a good way for a good view on every part of the school.
11/2/2007former studentI'm a former student now attending Western High, Garside was a pretty cool school. The staff was overly discipling with the students you really couldn't do much without getting in trouble. They stick the kids in classes they didn't want to be in and there basically stuck in there wasting there time when they could be doing something they enjoy.The teachers are way better then the staff in my opinion. Espically Mr.Brody the 8th grade world geography teacher. He made school really fun. Garside is a good school not ghetto at all i enjoyed my 3 years. at that school. They just need to lighten up on the dress code.
10/27/2007studentI am a student at Garside, and I have just started at seventh grade here, and I am loving it so far. I have very excellent teachers, a very good principal, and an overall great school experience. I have not experienced anything yet that would tell me that this is a bad school. It is a very, very good school, and I, personally, would not have it any other way.
10/11/2007studentI am also a student at garside. I enjoy it for the most part. I don't agree with out new lockers. Other than that, Garside is pretty good. We have great faculty, and marvoulous teachers. Thanks =)
6/10/2007otherGreat School.....Great Teachers
4/25/2007studentI am a student who goes to garside. I think its a great school. The teachers are great and are nice. Sometimes the staff is overly disciplining. They are great though. I love garside :]
4/2/2005studentI am a student at Garside. I want to say that it is not what I expected. They lost important paperwork, they throw people into classes that they didn't want, they have kids trek around the entire campus next to a busy street, they do not inform teachers of our new dress attire that much (they dont't get descriptive with the attire towards teachers), they have a low budget for teachers (my teacher ran out of paper so I couldn't take a test, which put a 0 in her grade book), and they only have 2 deans, 2 campus moniters, and a school cop for safety among student (290 students for each person) to stop fights. However, they do have good teachers there. I have encountered several good teachers that have taught me a lot. But, that is it.
2/19/2005parentI know it would be hard to be a teacher. I have 4 6th graders going to garside. My triplets are good students, but i have a nephew that lives with me that gets in a little trouble occassionly. I can only hope that before the child gets suspended for something another child might accuse them of that there will be a total investigation.You might hear one side of the story and bam that childs parent is called and can not come back to school for a few days. I hope that before it comes to that the dean would investigate the problem first to see if there is infact a true problem. Thanks trish.
9/30/2004former studentI am a former Garside Middle School student, I went there all three years, and now currently attend Bonanza High. Garside is a pretty good school, there are a lot of rumors about the school not being a very good one, but that's not true. I don't think that it is the best it 'could' be, but it's not a bad school at all. Don't hesitate in sending a student to Garside, it's a pretty safe environment, and the teachers by far are really great. Most of them will be willing to stay after school and help out a needy student. Last year most of the teachers were extremely forthcoming with the students, but one of them has left this year- Mr. Slocum. One thing I can garantee is this: Students will enjoy a great experience in 8th grade with Mrs. Bautista, and in 7th grade with Mr. Bautista. (Both Math Teachers.)
8/21/2004parentI have a 13 year old daughter that attends Garside and I feel that the school is getting a bad rap from many who have commented on it. The staff can only do so much as far as teaching the studets. They sometimes don't have much to work with when the parents don't do their job of dicipline at home. My daughter hasn't had any problems thus far because she knows what I expect from her. There are clear limits for what I find acceptable,and she knows this. It starts with dicipline at home. This will lead to a better school. You can blame the schools but lack of parenting and dicipline at home is the root of the problem.
6/5/2004parentThe majority of the teachers at this school I truely do believe care in the quality of education they are teaching. There are a few though that I question. I've had three children attend this school, this last year has been the worst. With all of the new teachers this year the quality of education has dramacticlly dropped. I have one more child to attend junior high and have opted to send him to a different junior high because of the poor quality of education.
5/16/2004parentI have had actual feelings of dread when I drop off my children. I have never had a positive interaction with the support staff. On a good note, they have a new principal. The last one was just terrible. The immediate surrounding neighborhood is bad and the children's appearance overall, reflects it and it is ashame that living 2 miles away, still requires my children to attend this prison like facility. If your children can avoid attending, for their sake, avoid it!
4/13/2004former studentThis school is in a great environment, and is ideal for all students enrolled.
9/1/2003parentMy over all dealings with the administrative staff have been less than cordial. It was more like dealing with the staff of a detention facility. Garside considers a 'D average' as passing, it would appear. Then, when your child gets out of school, they are at the immediate mercy of the school bullies, which the staff seems blissfully unaware of. On a positive note, there ARE some good teachers here, if few and far between.

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