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Hyde Park Middle School
900 Hinson St
Las Vegas, NV 89107
(702) 799-4260
public | 6-8
County: Clark


  Class SizeGradeYear
29 2005
  School Head OfficialYear
James Kuzma2008
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
7/2/2012otherHyde Park is a really wonderful school. The only bad thing about it is the non-magnet students and teachers who don't put effort. Trust me, every teacher does their job, but some just don't give enough information. I am in the magnet, and if you're in 6th grade, you better pay attention and have only A's in math and science. The 6th grade teachers are the ones who determine whether you go to Pre-Algebra or Algebra in 7th grade. Unfortunately, I had one B in math and went into Pre-Algebra. If my math teacher advised me this determines what classes you go to, I would have stepped up and had an A. The people who have Pre-Algebra in 7th grade go into Algebra in 8th. But since the 7th graders already took those classes, they go into geometry (I'm not quite sure what science they go to). Other than that, the teachers are great!
5/12/2012otherI am currently a 7th grader at Hyde Park. THis is seriously a good school. Teachers will teach you what is necessary if you put effort into learning. There's alot of clubs here at this school like Rubix cube club, Chess, Science olympics, dance, basketball, soccer, track, archery, art, drama, band, choir, orchestra etc.. i am in junior varsity band and the band teacher Mr. Tyler is a really great iinstructor. he'll be strict with you but its because he expects good things from you. teachers arent mean at all unless you make them be mean. all teachers are friendly. the dress code isnt much . just make sure you wear appropriate clothes. theres rarely any bullying. everybody is friendlythese past 2 years ive really enjoyed it especially this one. ive had alot of memories with my friends that i dont want to let go of. i do reccomend this school to anyone who wants a good education.
2/9/2012otherI use to went Hyde Park last year, even though i'm in high school right now. All the teacher are cool and nice hang out with. I've learn a lot from my middle school year. I use to be in the band program, and was the best. Mr.Tyler teach us very well, very funny, and fun. Excellent teacher and best band teacher ever have. There was a lot of memory with my friends and teachers. I'm wasn't in the magnet program but, still awesome school. If you want to put your child in the magnet program, it great program to be in, and make sure to be in band then orchestra, because were losing a lot of band member and increasing the orchestra member so, please put your child in the band program. BEST MIDDLE SCHOOL EVER!!!!!
12/21/2011parentHPMS has it's pros and cons. Pros: magnet program,music program includes band and orchestra and choir, 6th grade English, 7th grade history,8th grade geography . Cons: if your child does not test and get placed in the top math and science classes, you do not have the consistency in teaching. My child had the worst math and science teachers in 6th grade and has the flakiest 8th grade English teacher currently. Since the economy tanked, the moral has shifted in the staff. Their claim for explaining things is that they do not want to "spoon feed" the students and do not want to discuss assignments in great detail. Class organization varies from edmodo to my ccsd to scoolnotes and those sites are not updated regularly to help students manage study time. If your child does not follow verbal directions well, this is not the school for them. There is a large portion of minorities who say discriminating comments to others to "test" beliefs such as are you a racist or do you belong to the KKK? Prepare your child for the social roller coaster that takes place at lunch and in the classes. Some teachers are afraid to discipline, but not all of them. Enter at your own risk.
12/15/2011otherThis school is probably one of the best schools in the state of Nevada. They also have some of the best teachers. For example, one of the teachers was elected for the best teacher in the world and shook the president's hand. Only 100 teachers were chosen out of the whole world. I also recommend the school's orchestra program. They have beat numerous middle and high schools in competitions. If you or your child live in Las Vegas and you don't know where to go, choose Hyde Park Middle School.
8/25/2011otherlook hyde park is like any other school you just got to dig into all the stereotype. Me being a 8th grader should know this. you still got your bullies and your "girls with a lot of friends with benefits" its just most kids are to into work to actually socialize. which i see as a bad thing. being able to deal with bullies and making right choices is what counts the most. not doing your homework. im not saying to not do your homework just get your head out of all the stereotypes of hyde park.
4/9/2011parentThis is the 2nd year my daughter has been in the magnet program. It is a great school. There can be a lot of homework and yes, the teachers do seem to hand out projects at the same time. If your child is considering this school, they must be prepared to work. But it is well worth it. I have 3 older children and know this is the time your child can get on the wrong path and make bad choices. This school keeps your child busy and your child will become more independent & confident in themselves. The orchestra program is outstanding. Yes, the school is old. But its just a building. It's what goes on inside the building that counts. I work for LVMPD and will tell you there are very few incidents that occur at this school compared to other schools. I don't think the magnet kids are "snobby" as others have said. I believe they take more pride in themselves and don't fool around or act up as much as most kids not in the magnet program. My daughter is in 7th grade and already thinking of which colleges to attend and which type of scholarship she'll decide to us to get there! lol
3/17/2011parentMy daughter attends this school and it is a great improvement over the previous public school she attended. She is in the magnet section and has very good, challenging teachers. The orchestra teacher is way above and beyond her previous teacher and her orchestra competes with high schools. Don't believe any bad reviews listed. Trust the positive reviews! Signed, happy parent (with doctorate in education).
3/17/2011otherI am an eighth grader at Hyde Park and I absolutely LOVE it! I love my math class- I'm in Geometry, and love it, and I am always able to be challenged, unlike in my elementary school. I am in advanced orchestra, and last year, my class won best orchestra in the west coast (including high schools). It is older and kind of dirty sometimes, but not horrible. We have a lot of school spirit, and the teachers are absolutely AMAZING! They are really nice, and I haven't had a teacher I dislike. They are fantastic. I have taken all accelerated classes, plus I'm two years ahead in math and taking beginning Physics/Chemistry, and I still have a 4.0 GPA. There is a lot of homework, but if you are a dedicated student you'll be fine. I will really really miss it next year- trust me, this school is amazing!
7/30/2010otherThe teachers and staff at HPMS are very good. They encourage you to do your best and every assignment challenges you. The kids in the magnet program are very nice and smart but the neighborhood kids have ruined the reputation of the school. The band program is amazing and Mr.Tyler is awesome. I am going to be a 8th grader this year and I will miss this school very much. Go PANTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!
4/11/2010studentthis school is ok. i've been here for 2 years and so far i know is that the the school is filthy and no one cleans the bathrooms which leaves waste everywhere. the classes are usually very boring and some of the teachers are very mean like insulting students and some teachers often yell.
3/25/2010studentI'm a 7th grader and I think this school is great for anyone who wants a good education and loves to learn. so far i've been in choir, band, PE, and guitar. It's all so fun and next year im going to be so sad to leave but it just shows that i've learned what i needed to. So have fun c u l8r!!!!!!
1/2/2010studentThis school is way better than most public schools, the curriculum is very good and so are their teachers. Other public schools i have been to have poor curriculum. But since hpms is a magnet school, it has the curriculum of a private school. I went to Challenger since preschool [private school] , it was about 2 years ahead , but the kids had no fun. Then i changed to a public school, then to hyde park. Which was like going to high school, fun and educational.
12/28/2009studentHyde Park, what can I say? This middle school changed my life & gave me the opportunity to do my best. It was hard but in the end, it was all worth it. Through Hyde Park, I learned many things that have helped me succeed in life & the students there are all, for the most part, very welcoming & fun to hang out with. The teachers are great! They're always willing to help you with any questions. And if you like playing an instrument or singing, the music groups at Hyde Park are some of the best, in all aspects. My experience with the orchestra at Hyde Park was one of a kind, traveling to other places in the U.S. & the world, competing, & just playing for fun. So, if you're looking for a middle to go to, consider Hyde Park. -9th grader at Phillips Exeter Academy
12/19/2009studentI'm a 7th grader at hyde park and i'm in choir! I think it is a great school and most the teachers give you little homework which is good sometimes. The teachers and all the staff cares about you. They even have great electives! * Lets give it up for the Panthers*
10/29/2009studentI'm a 6th grader at Hyde Park and this school is absolutely, positively wonderful. The teachers explain everything quite well, but the homework does get a little heavy sometimes. As long as you can deal with it, though, it's not really all that stressful. I'm in Orchestra, and... well.. I'm really, really enjoying it. Special thanks to my math and reading teachers, and especially Mr. W. Looking forward to a great rest of the year at Hyde Park... Go Hyde Park Panthers!
10/23/2009parentBoth my children go to this school. It has been a great school that keeps kids focused.
10/21/2009studentWell, I'm a seventh grader at HPMS and I absolutely love it. The programs they have are one of the best in the country (orchestra, band, etc.) and all the teachers are really good at teaching. The teachers are not only good at teaching, but they're fair to every student and extremely nice. Although, many people complain about how the teachers are mean, blah blah blah, I have to disagree with you because they're just strict (there's a difference). And many kids complain about the work overload. I think that if you can't handle the projects, maybe you're not ready for the magnet program yet. Or it will just take you another quarter to get used to the work. Don't forget to join clubs like Science Olympiad, NJHS, etc.
9/16/2009otherThis schol concentrates on bringing out the best in each student. The reflection is seen especially in their music department.
8/18/2009parentThe school is very good and clean. People just don't like it because some kids are not in the magnet program so they are not accelerateed.
8/13/2009parentMy daughter went to Hyde Park for 3 years and now she is ready for High School. Special thanks to Mr. W in Orchestra, Mr Lavelle good luck in Africa, Ms. Thompson. Good luck next year.
8/9/2009studentI'm a sixth grader and I love it at hyde park. It isn't the best school of all time, but the teacher know how to make everyone feel just as important everyone else. Before when I when to a regular public school I would pass tests and assignments so easily that sometime I didn't try at at, but at hpms in the magnet program it challenges me and I try new things everyday. : )
8/3/2009studentI'm an eighth grader at this school and it is truly the most amazing school I have ever been to. The choir, band, and orchestra are some of the best in the state! At competitions, we are known to win the Sweepstakes awards, if not many awards. The Orchestras compete with high schools, the bands go to many states, and the choirs are great too. The math and science are very challenging, but at most times easy to comprehend. There's a lot of homework but it's worth it! I recomend it to anyone who wants an awesome school!
6/21/2009studenti'm 7th and going 8th this year and i love this school except for the math courses.
4/19/2009studentI'm a 7th grader at Hyde Park this year, and I'd have to say that this school is amazing. Teachers are wonderful, and they try to challenge you as much as possible. Our band, choir, and orchestra are some of the best in the district and travel all over the nation to compete. Hyde Park gives you a great opportunity to try new things, and I'm sure everyone will love it there.
3/29/2009studenti'm an 8th grader here and this school is truly amazing. the teachers here are really great.but at some times they overload us with homework making us stay till 1 a.m working on it. also the teachers seem to give us all projects at the same time. mr.kuzma is a great principal. he interacts with all the students and it doesnt feel weird when you talk with him. some deans are really harsh while others are great. the choir,band, and orchestra are amazing! the choir was able to go to carnegie hall this year and last year they recieved 2cd place(they lost by a half of a point to a high school!). they orchestra got to london and went to chicago. the band got to go to hawaii and could have gone to mexico but couldnt due to the war going on there. all in all i really recommend this
3/25/2009studentI'm a seventh grader at Hyde Park and so far I'm loving it ! My principl, Mr. Kuzma, is very determined to help us students succeed in school . Along with all the other teachers who support each and everyone of the students at Hyde Park . We learn in the funnest ways, with the best tools and best resources . Hyde Park is truly the best school in Clark County Nevada !
3/17/2009studentI am currently an 8th grader at hyde park middle school and would recommend it to anyone and everyone. Here they teach you everyhting you need to know and more. The opertunities that students here in hyde park middle school are endless. However, hyde park does have a worst side to it. The teachers are great, but i think that it gets to their head that we are smarter, and give us more homework than the usual, at times an excessive amount that will sometimes keep me (and many others as well) up until 12:00 am. This is of course counting the collective homework from the 4 core classes - math, science, english, and for 8th graders geography. Other than that, hyde park was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Go Hyde Park Panthers!!!
12/12/2008studentIm a student at hyde park middle school, im sure all of you heard this: 'Hyde park is great!' 'The teachers are wonderful!' 'They have such good programs that prepare our children for high school and college!' sure sure thats our stereotype at hyde park is. As an 8th grader I've been here since 6th grade, learning to growing up in this school made me learn a lot about life. The students can be mean even in the magnet program, most of the teachers are strict and expect so much of us. The best students here do not socialize and basically keep to themselves, some students cheat and break the rules and do not get caught. Don't be fooled, but if you protect yourself and do your work you'll be fine in this nightmare
10/24/2008studentThis school is amazing! Love it.
9/7/2008studentthe teachers there are great and the principal interacts with the students.
8/25/2008studentI'm a brand new 6th grade magnet student and I find this school to be a very nice place. The teachers helped us locate our new classrooms. The teachers also told us the essential things we need for their classes.
5/28/2008parentI am a 6th grade magnet student at Hyde Park Middle School Academy of Math and Science. The teachers are excellent. They can teach you so much in your time at Hyde Park. The academy of math and science program is very well taught. We have advanced English and reading classes which are challenging and you can learn a lot from them. Our band teacher, Mr. Tyler, has led our school to victory in competitions with our Symphonic Band, Varsity I Band, and Varsity II Band. The beginning band students also learn a lot and work hard. The staff will do anything to keep us safe. The teachers have taught me so much in my first year in middle school. I have realized that I have learned a lot more at this school than the middle school I was zoned for. I would recommend this school to anyone entering middle school.
5/23/2008parentHPMS Academy of Math and Science is superior in education and teachers and staff. Unbelievable things happen there and will continue to happen their because of dedication and passion for learning and teaching.
5/12/2008studentIf you are interested in learning in depth science and math material, Hyde Park Middle School is a wonderful place to go to. We have an award-winning orchestra, band, and choir program, for those who are interested in electives. In fact, our top orchestra went to London, England during spring break, and our top band just got back from Hawaii! To be in the math and science program, you must apply and be accepted, but it is well worth it. Every spring, we have about 3,000 applicants, which says a lot about our school. Celebrating its 50th anniversary next year, Hyde Park Middle School is a great place to go for academic achievements
5/10/2008parentHyde Park is a great school. At first I was worried about the location. And the surrounding neighborhood just seemed a bit scary. But now it doesnt matter. The school is great and the magnet program isnt bad!
5/4/2008studentThis school is AWESOME. The kids are nice. The teachers are nice. Everyone is on task, this school could take you FAR in your future. This has been such a great school for me, and i am glad i came here.
4/24/2008parentI will admit, at first I was nervous about the school because of its age and the location, but the magnet program was more than enticing. Now that my daughter has settled into the Academy, I know I made the right decision. Besides mastery of academics, the diversity of the school population encourages free and independent thinking, and I have never seen and administration and principal more dedicated to its student body. The orchestra program is top notch and Mr. Woolstenhulme is the driving force behind it. I would highly recommend this school to any parent deciding on the magnet program. It is well worth all the sacrifice.
3/30/2008parentOur daughter is in the 8th grade at Hyde Park. Her experience in the Science and Math Academy has been outstanding. The staff and other students she has associated with are excellent. She has had a number of opportunities to excel and participate in extracurricular events. She is very prepared for high school and college as she has had to develop good study habits at an early age. Opting to go to Hyde Park was one of the best decisions she has made. It is an older school in an older neighborhood, but we have found that there have been less problems at the school than the school she was zoned for in a nice neighborhood. We have nothing but great comments to make about the entire experience and staff. Can't wait until our next child has the opportunity to attend this school. It's the best MS in Las Vegas.
3/26/2008parentThis could be a personal experiance or simply a widespread problem. My daughter has attented Hyde for 6th and 7th grade. Slowly I have watched her progress into this unknown person. I have seen the people she chooses to be around, and they are at best, not the right kind of crowd. My daughter is failing math, and refuses to switch out to an easier or class or simply pay attention because 'thats where her friends are' she should have been put on probation but was never placed on such of a thing. Which makes me wonder what is going on there at the front office. I hear my daughter openly brag about ditching school and heading to the meadows mall. Just a fair warning to any parents, do not be fooled into thinking that a magnet school is a safe better learning community.
2/8/2008student I am in the magnet program, and i think it is the best magnet in the state. It has the highest test scores on the distric, but the school's grade is the third best in the state, because of the local kids. The kids in the magnet are mostly smart, and the teachers are ok.
1/30/2008studentI'm a sixth grader here in Hyde Park Middle School, and I've got to say that I've learned way more here than I ever would've at my zoned middle school. They teach very advanced pre-algebra, advanced english and reading, and we learn life science. It's very fun and yet very challenging so you will never get boed. And I'm sure that you'll just love the teachers
1/19/2008studentI absolutely LOVE this school. I like how the system is set up. It is just an absolutely amazing school. It teaches you so much!
1/12/2008studentI am a magnet 7th grader at Hyde Park Middle School, My schedule is: 0 Period: Expo Robotics 1st Period: History 2nd Period: Language Arts 3- 4a: Algebra Math Lunch 4a-5: Earth Science 6th Period: Syphonic Band I have a couple of complaints, but except for that I love this school. My complaints: (New) Dean could lighten up on the kids. curly haired dean The school could use a renovation And kids are starting to feel stupid they compare themselfs to Algebra 1 honors and think that they are the most stupidest kids in school! They should also have an elective like, homework help because some people can't stay after school!
11/16/2007studentIt's a great school full of productive teachers, but some of the many teachers hand out projects each and every day. So many people are on probation due to the lack of time students have to complete the project. Plus, they don't offer many interesting courses except maybe Chinese and Current Events. Furthermore, the halls are disgusting.
11/2/2007parentI loved this school! It really prepared my child for college.
8/9/2007parentThis school is terrific! The teachers are good and my child is well teached for high school.
2/27/2007parentMy child is in the 6th grade at Hyde Park in the magnet program. The teachers are good and the curriculum is fairly challenging in math and science, though they do tend to rush through science. The English grammar taught is way below grade level, however their english reading class is fabulous and they cover a lot of styles of writing, composition etc. My main concern is that there is absolutely no history or geography taught in the 6th grade whatsoever. Later in middle school they will be taught U.S and Nevada history, but no world history which is so essential to establish a global viewpoint. The math class, orchestra, and computer class are excellent. Each grade is divided into teams but some classes are more concious about their grades and performance than others. Overall, my child is happy at this school and doing very well.
2/19/2007studentI am in 6th grade @ HPMS, and it's ok. The teachers aren't that good, and the hall monitors are mean. The school is in a bad neighborhood with crime and the students don't really care about their grades. The 6th grade counselor is never there, and it takes at least 1 week for her to reply to students' issues. The students that have grades lower than a B are supposed to be put on 'probation' which means that you have an amount of days to get their grades back to at least a B. Students aren't put on probation, and that's a problem.
5/14/2006studentHyde park is one of the best school ever, they don't only have great teachers, but they have a great program too
5/30/2005parentHyde Park is everything a Magnet School is supposed to be. Hyde Park is a Math and Science Magnet School. Children in the Magnet program receive an additional hour of instruction in the themed subjects. Hyde Park is located in an old neighborhood that appears low income. If you check the schools accountability report you will find that it isn't just the magnet school students who are benefiting from the magnet program. All the students do well under this highly trained staff. If you sort the middle schools here at greatschools.org by any test score category you will find Hyde Park in the top 5 in the County every time. There is a pride among the students and parents who attend that attracted me as a parent. The Orchestra is especially incredible! There is an online system to be in contact with all teachers. Curriculum is very challenging!

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