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William V Wright Elementary School
8425 Bob Fisk Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89178
(702) 799-5701
public | PK-5
County: Clark


  School Head OfficialYear
Betty Roqueni2008
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
8/7/2012parentI have to say that I am so happy to be out of this school. I have had to keep quiet the past few years out of fear of retribution. The past two years have been the WORST ever. The only good thing about this school is if you are lucky enough get one the outstanding teachers they have. But it is becoming harder and harder to get one because they are slowly packing their bags for greener pastures. The problems at this school all stem from the top. I personally know that many parents have expressed concerns with the sanitation of the school and it never has, and probably never will be addressed. What a filthy place for our children to have to spend their day. Dirty lunch tables and floors, no toilet paper or hand towels in the bathrooms, walls are never cleaned, the list goes on and on. The overcrowding at this school needs to be addressed but hasn't for the past three years. And finally the traffic. Absolutely nothing has stuck in any efforts to improve the traffic around the school. My children and I are looking forward to another school year , NOT at this school.
8/5/2012parentMy daughter started attending this school 2011/2012. She absolutely loved it! The teacher she had was wonderful. Its amazing what one year of schooling can do. We were fully updated by voicemails from the principal and letters sent home of upcoming events and news. The only complaint I can come up with is the traffic situation. However I believe it's more the drivers faults than the school when it comes to the danger of our children. We are looking forward to another fabulous school year!
2/26/2012parentWright Elementary has been a big disappointment because of the lack of communication and concern from teachers and principle. The traffic picking up kids is absolutely horrible and doesn't seem like any changes will be made regardless of one of the students was hit by a car last month.
10/19/2011parentI feel this is by far the WORST school in CCSD! No communication from teachers, rude teachers, a traffic mess, NO ORGANIZATION. I'm just counting the days to get my kid out of this school. And the PTA...they think they run the school, they demand the students to sell a required amount..granted I know the schools need money but as a parent whom is struggling (in the economy with no job) I can not purchase everything they send home. And where does the money go??It seems the parents are asked to supply the school from the most basics (copy paper) to everything. My son came from a school that was the best school to this mess. How can one school be so good and another be so bad???
9/8/2011parentGoing into our fourth year here...I can see they are trying to make improvements with the traffic and safety issue, however with the amount of kids here, it may be a losing battle. My child will never walk to or from this school because it is simply not safe. And it's not only the school's fault...it's more about rude and unsafe drivers at drop off & pick up. The teachers are great. Mrs. Lane has been our favorite so far. She gives the kids a great foundation, we hope to get her again with our second child!
8/23/2010parentWilliam Wright is a great school with great administration and staff and a great PTA. It is very unfortunate that parents do not want to get involved in their childs' education. PTA has only a minimum number of members and volunteers helping out. I personally receive a phone call or an email from PTA Board to help out when there is an event, so I will have to disagree with the comment about not getting phone calls!!! Everyone likes to gripe and get upset. Instead, GET INVOLVED!!!! I helped out during fall festival and a couple of dances they sponsored, and the ladies were great. Very nice, and helpful. My children have gone there since the school opened 4 years ago.
4/24/2010parentThe teachers are magnificent; they go above and beyond and teach each child as an individual to insure their education experience fits their needs to strive for success.
2/9/2010parentI'm going to have to ditto everything in the previous post. My daughter has been at Wright since it opened-4 yrs ago. We've been very fortunate to get the teachers we've wanted every year, and these fabulous teachers carry the school. I'm pleased with the Honor's Choir, Chess Team, and GATE program...all of which my daughter participates in and are quality programs. On the other hand, student safety is in jeapordy everyday, as there are no crossing guards, the kids play chicken with traffic. The PTA has had my name for 4 years now and has not contacted me once, so instead I volunteer independently through my child's classroom teacher. Another con is that track 5 kindergarten is full day only-$300 a month. So, if you have an older child on track 5 and one entering school, you'll have to plan on them being on different tracks-or pay $300/mo.
2/8/2010parentBeen here for 2 years now. The good: 1.We have had 2 really good teachers...if we hadn't have been lucky enough to get these teachers, we would have put our child in private scool already. 2.The extracurricular events are fun, although I'm not sure what the turn out will be now that the school doesn't send home a monthly newsletter. The bad: 1.Traffic. I've seen many close calls with the kids in the street and fear for thier safety. No sidewalks, no crossing guards, and a no parking zone all around the school. 2.The PTA. Yes, same group of ladies because they do not want any help. I've been a member 2 years and the only time they ever called me was to help with the fall fest, and they were rude to me when I helped with a booth! Outdated website, no meeting info, I tried to help. We'll see...
6/29/2009parentMy child has attended this school now for 2 years and the teachers have been wonderful! In fact they have actually been quite demanding in the way they challenge the kids to do better! The principal isnt the best but she means well. She really does care about the kids genuinely! The PTA is wonderful, they are very involved and the school offers a lot of great extra curricular classes too like spanish, dance, art, drama, etc! Unfortunately the schools hands are tied when it comes to traffic directions and crossing guards since the county controls that and no one will bother to volunteer to be a crossing guard! The PTA has been the same 7 ladies for 3 yrs now also because other parents will not get involved. The parents will complain constantly but they will not bother to help out when push comes to shove.
7/27/2008parentCommunications, in general, is very poor. Little interaction, from what we can tell, among teachers, parents, and the administration.
6/9/2008parentSince this school opened up my child has attended. She is a very bright kid. This school from its front office staff (who are very rude) to the way bullies and how teacher react to the children and parents is poor.. This school is way over crowed and the teachers that are not native nevadians ( which is most) are recent transplants and really are thrown in to the class's with little training or help. I have been lucky with the teachers but it is concerning the lack of communication there is with the parents on test dates, pta. I have made the choice to put my younger kids in private for there own safety and education. Clark County needs to get on the ball. From Childrens safty with crosing roads, to how parnets drive around the school and put more students in classrooms that English is the primary language.
10/26/2007parentI have had two children at this school since it opened. The teachers are wonderful. Space is limited short sighted on the districts side. But all in all a great school. Moved to this part of town for the better schools.

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