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Mellon Middle School - Pittsburgh, PA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Mellon Middle School11 Castle Shannon Blvd
Pittsburgh, PA 15228
(412) 344-21226-8AlleghenypublicMount Lebanon School District

School Head OfficialYear
Mr Brian McFeeley2009

Students Getting Free LunchYear

2/8/2012parentBullying? Rich versus Poor? This is a very diverse neighborhood and a well-rounded group of kids. Most of the families in this area are middle-class. I give you that incidents happen, and as a parent with children in this school, I apologize if this happened to your child. But to categorize an entire school - and school district - in this manner is unfair. Mount Lebanon is one of the most diverse communities - with rich and poor, conservative and liberal, professional and blue-collar. We may lack diversity but I've seen that change in a major way between my oldest and youngest - so we are headed in the right direction. I myself had a child with severe emotional and behavioral problems complete this middle school (and eventually graduate high school) and I can't thank the teachers and principals enough for their caring, one on one attention to her. They stepped in beyond what I would ever expect! And my perspective is from out of the area. I moved here from a poor, rural area. The opportunities my children have here are tremendous compared to my hometown.
1/2/2012parentBullying? This is about as mild a middle school environment as you can get on this earth; while even middle class kids are not always nice to each other, I challenge you to find a nicer place to send your kids to school, or a better public education. Mt. Lebanon in general is a bit smug, but it also frankly has some justification for it; how many places can your kids walk nearly everywhere, by themselves, as school-age children?
10/26/2011otherthere is a bully issue with this school and its not a very welcoming school if your new to the area, most of the girls are in cliques and do not include others who are not on their same economic status. I have seen one girl get beat up by kids too large to attend there, kind of big for middle school but knew they went there, i even seen a teacher look and then look away really fast. There are two types of students here, those who are from rich families and those from barely surviving...and little in between, I feel sorry for any working class kid that has to attend here, I seen first hand what goes on and its appalling to me.
5/20/2011parentGreat school district. Mt. Lebanon is among the few to actually have a researched based reading program that has been proven to work. The principal Dr. Bridget Watson is very knowledgeable. She as well as the teachers are highly qualified, caring and make this school top notch!
9/11/2010parent Limited educational opportunities for children in life skills. Lacking in creative ways to involve special education students. Teachers do not go out of their way to involve life skills studetns
3/22/2006parentThe curriculum is challenging. Nine out of 10 teachers are highly qualified. Opportunities for music, art and sports activities exist. Not enough extracurricular activities for boys who are non-athletic. Art activities are usually attended by girls. Parents are very involved. This is not a good school (the whole school district) is not very effective in supporting special ed students.

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