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John J Pershing Elementary School
5715 Meaders Ln
Dallas, TX 75230
(972) 794-8600
public | PK-5
County: Dallas


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10/7/2010parentPershing has a new principal. She is starting her third year. She has made an amazing improvement in the school. Both the staff and the parents respect her very much. The environment is always positive and the kids are excelling both in grades and in outside activities. You could not pay for a better education.
7/30/2007parentI've had one child or the other at Pershing for 11 years and am looking forward to our last year there with our fifth grader. We love Pershing and have never regretted our decision to forego a private school education in favor of our terrific neighborhood public schools.
7/30/2006parentThe after school program is fabulous. I think there are way to many worksheets and teaching to the Taks but you can hardly fault the teachers for that.
2/9/2006staffGreat school. Very happy with the administration and teaching staff. TAKS scores have a ways to go, but school is definitely working toward progress. I am pleased to be a member of this staff.
1/18/2006parentThis school is great. The administration is wonderful.
1/10/2006parentAnyone who passes up the chance to consider Pershing is missing an incredible experience. Pershing (which is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year) is a safe, happy, and academically challenging school. Some of the teachers have been at Pershing for over 30 years, and the Principal, Larry Hines, is an enthusiastic, well-regarded leader. My children enjoy the Talented and Gifted Program, chess club, art club, concert choir, as well as their academic subjects. We feel extraordinarily lucky that Pershing is our neighborhood school.
6/24/2005parentThis school was excellent. We moved to Texas from Louisiana and this school was far better. The teacher and school staff was so supportive
6/22/2005parentExcellent! Great support amongst staff. Administration always top-notch.
5/27/2005former studentHow sad that this school has gone so far downhill! There is a steady stream of memos going out about everything from safety to how to correctly post grades.
4/12/2005staffAs a teacher, I have been nothing but happy with the current administration. Pershing is fortunate to have such incredible leaders, and all the staff love and care for these children. A strong PTA helps, too. Pershing is a great place to send your children, and a great place to work.
12/29/2004parentOur experience at Pershing just keeps getting better and better. This is due in part to an active and interested principal and vice principal, strong teachers, and involved parents. Our child has been here 3 years and we have another starting kindergarten next year. We are excited because we see strong leadership, teachers and parents all working toward the common goal of educating our children. I have nothing but praise for the music, art and TAG programs at Pershing. The open door policy permits problems to be dealt with quickly and decisively.
12/14/2004parentWe are in our 3rd year at Pershing and are having a wonderful learning experience! We have new leadership at Pershing who are experienced, enthusiastic, committed and well-respected by the students, staff, and parents. Everybody is is working closely together to make this an awesome neighborhood school by providing a incredible educational opportunity for the students. There is no other school we'd rather have our children!
12/2/2004parentPershing's new principal and assistant principal are doing a fabulous job and making changes that will take this school to the highest levels. Parents and teachers are respected and their input is actively solicited and acted upon. Students and parents hear over and over again 'We're glad you're here!' My child is getting an excellent education in a great environment. The entire staff at this school is now focused on helping students excel. The problems referenced in other comments are definitely behind Pershing and it is moving in a very positive direction. With this leadership, I can't think of another school that can compare, whether public or private.
5/6/2004parentTeacher seems too preoccupied to enlighten their school principal instead of putting focus on the students. Teachers have a very poor communication with parents. When they do communicate just negativity and days or weeks after the incident.
3/18/2004otherI am a former employee of Pershing who experienced my first year with the commencement of Marcel Archer's leadership. In my ten-year tenure in education, I have not endured the strain of observing a principal who erodes the character of every staff member with intention. She looks for the negative in others and finds pride in the achievement of her school.....specifically when all credit is placed in her palm. Kudos are not allowed to be directed to anyone else. The mission at Pershing is not inclusive of the achievement of students, but of the positive recognition of a principal who delights in the weaknesses of others. Heed the warning parents! Positive purpose, negative leader......
12/10/2003parentthis school has really helped my sons. they have really improved their writing skills, speech and whole being. the parents are very involved at this school and my children could not have been at a better place this year
11/18/2003parentWe have been at the school for 5 years and have seen a lot of changes. I can look back now and admit positive ones. Yes, the school has had high teacher turnover the last couple of years, but from my perspective some of these teachers had gotten too comfortable and lost some of their enthusiasm. The school has many extremely dedicated teachers that have been with Pershing many years but still bring enthusiam and innovation to their classroom each day, plus a genuine love of teaching. The same is true of the school librarian, art teacher and computer science teachers. The sixth grade team of teachers is incredibile. My child will be prepared for whatever middle school we choose. Looking back, I believe our choice of Pershing was one the right one, and one we would make again.
9/11/2003parentAs President of the PTA at Pershing Elementary, I would like to invite any parent interested in attending Pershing to come visit our fine school. Lets check out some facts about Pershing that are a matter of public record. The 2002/03 TAKS rank placed Pershing 8,8, and 9 respectively in Math, Reading and Writing. This is an incredible leap for a school that was ranked next to last in TAAS Performance (which is a considerably weaker testing standard) in the previous year. Additionally, the 3rd grade at Pershing was only one of three schools in DISD that tested 100% in the TAKS reading score. Pershing teachers were sent to help tutor other schools to improve their reading skills. We have also had the good fortune to bring in 36 new teachers to our school that has helped raise the level of teaching in the classroom and given all parents a higher expectation for student academic achievement. Additionally, every teacher at Pershing has completed Technology Training and is now certified Technology Proficient. Our Principal, Marcel Archer was nominated for Principal of the Year in Area 7 and has been the driving force behind the academic resurgence of the school. The Beck Group has been named a Corporate Partner at Pershing for the next 5 years and we have set a goal of T4-04 (Top 4 school in 2004). This association will provide Beck executive interface with our school in areas ranging from E-Pal tutoring to on-site technology. We were also one of 25 schools, which will participate in a $20 million tutoring grant. This 5-year grant will also provide an after school program which will be open to every child at no cost and include classes ranging from Piano to Gymnastics. We are in the second year, EN2 of our 3-year program to become an Exemplary status school and continue to work hard in all areas to achieve that goal. My home number is available in the office and stop by anytime to give me a call and schedule a personal tour. Be a part of something great, be a part of Pershing.
8/12/2003parentI must commend the parent(May 2003)for the bravery exhibited in this individual's completely honest and factual account of the current situation at this school. I believe the comments made are highly valuable, especially due to years of prior experience with two other children who are now alumnis of the school. As I read this parent's comments, I immediately connected with what was being said, as those experiences are exactly the same as my own. It has been my experience that the astronomical turnover of 58 teachers over the past 3 years is a worthy cause for concern despite other views as previously mentioned.
7/24/2003parentOur family made an informed choice to attend Pershing after much comparison and research into both private schools and other public schools that feed in to Hilcrest High School. We have been thrilled with the quality education our children are receiving at Pershing. Also, there is no more committed principal than Pershing's principal. In fact, after only her second year at Pershing, she was nominated for Principal of the Year district wide. She is leading the charge toward Excellent status for Pershing.
7/24/2003parentJohn J. Pershing Elementary has more than surpassed my and my husband's expectations with public school. We were amazed at our child's progress in kindergarten and her teacher is a wonderful person that I know has set an excellent foundation for my daughter's learning. We were very impressed with the different activities available for the children after school, the safety measures that the principal and teachers have taught the children, and we feel very comfortable sending her to Pershing. My daughter has always been raised in a very diversified environment that mirrors the 'real world' and while she is at Pershing I know she will continue to learn and grow to respect and appreciate the differences that each and every individual person possesses. I feel that no matter where a child goes to school, if the parent stays involved with their child's learning, that child is going to grow up learning a lot more than just their ABCs.
7/24/2003parentWow! What a fabulous experience we have had at Pershing! We have been here 4 years and have seen turnover in such a positive light; it makes us thrilled to still be here. Our school ranking has jumped from the bottom to the top 10 in 2 years and this can only be attributed to great leadership and personal drive in the teachers. We are dedicated to the education of our children and we know they are getting that and more at Pershing.
7/24/2003teacher In response to the parent comment (May 2003), teachers do not have low morale by working at Pershing. Low morale occurs only when parents like this one try to tear down our school and principal. Pershing teachers are proud to follow the direction of our new principal and the great reputation that Pershing has always enjoyed is being restored by all of us at Pershing pulling together. Not many people knew that our good reputation was dying over the past 6 years...one of our best kept secrets but now that we have the strong leadership we need to put us back on course, Pershing is shining bright again.
7/24/2003teacher As a 20 plus years of teaching at Pershing I can honestly tell you that I am offended by the negative publicity (May 2003) about our school and Principal. I personally have worked under three Principals at Pershing. The Principal we have today surpasses all Principals of the past.We have had a great reputation for six years and that is all we had because scores were declining for six years prior to the new principal arriving. She has taken our school from number 26 out of 27 to Number 8 in Area 7 in one year. One hundred percent of our faculty have tested and proved by certification their proficency in technology through her leadership. For a parent to attack our school and Principal it is apparent that this parent has not visit our school enough and is listening to misinformation. Isn't it interesting that the high turn over rate at our school instantly raised test scores?Pershing now has a person who supports all teachers equally. It is an honor to be at Pershing under the new leadeship where teachers can teach and feel they are making a difference.
5/28/2003 I have two children that graduated from John J. Pershing and one child attending now. I feel that my older children a wonderful experience there, comparable to the best private schools in Dallas. However, this is not true of the school now. The leadership at this school has decreased drastically over the last 2 years with the selection of a new principal. My daughter tells me on a daily basis how much she hates Pershing. Several teachers left the school in the middle of the year. The teacher turnover rate is high and morale is low. I have another child that will be school age next year, but I will transfer her to another neighborhood public school. This once was a great school. If you are considering Pershing, look at the school now and don't be fooled by it's past great reputation. It's not the same. A lot of the old, great teachers have left and are now replaced by younger, less experienced/educated, teachers. DISD has many wonderful schools, Pershing is just no longer one of them.

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