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School for the Talented and Gifted
1201 E Eighth St.
Dallas, TX 75203
(972) 925-5970
public | 10-12
County: Dallas


  School Head OfficialYear
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/18/2010parentbecause it made me extremely successful.
10/14/2010otherI am an alumna of TAG and very proud of it. TAG was fantastic in preparing me for college and the real world. From the teachers and the courses to the student creativity and intellect pumping through the halls TAG was a truly inspiring place to spend my high school years.
10/14/2010otherGreat school with great staff, and even better students!
10/13/2010parentBest high school, public or private, in Texas and possibly in the country. TAG is diverse, has small classes, and challenges its students while at the same time providing personal attention as necessary to help each student excel. Two of my children attended and have had successful college careers, and my third child began 9th grade in August. All love TAG, as do I.
10/13/2010otherIt gave me a top-notch education that offered excellent preparation for college. The tight-knit environment is excellent as well.
10/13/2010parentTAG has amazing classes with awesome students and dedicated teachers. Any student can talk to pretty much any other student, without fear of any form of descrimination, bullying, or nastiness. Pretty much every AP class can be taken at TAG (with a very high average passing rate), as well as several Dual Credit classes, including Computer Science II (like the old AB test) and Advanced Electronics (a circuit design course). A comparable education is offered at few other schools. In addition, the teachers at TAG work long hours, come early and stay late to tutor students and sponsor clubs, such as Math, Science, Computer Science, Lit Crit, and so on for UIL (as well as other competitions), Robotics, Mock Trial, Destination Imagination, [now] Photogrophy, as well as many other activities-- and they teach the material for classes exceptionally well. The general environment, students, and teachers make TAG an amazing place, and the best school I know of-- in my opinion.
10/13/2010otherThe professors are awesome and dedicated!
10/13/2010otherIt creates a diverse yet close-knit environment for students to learn from their teachers and their peers inside and outside of the classroom.
10/14/2009parentBecause increase the learning of students and prepare them for great challenges also help them to increase their habilities.
9/28/2009parentIncredible school--challenging curriculum, personal attention to student's needs, small school atmosphere within a large campus and large school district. This school meets the needs of student's who are often ignored by large, urban school districts--students who are above average, who want to be challenged academically, students who are bored in a regular classroom. TAG meets these needs while fostering an attitude of support among its students. Students are competitive but not cutthroat, they help each other meet academic challenges. Teachers and staff here are dedicated to helping students achieve--they work very hard and put in many extra hours on campus to make sure that everyone succeeds.
9/27/2009studentI was challenged to be better than mediocre. Being smart was not frowned upon. If I sought more information, it was always provided. If I slacked, I was lifted up, not punished. If my view was different, it was still given a platform and heard. I was prepared so well for college, that I breezed through. I got a thorough education in both curricula and living in a diverse world. The staff and teachers were excellent examples of how people of many different backgrounds and experience levels could remain individuals yet work together to run such a rewarding program. I will forever be indebted to the teachers, staff, and supporters of the TAG Magnet H.S.
9/23/2009otherthis place makes a difference. we enter as kids and leave as young adults seeded not only with a diverse education, but also confidence,character and community awareness. if you doubt it, check out what type of things the alumni are doing. this place rocks!
9/22/2009parentFabulous learning atmosphere; one close family.
9/22/2009studentGreat teachers, great staff, friendly people and great opportunities opened up to students of all backgrounds.
9/21/2009parentOur school is a school within a campus of 5 schools. The children are so lucky to be able to have a small school experience and yet have access to the resources and support of a large campus. The children are so so smart and focused, and the teachers and staff are supportive and passionate about their work. Parents, teachers, students and community regularly come together and support education. Our annual picnic draws alumni, both parents and students, which shows the impact that TAG has on everyone! Congratulations to TAG for having been singled out as 'the best school in the USA' by Newsweek magazine several years in a row.
9/20/2009otherIt is an example for all other schools to follow...extraordinary educational experience!
9/20/2009parentTAG is great an they play classical 101.1 on the intercom in the mornings. Great view on the top 3rd floor, couldn't ask for anything more. Open early, extremely safe, very clean, and great student parking.
9/20/2009parentthe students are bright, serious and funny; the teachers are cool and the building is way cool
9/20/2009parentTAG got me great scholarships and prepared me for college.
9/20/2009parentNot only was it voted the best school of the US but it is the best school period. The education I received has pushed me to be the person I am. The dedication of the teachers to the students is incredible, the ratio of students to teachers is small, they all know you by name and not a number We are guided by our teachers, mentors and all faculty to want more from life but to also give back. I could not have asked for a better school. Thank you TAG.
9/20/2009studentHave you ever had a bad day? Well at TAG there are people that make you want to stick around, and the teachers will give you help no matter how much trouble you think your in. It has the absolute BEST principle ever and will never be forgotten.
9/20/2009studentTAG has repeatedly been selected as the number one school in the nation by newsweek magazine. We're comprised of a collection of outstanding and dedicated students and faculty.
9/20/2009otherawesome support from a public school. provides a wide range of educational opportunities
9/19/2009studentIt has the best academics and development programs in the country.
9/19/2009parentTAG was the best choice for my son due to the small class sizes, and rigorous academic programs.
9/19/2009studentThe teachers are great, the classes are great, and the TAG experience is phenomenal. I love this school.
9/18/2009studentThe faculty is passionate and qualified, and the academics are rigorous and compare well to private school.
9/18/2009studentThe teachers are great, the curriculum is challenging, and all the students are one of a kind!
9/18/2009parentCaaters to the student. All though they are small in number, they come from all walks of life and they embrace that to the fullest extent!! Amazing-ly supportive staff and brilliant students. Definite a top notch/ A-1 school!
9/18/2009studentThis school was awesome and helped prepare me for college.
9/18/2009parentTAG offers a challenging curriculum that challenges its students to raise the bar rather than pander to the lowest common denominator.
9/18/2009parentThe teachers and school staff are the most dedicated educators who sincerely have the best interest of their students at heart. Great program and excellent courses!!!
9/18/2009otherA dedicated principal, fantastic teachers, motivated students! Top-notch results!
9/18/2009otherTAG epitomizes everything great about a school. They expect the best from us while recognizing that we are individuals with different motivations and aspirations. When we say that this school feels like home...our teachers and fellow classmates felt like family, it was not a gratuitous remark but simply the truth. Newsweek named TAG the #1 high school in the nation for 2006, 2007, and 2009. The school was #2 in 2008. There aren't many diverse schools. TAG's record speaks for itself.
9/18/2009studentIt's diverse, offers many courses hard to find elsewhere, and is like one big family.
9/18/2009otherTAG is college in a high school -- and inner city high school, at that. The teachers are caring, the students are involved, and the administration is beyond reproach.
9/18/2009parentI love my school because we have the best principal alive! He cares about all the kids that attend TAG and he knows all of us by name and asks us how well we are doin multiple times each day! We truly have the greatest principal ever!
9/18/2009parentThe teachers here are phenomenal, and we are a great community; really tight-knit.
9/18/2009studentThe curriculum is extraordinary, and the skill and enthusiam of the teachers alone is enough of a reason for TAG to be the best. Here at TAG, we encourage students to show off their inner strengths as well as to pursue development in lacking areas.
9/18/2009studentTAG has been ranked atop the NEWSWEEK list of America's Top Public High Schools once again. This is the third #1 ranking in the last four years! The TAG class of 2009 graduated with scholarship and grant offers in excess of $16 million!!
9/18/2009studentThe best four years of my life were spent at the School for the Talented and Gifted. It well prepared me for college, and I'll always remember the great teachers and fun times I had there.
9/17/2009parentI love TAG school because of what my kid learns here, the way the teachers motivate the kids to do their best, to want to know more, to be competitive. I like this school because it's challenging, because it offers a good variety of activities and because of the dedication of its teachers to 'teaching'.
9/17/2009parentTownview TAG High School is a socially and racially diverse school that challenges students to think and solve problems as well as acquire good study habits. There are few behavior problems because of the students and their families have worked hard to be admitted to the school. The faculty and staff are very professional and caring.
9/17/2009studentThe school gives kids tons of individual attention, challenges them to excel, and has fantastic teachers. Going to school here prepared me to enter college with flying colors.
9/17/2009parentTeachers who have time to teach and do a great job
9/17/2009parentWonderful teachers and principal! Great, motivated kids, and wonderful learning environment
9/17/2009parentTAG is an amazing school, staffed by superb, caring administrators and teachers who expect students to excel. It's the crown jewel of the Dallas ISD.
9/17/2009otherTAG is an environment that fosters both learning and creativity. Students explore subjects rather than learn by rote memorization.
9/17/2009parentThe teachers are passionate about their subjects and their students. The administration is supportive and positive. The students know the importance of education and strive to make the most of their academic talents. This school is what every school should be.
9/17/2009otherAmazing teachers coupled with a strong community for fostering young intelligent minds!
9/17/2009parentBecause it offers a lot of great opportunities and it has great teachers, staff and first of all a great principal
9/17/2009parentThat TAG is able to maintain its focus and excellence -- always at or near the top among surveys of best schools in the nation -- at the same time that it continually deals with budget cut pressure from its school district is something of a miracle.
9/17/2009parentIt's an excellent place for students to prepare for higher education. In addition to that it's evident that teachers are there to make a difference and they care. It's more than a profession it's a life experience for them.
9/17/2009parentThe ratio of teachers vs. students. The academic courses taught. The school morale as a whole - faculty, staff, students is great!
9/17/2009studentI love the environment. It is always friendly, and everyone is extremely motivated.
9/17/2009parentThe name says it all. It's been the best running with a tough curriculum, which is not one of the everyday high school student. The school possesses a wide variety of talent being used for greater purposes. When students feel they want to take on a new challenge, the School for the Talented and Gifted is always ready to meet them half-way. So I say crown the #1 public high school in the nation, and then take a trip to see how the money is being put towards bettering our future.
9/17/2009parentgreat teachers, great students, great parents and the best principal!!!
9/17/2009parentFantastic school very challenging!
9/17/2009parenteverything! the main building has the best view of the city skyline and it's very inspirational. every student seems fully engaged and focussed on their goals and as a result the atmosphere is exceptionally friendly and supportive. I don't know how they do it but somehow the teachers are able to get the kids to work very hard and enjoy it.
9/17/2009parentI love that TAG has the ability to be unconventional to an almost extreme degree, and still be repeatedly rated #1 by Newsweek. I think that stands as an extremely strong testimony to the level of devotion and love of learning possessed by both teacher and student.
9/17/2009parentTAG is not your stereotypical high school. Cliques are nonexistent and everyone is encouraged to have their own opinions. The teachers are more than teachers; they are also friends and mentors. I've heard so many people say that high school was the worst time of their life socially, and I always have to disagree with them.
9/17/2009parentIt has a great environment. Everyone is so close-knit... it's like a family!! The teachers are great, the students are great... and the principal is amazing!!!
9/17/2009parentTAG has the best teachers in the world!! They build relationships with the students and help them to succeed.
9/17/2009otherDedicated teachers with high expectations for their students. Opportunities for learning that go beyond the traditional classroom.
9/17/2009otherAs an alumni of the Talented and Gifted Magnet, I am very proud to say that I attended the school. I started college as a sophomore, and had almost all of the basics done. I would not be the person I am today without having had attended the school with the support of the faculty, students and parents. I have always felt it is and was the best school in the country!
9/17/2009studentBright spot in Dallas education, deserving of funds that enable it to continue and flourish in contributing to the futures of intelligent young people with great potential. Proud to say I'm a former student.
9/17/2009studentIt may be hard work but going to TAG will really pay off in the future(quite literally).
9/17/2009studentThere are three things that make TAG a great School: Excellent Courses Fascinating Teachers And a friendly student body. I love TAG in that it's a unique school. It's challenging and prepares us for college. I love the teachers since they can really help you out and are excellent at preparing us for the AP Tests. The students at TAG are the best! You don't see kids dropping out of school here or cliques here either. There's no concern for popularity here. That's not important. The only thing that matters here at TAG are your grades. And we enjoy being weird ....and boy are we good at that.
9/17/2009studentFew schools have both teachers who are passionate about the subjects they teach and students who love to learn. TAG happens to have both, as well as rigorous courses that challenge students and help prepare them for their future.
9/17/2009parentIt's a great environment for my daughter!!
9/17/2009parentIt starts with Leadership. With Mr Sarterino at the helm Tag is unstoppable
9/17/2009studentTAG Magnet made sure I was a well-rounded student, gave me the survival skills and competitive edge I needed for college.
9/16/2009studentEveryone brags about how dedicated the teachers are, how close we are to our classmates, and what a great environment this school is. All of that is most definitely true. You work hard - but you have fun. You work very hard - but you learn so much. Students at TAG grow by leaps and bounds, and there isn't a school in the world where I'd rather be. Each student wants to be there, and that shows whether we're discussing the political impact of current events or eating lunch. I've never met a group of more interesting, diverse, and talented people. TAG had so many opportunities, and everyone has a chance to explore them all.
9/16/2009parentCaring teachers and administrators led by the fabulous Mike Satarino, TAG overcomes less art and sports and terrible commutes by providing great academics in a family environment. Outstanding!
9/16/2009parentThe teachers are totally committed to the students receiving a great education
9/16/2009otherPublic prep school with an understanding of the needs of gifted students and a faculty and staff who go above and beyond to help each and every student reach his or her potential, TAG has it all.
9/16/2009parentThe dedication of the teachers and staff. They are willing to work with their exceptional student body to get the highest effort from the each of them.
9/16/2009studentIt's the #1 school in the nation according to newsweek!!!
9/16/2009studentOur school has been picked by Newsweek Magazine for being the Number One Public High School In America for 3 out of the last 4 years!!
9/16/2009parentIt is a collection of some of the best teachers in the nation.
9/16/2009studentThis school gave me a wonderful community in which to learn and to have fun 'being nerdy,' as well as an excellent foundation for college. I graduated in the spring of 2009 with a great scholarship for my first choice school- full tuition plus stipends- and a lingering fascination in the world around me. I worked very hard, but TAG was a very supportive environment in which to do this. TAG, and more importantly the faculty, students, and administration found at TAG, gave me numerous opportunities to explore many different subjects and in fact encouraged this with their liberal arts philosophy. It was one big family, and my time there was very rewarding.
9/16/2009parentBecause it consistently celebrates kids who work hard to excel
9/16/2009studentMy high school's rigorous, challenging schedule allowed me to receive a full tuition scholarship to Texas Christian University. I was able to enter college with 23 credit hours, and was more prepared for the academic rigor of college than any other student I encountered in my beginning years. I was surrounded by other students and teachers who were equally as motivated as myself, which only drove me to work harder and become a more well-rounded student. I would not be half of the college student I am today without the preparation and study skills that TAG instilled in me.
9/16/2009studentIt has the best teachers, best atmoshphere, and the best students!
9/16/2009parentTAG has the best staff, teachers, and students!
9/16/2009parentThe teachers are fantastic. More kids from our school get into top colleges than from any other school in Dallas. The campus has a great, diverse student body, and a small personal atmosphere. This is the school you wished you had gone to!
9/16/2009parentI love TAG because the school community is small and intimate with approximately 220 students and 16 faculty. Everyone, adults and students, get to know each other academically and socially. The students graduate with lots of scholarship money which is incentive to them and helps their parents.
9/16/2009parentStudents are empowered to learn and are challenged by great teachers.
9/16/2009parentTAG provides an education as well as a family for students. Students have the opportunity to acquire solid foundations in all subjects.
9/16/2009parentThis is a place where students want to learn and teachers want to teach. The atmosphere is simply electric. We work hard, but always remember to have fun along the way.
9/16/2009studentThe School for the Talented and Gifted is a unique experience that has significantly changed my life. As a senior, I look back on the amazing things I learned which have made me not only academically superior across the nation, but have really given me the life skills to be successful. The teachers LOVE what they do, and find creative ways to teach us the subjects that they are passionate about. Although this is a public school, its small size gives it a private school atmosphere, which allows the one-on-one attention that fosters strong academic success. Teachers go out of their way to get to school early and stay after for tutoring sessions. This school is too phenomenal for words to express, and truly molds teens into successful adults. It has been a remarkable journey!!!!!
9/16/2009studentNewsweek rates TAG as America's #1 high school! The teachers care about the students and the students here love to learn. :)
9/16/2009studentThe School for the Talented and Gifted offers a wide range of educational opportunities and some of the most amazing teachers you'll ever encounter. There are a plethora of AP courses to choose from, and it's not uncommon for Seniors to take eight or nine AP classes. The academics are, assuredly, phenomenal. But the community is the best part. The teachers are helpful and supportive and genuinely love their students. Students visit teachers to chat more often than to ask for help. And because the school is small, individual classes are very tight-knit, and very friendly. There's a lot of love between grades as well, especially when it comes to homework. It's a very collaborative environment, and anyone and everyone is happy to help when there's a problem. Students graduate with a solid, well-rounded education and good social skills, and enter college well-prepared for whatever might come at them.
9/16/2009parentThe school is small and has a very nurturing atmosphere. TAG has teachers who respect students and love to teach. The students are motivated to excel.
9/16/2009parentSmart teachers, smart kids, awesome principal.
9/16/2009studentI now attend Yale University as an Electrical Engineering major. This fact would not be possible without the constant efforts put forth by the faculty and staff at the School for the Talented and Gifted. The teachers were always there for me to give me the extra help I always needed, and Mr. Satarino was always there to give his wonderful advice and leadership.
9/16/2009studentTAG offered me the best education I could have received, and going off to college and seeing my peers--- I am more prepared than they are. I couldn't thank TAG enough.
9/16/2009parentWe've got an active, diverse student body and involved parents.
9/16/2009parentTownview TAG teachers and staff are All-Stars. They are passionate about their subjects and committed to helping the students succeed. The students are an amazing, diversified group of hard-working kids. All-around, it's obvious why the school is so successful.
9/16/2009studentNot only is it the number one school in the nation (tagmagnet.org) voted by Newsweek magazine but it is a diverse, challenging, and opportunal experience that I am sure will open plenty of doors for me in my life.
9/16/2009parentTAG provides an intimate, academically-challenging environment for a diverse group of talented students from all over Dallas to learn together, to explore their full potential and then to carry that into a successful college experience. We love TAG!
9/16/2009studentI love my school because we are free to express ourselves and be who we really are. All the teachers are really cool and they know what are the best methods to help us learn and make school fun.
9/16/2009otherAmazing school with Amazing students, teachers, and parents!
9/16/2009otherThe best teachers, smart and open-minded kids, a great school!
9/16/2009parentTAG has the most incredibly dedicated teachers and staff! And the diverse population of talented-and-gifted students are driven to learn. It's a tight community in a giant, urban school. And did I mention the phenomenal support from the PTSA?! We're so blessed to be a part of this incredible school.
9/16/2009parentAs a recently retired educator with 30 years of experience and the immediate past President of the School for the Talented and Gifted HS PTSA, I would have to say that it has the best faculty,staff, and Principal in the Dallas ISD! The students are an amazing group of kids from interesting and diverse backgrounds and they never cease to amaze me with their many faceted talents and abilities. The teachers are a tight-knit family and I love them dearly. I am proud to be the mother of a recent TAG graduate who is now at Boston University and I continue to volunteer at the HS. Keep up the good work, TAG! You Rock! :)
9/16/2009parentThe principal is the best human being i know, the teachers rock and the kids....we'll they are talented and gifted
9/16/2009parentThe teachers at this school genuinely care about their students
9/16/2009parentThe Tag Magnet gives our kids the rigorous courses needed for a successful future.
9/16/2009studentTAG is fantastic school. Students are definitely challenged by the curriculum, the small size and special events like TREK foster a family-like atmosphere, and the teachers are just phenomenal.
9/16/2009parentThe Talented and Gifted School at Townview was a godsend for my son who bristled at traditional schools and thrived when allowed at TAG to pursue his passion in computer sciences and Math. The teachers appreciated his unique skills and gave him freedom to run with them. I have also coached mock trial and watched other students benefit from the nurturing tolerance that defines the school.
9/16/2009studentWe are awesome! We have awesome clubs, amazing teachers and even better students. ^_^
9/16/2009parentTAG is a place where kids are encouraged to recognize their potential and then to achieve it.
9/16/2009parentTeachers know and work with students for all 4 years. Teahers and staff expect a lot from students and provide the support needed to guarantee success.
9/16/2009parentBecause it's amazing! It taught me everything I need to know going into college my freshman year.
9/16/2009parentTAG Magnet offers students a college prep program within the public school system. Great teachers, small classes, fabulous prep to go on to the program/field of your dreams!
9/16/2009studentTAG is every student's dream for the ultimate opportunities of growth and nourishment of mind.
9/16/2009otherTAG affords it's students with an excellent college prepatory experience. Students recieve a quality education in the classroom with thee freedom of collegiate students. The TAG teachers really care for and nuture their students, which is why they go on to do so well at their respective colleges.
9/16/2009otherThe teachers are awesome!
9/16/2009otherThe faculty at TAG will be with you forever. People you meet at TAG will become friends for life if not part of what you consider your family. Life long connections are made here along with an education that is amazing and prepares you for most any learning environment make this school wonderful.
9/16/2009otherIt allows all its students to excell in all areas, and gives numerous college-credit courses. Coming from this school into any college nearly garuntees you a good, paid-for college tuition, from where you can recieve an excellent education, beginning abouve your classmates. TAG gives all its students a jump-start on life, allows them to follow their passion, and I believe it truly is the number 1 school in the nation (Newsweek: 2006, '07, '08)
9/16/2009parentDr. J and Mr. Martin are probably the best teachers in their subjects in the country. They teach at TAG.
9/16/2009parentThe teachers love to teach, the students love to learn and the principal,staff and parents support them all in this endeavor!
9/16/2009parentBest teachers, best philosophy, best teacher to student ratios. Hands down best.
9/16/2009parentHelps the students to prepare for college. Prepares students to pass AP exams.
9/16/2009studentWithout TAG I have doubts that I would have been able to attend college with a full scholarship and form the bonds I did there. Both students and faculty form a family at TAG, one of which I'm still connected with and grateful for. At TAG I wasn't another kid...I was a learner and a teacher with all the support that I could have needed, something that I have come to appreciate dearly.
9/16/2009parentexcellent teachers and staff
8/17/2006parentTAG is an excellent school for college-bound kids who want an academically challenging high school experience. It has a great track record for passing AP exams, admissions to elite colleges, and scholarships awarded. The faculty members are extremely dedicated and caring. The student body is small but extremely diverse in every way -- race, nationality, religion, neighborhood and socio-economic class. Everyone gets along really well, including students, parents & faculty. The trade-offs are no sports program (some people would say this is actually an advantage) and some fairly long commutes from the far corners of Dallas ISD's huge district to TAG.
6/29/2006studentAs an incoming Junior at the Talented and Gifted Magnet, I couldn't want better. The teachers really help you on an individual basis and you have so many opportunities. One of the qualities, outside of the fabulous education, I admire most about TAG is the family-like atmosphere. Everybody literally knows or knows of everybody. The principal knows all 200 students by name and you each student graduates with a minimum of 10 AP courses, however it is usually around 14-16. To any student that really wants a challenge and a family-like atmosphere and the opportunity to go to nearly any college you wish, I would attend TAG.
5/10/2006parentTAG was just named the #1 H.S. in the U.S. by Newsweek magazine. It is small but has an incredibly diverse student body.
5/1/2006parentGreat school, great teachers - the surroundings do harken to the 'inner city', but that is quickly overshadowed by the education offered.
3/27/2006parentThe academic program far exceeds any in the DISD. The student to teacher ratio is small and the students receive individual attention. The atmosphere is positive and the students are surrounded by a peer group that is motivated and has a desire to learn.
3/12/2006former studentExcellent college prepatory school. Teaching is geared toward advanced placement tests. No sports; art and band programs are for the entire magnet center, not just the tag magnet.
9/6/2005parentThis school was ranked number one on TEEP'S top 100 high schools in the United States of America. I recommend this school to anyone looking to persue in a medical career of any kind. The courses are very challenging and prepare students for college.
9/9/2003otherThis is an incredible school. It has been ranked as the best school in DISD, and, as a sophomore at TAG, I feel that this school has wonderful students and teachers.
7/7/2003 My son will be a senior at the Talented and Gifted Magnet High Scool in Dallas this coming school year. This was the best option for him as he is very bright and is adequately challenged by the AP Curriculum. The techers and staff are committed to the students, by being available both during the school year before and after school and during the summer for help with homework and summer independant study work. They are dedicated to the success of each student, focusing on the uniqueness of each individual and capitalizing on that for success. The staff and teachers know the students and their parents, and encourage parental involvement in all aspects of the students' activities.

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