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W H Gaston Middle School - Dallas, TX

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W H Gaston Middle School9565 Mercer Dr
Dallas, TX 75228
(972) 502-54006-8DallaspublicDallas Independent School District

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5/29/2011parentI asked my 8th what was 2% of $125,000 and she could not work the problem out. I called her math teacher and told her about my daughter not being able to do a simple math problem. Her answer was that was very normal since alot of her students would not be able to work that simple math problem either and not to worry.. She blamed the students......I BLAME THE TEACHER!!!!!!..........My daughter is headed to 9th grade and she can't even do simple math problems. I can see now why DISD schools are so bad and parents who want their children to succeed and be able to attend universities move out of Dallas County........Shame on this school and shame on her math teacher.......signed a College Graduate
2/21/2011parentHorrible school. My child is bullied every day, comes home depressed. I have called the school to meet with the teachers, and do not get any return phone calls.
8/23/2009studentthe students in this school are very disrespectful and it's kind of hard to talk to people when all they want to do is curse and try to act like they're an adult when they are children.
7/1/2009teacherThis school has really made tremendous strides in student achievement. It was academically unacceptable a few years ago and now the scores rank it almost recognized. The students, teachers and administrators are really working to make the school a success. So many times society concentrates on what is going wrong with schools that are in under privileged areas this school is vested in the kids and it is showing. I hope that it continues and the school keeps getting better.
5/20/2008parentThis is the first D.I.S.D school my child has ever attended and I will say wow major difference! Overall the school is good, not just the standard education given to my child. I am not going to put this school down but if the professional standards were upheld at this school IN THE CLASSROOMS and not just in the publics eye it has the potental to be a MAGNIFICANT school!

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