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I really don't deserve this...ARGGHHH! - 10/19/2018
I would have given it a zero stars if that were possible. The five years I have lived in this hole are, without a doubt, the five worst and longest I can remember. There's nothing here but four hundred places to eat and a ton of strip malls and chain stores. We have a couple of decent parks but they are primarily for travel and tournament softball and baseball. Traffic control is virtually non-existent here and most people drive as though they are the only car on the road. Southern hospitality missed this place big time. People are generally standoffish, untrusting and often rude. If you expect the leadership to do anything to improve the area you are sadly mistaken. The local idiots just keep voting the same useless people back into every office. If your contemplating a move here take it from a transplant and rethink your plans. You won't regret it I promise you. Read More

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Backwoods redneck hell - 6/20/2018
I have lived in Dothan my whole life with the exception of a few years where I moved North to help out a family member. This town is run by 'Good ol boys' Either you're part of them, or against them. We have a tiny sorry "water park" that is old, nasty, and run down but the owners who know someone 'important' prevent any other water park from coming to town. Everything in this city works like that.

You want a job? Better know someone who's uncles' sisters' ex-boyfriends' neighbors' mom goes to church with.... otherwise you're out of luck. But the job market has been declining for years so that may not even do it. Any job you apply for, you have about 200 people competing.....that is if you can even find a job posting. Most hiring managers hire people they already know. I've gotten every job I've ever had by word of mouth.

As far as the schools, prepare for your child to be paddled. Yes you read that correctly. City schools will not let you opt-out if this Read More

Stay away from apartments and trailers! - 5/26/2017
It's great living in Dothan if you can afford to live in the right neighborhood. Do not live in Midland City. Do not live downtown Dothan. Do not live in the county. Stay in subdivisions with a lot of middle class hard working people. Every apartment I lived in was vandalized and broken into. The Midland City police didn't even investigate--a three page report--or file it at the court house. Never live there. Security is number one for you and your family. Rent a house in a nice subdivision but talk to neighbors first. I'm moving. There is nothing to do in Dothan. The main thing I really loved about Dothan was Ridgecrest Baptist Church. I'm moving in a week and I'm never coming back except to visit my friends at Read More

I Love Living in Dothan, Alabama - 4/1/2015
I love living in Dothan, Alabama. This is truly Southern hospitality experience at its best. Particularly in the folks that live here for example, when your neighbor insists that you can use anything in his shed at any time to aid you in your yard work...he really means it. Just be sure to put it back in the same condition or better than you got it and you will have a great neighbor for life.
This is a community that pulls together to help those who are in need; such as needing money to pay a eshospital bill, neighbors helping neighbors with their needs, whether a babysitter, dog sitter, yard work for the elderly, you name it. Not to mention help for our fallen officers families. By the way we have a great police force here...they usually catch our criminals! We are very proud of the overall work they do in protecting our wonderful community.
Actually, I am not from this area nor this state, or a neighboring state. I have lived in many states and three Read More

Cost of Living - 7/1/2014
Dothan's COL is very reasonable and attracts many military retirees. Read More

1st Avenue Flea Market - 1/29/2014

Space Info: 1st Avenue Mini Market outdoor side walk sale. Every first Saturday of each month we have a marvelous time. We have vendors whom participate from surrounding communities. You can find many items such as collectibles, furniture, arts, clothes, jewelry, what knots, tools, e-bikes, and much more stage in a 10,000 sq ft warehouse. see live video, remember a portions of money will go toward building a program which targets seniors and those with disabilities.
Directions: 1213 S. Oates St. Dothan Alabama 36301 a cross the street from Dothan High School Read More

A great place to live and work. - 1/8/2013
The people in Dothan are very friendly and for the past 6 years I've lived and worked here I have almost no complaints. The one thing I did have some trouble adjusting to was that when your traveling from town to town it can quickly shift from country to city. But a GPS and a few days of driving around to learn the roads and all was well. Enjoy Swimming, fishing, hiking, photography and much more (those are just my hobbies) Come on over to Dothan and have a Read More

Dothan - 4/9/2012
The peanut capital of the world. Located within a few miles of the Georgia and Read More

dont come to dothan ever - 11/15/2011
dothan alabama is the worst place in the united states to live,srry but the period on my keyboard isnt working ,I have lived here for four years and its a nightmare,The police here are very crooked and violent,they are well known for writing false police reports on innocent people,alot of dothan police are either on trial for harrassing people ,abusing,and writing false police reports or just corrupting the badge,alot of the officers here have been arrested and fired but not because of any good doing by our police chief ,its only because some innocent person took the inititive to fight back against a crooked system,people here are very ignorant and slow,if you come here it will be like stepping into a world of very uneducated retards,yes my friends even the mayor himself is unable to be reasoned here,if you come here i promise you your civil rights will be violated,the people here have nothing to do but gossip about each other and start trouble,me and my family are trying tomoive from Read More

Best place to live: - 7/27/2010
Dothan Al is the best & cheapest place to live,we have live in several places but found that Dothan has all of them beat,I were raised around Dothan ,got married several years ago & we moved back here after retirement,very proud we Read More

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20 Williamsburg Pl
Bed 3 | Bath 2

220 Habersham Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 2

117 Camellia Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 7

283 Melrose Ln
Bed 3 | Bath 2

304 Carroll St E
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1201 Honeysuckle Rd
Bed 5 | Bath 3

1304 Jonathan St
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