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Glendale, Arizona Reviews

 based on 20 Reviews
Get to know Glendale with the latest comments and reviews from people who live in or have visited Glendale

arizona - 8/7/2014
Summers are too Read More

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Raising Arizona Preschool - 4/15/2014
Need Affordable, Safe Chidcare? Come see our Educational Daycare and Preschool conviently situated on the phoenix glendale border. We are a top rated preschool & super affordable daycare & ChildcareRead More

Glendale, Arizona - 10/16/2012
Glendale, Arizona has just put in an 11.5% sales tax. In my opinion it is an embarrassment to the Valley. Speed trap mentality , high crime rate, and below par downtown makes it an ugly choice unless you want to pay extra to live in Read More

Arizona - 7/6/2010
I enjoy the weather after living in Minnesota for the past 62 years. The winters were getting more difficult and the summers too short.There is so much to do here and so much to Read More

Re: Activities for Families - 3/3/2010
I am anticipating relocating to Glendale, Az and would like to know what is there for families to do as far as Read More

The Land of Sun - 2/24/2010
I would like to say hello to AZ, even though I've been here for three years now.
Coming from a small town it's different and takes some getting used to but I feel in my element, despite the heat.
Yes, everyone not from here know about the infamous heat, but what they don't know is that Glendale/Phoenix has everything a large city has, and everything a small town has, and everything they don't.
It's (relatively, as long as your not out alone at night) safe, convenient location, etc.
I could go on about why I like it here, but why not visit?
But try to during the spring when it's Read More

phx-glendale - 10/23/2009
If your thinking of moving to the phx area,please give it a lot of thought.I'm nearly 60 and have lived in the phx area most of my life and I would dearly love to retire somewhere else.When I was younger Phx was a friendly and safe place to live, but not anymore.My own kids who are grown and raising their kids absolutly hate this place.For me what is so depressing is the fact that you can't retire to any place in the "country" around phx thats affordable and wont be swallowed up by developement.When I go to Kentucky to visit relatives I cant belive the differences in the people,lack of crime,lower cost of living.Phx is also getting hotter all the time. 100 degree weather from april to the middle of october just gets Read More

A dry heat - 9/20/2009
It's true - 100 degrees here feels cooler than 100 degrees elsewhere. We proved that for ourselves the summer of 2009 when we went to Seattle to cool off. It was our bad luck to arrive there during a week of record heat and humidity. On the day we returned to the desert, it was 102 and humid at Seattle, and 106 here. It felt much cooler here because of the dry Read More

Glendale Arizona - 7/24/2009
Great place to live; the housing is affordable; lots of fortune 500 companies world headquarters but not too many jobs due to the state of the economy.
Great housing, lakes and mountain views; schools are great Read More

Living in Arizona - 9/22/2007
Well, it's finally cooling down in Arizona. Our summers can be pretty brutal, so if you move here - be warned! Aside from the crazy 6-month summers, Arizona is a very wonderful place to raise a family and enjoy the State's Read More

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