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Stay away or end up in jail - 10/17/2019
Avoid Phoenix,, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, all metro Phx, the summer sucks, few low paying jobs, high rent, police are inept at best, they tend to harrass and profile people, apartments nearly impossible to get, lots of Read More

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Don't Move Here!! - 10/6/2019
I heard fuc**in rats in my house again today. It seems now that every winter they come in out of the cold. Been in this house twenty years with no problem. Just the past two winters I had a problem. And to think that that Arizona's rat problem started with the multimillion dollar homes here many years ago, not like skid row in LA. Arizona stopped fighting the Arcadia roof rats about 10 years ago because it was too expensive. When I get my allergic rash again this year because of the rats, and I go to the ER, the doctors again will tell me that, yea, they will also have to get more active in killing their rats in their multi-million dollar Arcadia and Scottsdale homes. And for this, my rent went up $350 per month since this time last year because it is very desirable to live here??????????????????????????????????????????????? The California people are all moving here to avoid the high rents and the rat problem there, and they are bringing all the high rents and rats here with them. Read More

Phoenix is a good place to live! - 9/7/2019
I spent summers in Phoenix growing up and have lived permanently in Phoenix over 35 years now. The city has grown significantly in that time. There are many outdoor activities including hiking and bicycling almost all year round. The area offers many attractions with great museums, art fairs, farmers markets, casinos, ball games, and shows. Of course, the heat is pretty brutal at times from July to August but every public business, car or home has air conditioning so it is manageable. Flagstaff is just a couple hours away if you need to get out of the heat completely. Installation of mass transit has been behind the curve but the light rail system is expanding and it is a great resource to use to visit downtown and avoid parking. The freeway system has really connected every part of the valley to allow easy access to any area. Like any city, there are areas that have a higher crime rate and should be avoided. Overall Phoenix is a good place to Read More

Hot, Dirty, nasty, fetid - 8/29/2019
I have lived many places and Phoenix is bar none the most lowlife, classless, mean cold place I have ever lived.The cost of living is high. The pay is horrible. They don't have to pay because so many people want to live there.I almost felt like apologizing because I have an education, no tatts, I don't beat my wife and I have an IQ over 21 and I'm polite.The young people are vicious and uncaring. it's hard to make decent friends. You might make some if you want to stoop real low.Good manners, class and kindness are sneered at. The summers are enough to drive you crazy, constant heat, smog, dust, dirt, ugly scenery.Most of the people I swear are on meth. The women love abuse. They know nothing yet are hyper Read More

Love it! - 7/31/2019
I've been here for 3 years. I have lived in California and the midwest. Cost of living is actually very similar to the midwest. My apartment when I first moved here was actually less than what I paid there by $50. I got paid a lot more too! I make about 23k more than what I was making in Kansas. I love the active lifestyle, a lot to do, a lot to see. Day trips are everything. I have never seen a rat in AZ like the other post. Only negative is when school is back in session the traffic seems to double. Finding a place to live will generally take you 3-4 months since housing is in high demand so start looking in advance! Worth the move, I didn't know anyone here and now me and my children call it home. Read More

No real seasons...just hot and hotter. Lol - 7/29/2019
I’ve lived in Phoenix Metro for the majority of my life. I love the winters but I hate the summers. But the winters don’t get cold enough to really feel like a winter very often. I have sweaters that I haven’t worn in ages because it’s too warm here even in December and January. We also don’t get your typical 4 seasons here. We get Summer, Fall and Spring. Fall moves right into spring. Summer seems to last at least half of the year. It is sunny almost every single day of every year. Rain storms happen but not very often. Read More

Not Terrible, Not Amazing - Just Simply Livable - 7/26/2019
In 2007, after I finished graduate school, I accepted a job in Phoenix, packed my bags, and drove across country from a small town in Indiana. I hadn’t even visited Phoenix before and coming from a town of 5K people, I considered the experience to be absolutely terrifying. I knew no one, had zero support, and was completely alone. And when I got out of my car in late July after pulling into the apartment complex my boss helped me find, I said to myself:

“What the hell have I just done?”

Being here 12 years and having become well acquainted with all areas of the city, there are a lot of pros and cons.

One of my biggest concerns with moving here was that I would be considered a Midwestern “outsider” that would struggle to fit in. Although I quickly discovered that many people are in the exact same position. Yes, there are native residents, but there’s also a good chunk of individuals that migrated from somewhere else - either due to a dislike of Read More

What happened to Phoenix?! - 6/3/2019
I give Phoenix 2 stars because we have family here and also, because there’s no tornados. I’ve lived in Phoenix for 38 years, since the age of 2. I’ve always loved it here before it grew into this overpopulated chaos it is in now. In 2017 alone, Maricopa County became the home of 74,000, in 1 year! (that’s 202 people a day). More population brought rush hour from tolerable to nightmarishly impossible, more crime, more car accidents, 38,571 found illegally crossing our border in 2019. You can’t buy a decent house in a decent neighborhood under $350,000, and that’s being modest. Electric bill rates have even increased. I once was proud to call this state my home but dream of living somewhere else. Read More

How a nice city can turn chaotic overnight - 6/3/2019
I give it 2 stars because my husbands family is here and because we don’t get earthquakes or tornados. I’ve lived in Phoenix for 38 years and loved Phoenix until noticing over the past 5 years it started to get overpopulated. In 2017 alone, Maricopa County was the fastest growing county in the nation, gaining 74,000 residents. Rush hour traffic went from tolerable to nightmarishly impossible! More crime, higher inflation on houses, electric bills, food, etc. You can’t even buy a decent looking house in a decent neighborhood for under $300,000. I’d say that Phoenixes heydays are long gone and we’ve been in a drought for 19 years. ?? Read More

SHAME ON PHOENIX - 5/13/2019
Having to visit Phoenix again after several years WHAT A SHOCK! The west side of Phoenix is a very run down, trashy, filthy area with a crime ridden area not safe for anyone. Sadly the unfortunate homeless people sleep on the streets everywhere it is NOT SAFE to walk around this part of the city and if you do you are constantly being badgered by street folk but more than that it is dangerous,It is very evident this city DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ITS HOMELESS POPULATION. My gosh old ladies sleeping on the sidewalks with no place to go and no way to get there and trash everywhere. Citizens of Phoenix wake up your leaders are letting your city down. The city leaders and those in office of this city should hang their heads in Read More

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1645 E Cheery Lynn Rd Unit 5
Bed 3 | Bath 3

7116 N 28th Ave
Bed 2 | Bath 2

2102 E Lawrence Rd
Bed 4 | Bath 3

200 E Thomas Rd Unit 1
Bed 1 | Bath 1

3741 E Fillmore St
Bed 4 | Bath 2

5617 W Lydia Ln
Bed 4 | Bath 3

2222 S 106th Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 2


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