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Why Phoenix has outgrown itself - 4/16/2019
I've been a resident of Phoenix since 1960. I have lived in North, west, and central city. Several years ago, the water services people had to repair the water main, which runs across the front of my yard. Water was boiling up in the street. It took sometime for them to come out and accomplish the repair, all the while dirt was being washed out and ran down the street. After the fix, they back filled the trench, and never compacted the soil. The trench ran under the curb, sidewalk, and corner of my driveway. I notified them that at some future point, everything would settle and crack, and they could fix it then. Well, last year, they came out and fixed 25 feet of curbing, sidewalk, and street. But they would not fix the broken corner of my driveway. They threw away more material than it would have required, and it would have been the cheapest way to fix it while they had the tools, material, and people here. They wanted me to contact "RISK MANAGEMENT", who required estimates from Read More

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From the Windy City to a Desert Paradise! - 12/4/2018
30 years old--moved here from Chicago and have been living here for 5 years. I live in North Phoenix and absolutely love it. 15 min from downtown, where you can ALWAYS find parking. There are tons of cool restaurant and bars around central phoenix. The weather is hot in the summer but beats the humidity and hot summers of Chicago any day. The lakes (saguaro lake is my favorite) and the salt river are great summer activities to cool off. You legit see wild horses on the river and the mountains around you are gorgeous! There are tons of farmers markets, craft/art fairs, coffee shops and unique establishments. Traffic is only terrible in the winter (snow birds) if you're driving during rush hour but still way better than the expressway traffic in Chicago. There are community gardens all around the city, and tons of mom and pop shops. You can find Chicago pizza, legit Mexican food, Thai, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Italian, Cuban and anything else your heart desires because Phoenix is a Read More

The One Positive Review I Know. - 10/26/2018
I want to start off saying that I think James from Tempe did a very thorough analytical look at what life is like in Phoenix---or Tempe, as that's where he's a current resident.

From what I've experienced of Phoenix my first year being here is I have found support programs to be very helpful for getting on my feet, though still limited by funds to a degree.
2) The suburbs like Glendale, even Goodyear, possibly Peoria, or most of North Phoenix, are overall quiet for the most part, laidback, and personally I wouldn't have it any other way for starting out a new life.
3) Crime is a serious thing in all of Phoenix, less bad in the suburbs, again, and I'm not going to embellish it but if you read bing news and type in Phoenix AZ, you'll see crime is not insanely sky-high as some commenters would like you to believe.
4) I believe there is potential to be had and anyone can find their potential here (not talking about getting a Walmart job), but I've met Read More

Detroit in the desert meets mad max - 9/18/2018
I've lived in AZ for 8 years now and I absolutely do NOT recommend moving here, a fools paradise indeed!! first, let me start off by saying what everyone else is saying: it’s extremely overcrowded! Traffic is insane, and the people alone are enough to make you want to run, most everyone is very very very rude, extremely standoffish, having no moral principles, and will fight you for every inch of everything from traffic lanes, to parking spots, to a place in line at a movie theater, or a grocery store. These people are scavenging grubbers! and you are bound to have an altercation at some point unless you just let them get what they want and move on. Second, the homeless population is disgustingly out of control!! no matter what part of town you’re in they will have their share of people drunk or high on drugs that are living at bus stops, sleeping on the sidewalks, talking to themselves and randomly yelling, it’s EXTREMELY unsafe and the police seem to just let these people roam Read More

Why live in Phoenix? - 9/8/2018
I lived in Phoenix for over 13 years, my husband was born and raised in Buckeye. Let's not forget the MAJOR COMPLAINT of living in Phoenix (or most parts of AZ): HEAT. The temperatures are rising, and as Phoenix continues to build, the heat will only increase (think “concrete jungle”). When it’s 115 degrees outside, you can’t even get into your car after it’s been in the parking lot for an hour. Don’t kid yourself, it is extremely hot between May and October. Hey, if it’s 100 degrees on Halloween, for anyone stating October is nice month, you have a very strange idea of nice weather. In the summer, you become a prisoner of your own house. Pool water doesn’t cool down enough to be comfortable in July/August. And, be prepared to spend a lot on A/C. Plus, there really aren’t any real seasons. Even summer all year long gets old. 300 days of sunshine comes with a price. Here are a few more things about Phoenix and the surrounding area that I’m not a fan of:
1. Brown, beige, Read More

It can be pretty cool if you make it so. - 8/19/2018
I lived here 5 years in the 90's and a couple months in '13 and '18. Bert's review seems dated. Downtown and uptown have quite a few high rise and low rise buildings. Downtown has undergone some redevelpoment with housing, nightlife and an ASU satellite campus. Tempe does not have very much of a nightlife anymore since most clubs are now in downtown scottsdale and phx. Sprawl and redevelpoement in the last 20 years is amazing. But places like downtown Mesa have high vacancy, even the extention of light rail.
I liked it and hated all at the same time. The heat is extreme,, and relentless if you work outdoors ( I am in the construction industry) . The surrounding mountains are beautiful and make commuting entertaining. Traffic is bad if you don't arrange a reverse commute ( I always do) or work close to home. Home prices south of squaw peak are soaring and Read More
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Better Than Expected - 8/17/2018
I used to work for a company based outside of Phoenix. I had to come here a few times and actually really enjoyed the bar and restaurant scene out here. People were relatively friendly, not as nasty as some of the other reviews on here. That said, some people are genuinely miserable people living here.

I will say there was an under-rooted distrust towards recent transplants, especially people from CA, mainly out of jealously I think. This was at least at my employer, which was a bizarre place to work out of the gate for other reasons. Some other people just seemed surly or that they knew something you didn't, even though they were probably White Trash from the Upper Midwest (of which people from there seem to have some sort of magnet obsession with Arizona because it's warmer than Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, etc.)

Bottom line: Not a lot of culture, if anything uprooted "Passive Aggressive" Midwest culture in Phoenix. You can have a good time here, whether Read More

Compressing my thoughts - 8/11/2018
I would like to keep my opines here as short and concise as possible, want to thank everyone who followed, liked and disliked my original post, "Am I The Only Sane one here?" because it's all true, my experiences, feelings, and what I've noticed since coming to the area. Sorry my posts got pretty bogged down, and I realize I should welcome others to voice their thoughts and opinions of the place, negative or positive, so that we can keep it Sperling's Best Places. Have a great day, all, and keep it Phoenix and Sperling's Best Read More

Nicer than Hades from what I've read - 8/10/2018
I lived in Phoenix for nearly 16 years. A lot of people move to Phoenix after retirement especially from some place that has seriously cold winters. If you're thinking of moving to Phoenix, I hope you’ll consider my perspective.
There are at least 6 months (some time in May to some time in Oct) that you won't want to be outside unless you're in your pool and I’m not just talking about the daylight hours. The concentration of buildings, concrete and car keeps the city hot 24x7. If you travel to Phoenix during the pleasant months to get out of the cold somewhere else, you might think you’ve found Paradise. It is a much nicer place to visit than to live. During those pleasant months, the days are shortest and when the sun goes down in the winter in the desert the temperature drops like a rock. If you visit there from Duluth then you’ll think I’m nuts. Reevaluate that after you’ve become acclimated to Phoenix year-round. I've never been to a place with fewer pleasant Read More

On a personal note - 8/9/2018
I want to thank Ann and any others who spoke out of my intolerance of their views. I didn't originally intend to come off as that heartless, I'm just probably too used to living alone and being beside myself, for better or worse. The only thing I might add is that crime here in Phoenix can make the place dismal overall aND there needs to be more awareness put upon it and how this can become a better and safer city. The 3 stars is because I don't want to prop up a place for being better than it actually is and I want to be more critical and open minded to those that may know harsher realities than myself, such as Ann. Thank you for the constructive criticism and all the best for all reviews here, negative and positive. Thank Read More

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2102 E Lawrence Rd
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