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Great Place - 4/27/2012
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Arrogant/artifical people and frighteningly HOT - 3/2/2012
Scottsdale is way overrated. Some of the people are egotistical, pretentious and overly concerned about appearances(eg; their BMW or SUV or their ripped waistline or their huge, ostentatious house). The neighborhoods are like ghost towns b/c it is so HOT that everyone stays inside or sit in their back yards under their awnings w/ their automatic
'misters' b/c it too hot to swim in the pool. The general population often look weathered and wizened and much older than their stated years d/t the never ending sun. Look at other states that have much more to offer in way of housing, climate and Read More

Scottadale , the best place to live or visit - 2/1/2012
Scottsdale, AZ, best winter, spring,fall climate. Ok summer you need to get out but the desert there is stunning. The homes are gorgeous in the North Scottsdale region particulary , up in Troon and Boulders area. You can't beat anything north of Pima or 101. The blanket of mtns that
provide some of the most gorgeous colors as day turns to night. Those that think this is ugly have no appreciation or understanding of the desert.

I also think the entire west style of decor, simple, elegant, non cluttered beats anything I 've ever seen in the mid west. People in the middle of the country are still decorating llike 1980. They don't tend to move with the times and they have crap everywhere in their homes. Less is more people!
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A place to visit but not to live - 5/19/2011
This area is one of the ugliest I have seen in my life. Yes, there are small areas of greenery and perhaps a few flowers but for the most part the heat kills everything but the cacti. April still gets hot(up to 104 degrees) and in May you wait for the sun to set so the air will cool off,but it never does get cooler. The summer months are oppressively hot and if you're on a diet that is great because the heat can make you feel nauseous most of the day unless you stay inside. Then there's the constant sun...rain is healthy and rain is good for the earth and for people and plants and yet it almost never rains. Driving on the highways you have a constant headache as the intense sun reflects off the concrete,the cars in front of you,the cars in back of you (where I have to flip my rearview mirror to night vision to block the glare) and this is w/ sunglasses on. Oh, and the surrounding brown mountains where not one thing grows? Depressing,barren and desolate. Read More

Re: Tax Liens - 4/2/2011
Looking for tax liens in this Read More

I dont like Scottsdale. - 1/20/2011
I moved to Scottsdale from Michigan in 2005. As my friends and family were leaving Michigan, my cousins in Scottsdale convinced me on how great Arizona was. So I gave it a try. It has been very disappointing at best. I wont be totally cruel to Scottsdale. It has great restaurants and swanky shops, but that’s where the good ends.

Forget the misconception of the good weather because it isnt what it is cracked up to be. The oppressive heat keeps you indoors for 5 months at a time, making you a prisoner in your own home. There is no variation of seasons at all, unlike most of the country. It’s sunny all the time, with very little overcast, and no rain. A person needs cloudy days every now and then to keep their sanity. And the thing Scottsdale is best know for—golf—is only done during the winter months when you can actually step outside.

The people give Scottsdale a bad name. They are lame, unfriendly, pretentious and fake. I am an extrovert who likes meeting Read More

Scottsdale - Fun & Sun 350 days a Year! - 1/5/2011
What do you enjoy? Golf, Tennis, Hiking, Biking? How about world class shopping and dining? Whatever your definition of fun is, Scottsdale has it all. Want know why we are among the fastest growing communities in the nation? Check out all we have to Read More

Top 7 reasons to live and invest in Scottsdale Ari - 9/11/2010
1. Weather – ideal weather with sunshine more than 329 days a year
2. Quality resort style community- upscale shopping, vibrant nightlife, productions, concerts, fine dining, world renowned resorts, outdoor activities and parks.
3. Golf- the area offers golfers more than 174 public and private courses to choose from
4. Easy commute- Terrific roads and freeways system, international airport, 1HR to CA, 1HR to NV
5. Scottsdale school system- system is well-respected producing strong results making Scottsdale family-desirable
6. Healthcare- state of the are healthcare system- Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale Healthcare, Banner, MD Anderson, Phoenix Children’s hospital, Barrows Neurological Institute.
7. BUYER’S MARKET- Access inventory of quality homes priced at lowest price in years.Read More

Scottsdale's wealth is not real - 8/7/2010
I used to live in the Phoenix area and don’t like Scottsdale at all. Everything is overrated and overpriced. Many people in Scottsdale waste their life keeping up with the Jones and forget about whats most important in life. They wont admit it, but most people in Scottsdale are financially insecure because they have bought everything on credit. They are on the eve of bankruptcy as they are up to their eyeballs in debt, upside down on their inflated mortgage, and have a hard time paying for their overpriced car loan. As the housing market in Arizona and the Phoenix area continues to go to the dogs, many Scottsdaleites are upside down on their inflated mortgage. But hey, its OK because its Scottsdale. Right??

The people are haughty, materialistic and unhappy. You get weird looks from people at the mall or a trendy restaurant if, God forbid, you only look ‘average’ or drive and average car. A neighbor of a close friend of mine in Scottsdale (who is genuine in his kindness) Read More

If you think this isnt a police state...think agai - 5/1/2010
The sherrifs and police here act like they are above the law and continually get away with it. They regularly harass innocent citizens and overstep their boundaries for minor offenses. This is not specualation-it has been reported many times and they are being sued constantly.

I am your typical college-educated white male who had never committed a crime more serious than a traffic offense and I was assaulted, tazered/electrocuted and arrested in Scottsdale by off duty sheriffs a few years ago. They then made up a bunch of lies in their reports to cover each other to make it appear more serious than just a case of mistaken identity. The alleged crime was that I had made an inappropriate remark to someone at a concert on my birthday....never happened. I was forced to plea or face more serious charges in court with the only real evidence being my word.

I doubt this is uncommon here-just look up how they "accidentally" did it to one of their own just a few Read More

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18940 N 101st St Unit 5
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31400 N 136th St Unit 4
Bed 5 | Bath 4

19946 N 103rd St Unit 1102
Bed 4 | Bath 5

29123 N 142nd Way
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28624 N 147th Pl
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23388 N 75th St
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