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Elk_Grove, California Reviews

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good right now, but how will it be in the future - 4/2/2019
Elk Grove is a very diverse city. A long time ago it use to be very white. Now the white population is about 40%, then next majority race are Asian, then Hispanic, followed with a Black/African American population of about 10-13%. Just driving around and going to the shopping centers and stores, you can see that diversity. So if this is high importance to you, then there you go. A lot of new and old time Elk Grove citizens are mixed about how Elk Grove will be in the future. It has already turned more diverse through the years due to a lot of Bay Area residents moving there. Some might consider that good, some bad. Also because of this, it has raised the market rate for the homes. New 3000 sq ft homes are easily in the $500K. Some may consider high for the region. Just looking present day, Elk Grove provides good diversity and that diversity brings many types of diverse businesses. You'll have your ethnic stores and also your typical stores. The school district is good here, but not Read More

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Hot Summers - 4/26/2014
Our neighborhood is o.k. but it is expensive to live here and the air is oppressive during the summer when it gets hot for a week or more. Days over 95 and nights of 75. A little too hot for Read More

Elk Grove - 11/30/2011
Elk Grove has grown too fast. With its growth has come more stores and hospitals and other good things. With this growth has also come too many people, traffic congestion, and crime. The climate here is dry and hot in the summer. The remainder of the year is mild.  Read More

So-so - 8/11/2010
Real estate prices have plummeted and several restaurants have gone out of business. The weather is hot in the summer with occasional breezes from the delta. It gets in the hi 30's to mid 50's in the winter. Clean town. Only 2.5 hrs from Tahoe area and 2 hrs from San Read More

Economy - 9/16/2009
Business' are closing left and right. Not too many small business' have weather the financial Read More

North Central California - 7/19/2009
Fair place to live, small community with easy access to Sacramento. Jobs are scarce and housing has held its value even with vast number of foreclosures. Nice Read More

Lighter Traffic, Fewer Employed People? - 6/6/2009
We live in Elk Grove, CA. For years, it has been a pretty nice place to live but recently we have seen gang writing and groups of kids hanging out in our little park..... Our business in Fair Oaks, Sacramento County, is very slow. We are working longer hours and making half the money we used to make. We have been in business for 18 years here and residents for over 40 years. Many stores have closed and business buildings are vacant. It seems unemployment is probably much higher than the reported 11%. We would like to retire but we can't.... very Read More

Nice climate - 5/3/2008
Overall Elk Grove has a nice climate. Maybe a little too hot in the summer sometimes & too damp in the winter some days, but in general pretty Read More

Sunny and Warm - 8/26/2007
Summers here in Elk Grove are sunny and warm with zero chance of Read More

Elk Grove, Ca. Climate - 7/9/2007
Elk Grove is located in the lower Sacramento Valley of Inland Northern California. Its climate is a combination of Continental and Marine West Coast. Although only 100 miles from the Pacific Ocean, the city is separated from the open sea by the Coast Range. This allows for a variation in seasonal temperatures not seen at the coast. This is especially true in summer, when temperatures in the valley can peak at over 100F while those at the coast remain in the 50's and 60's. Conversely, in winter, Elk Grove can see daytime highs dipping into the upper 30's and lower 40's while those in the nearby Bay Area can remain in the 50's.

Its Continental influence provides Elk Grove with four seasons, although not as distinct or exaggerated as seasons east of the Sierra or in the midwest. Count on an "Indian Summer" most years with Fall arriving and the leaves changing in late October. Winter is characterized by high pressure producing many "balmy" days in the 60's F, but cool nights. Read More

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