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good right now, but how will it be in the future
Star Rating - 4/2/2019
Elk Grove is a very diverse city. A long time ago it use to be very white. Now the white population is about 40%, then next majority race are Asian, then Hispanic, followed with a Black/African American population of about 10-13%. Just driving around and going to the shopping centers and stores, you can see that diversity. So if this is high importance to you, then there you go. A lot of new and old time Elk Grove citizens are mixed about how Elk Grove will be in the future. It has already turned more diverse through the years due to a lot of Bay Area residents moving there. Some might consider that good, some bad. Also because of this, it has raised the market rate for the homes. New 3000 sq ft homes are easily in the $500K. Some may consider high for the region. Just looking present day, Elk Grove provides good diversity and that diversity brings many types of diverse businesses. You'll have your ethnic stores and also your typical stores. The school district is good here, but not great or the best--which goes to Roseville, Rocklin, Folsm. Crime is currently ranked good but not great or the best. And this could be related to the outlook of Elk Grove in the future. Many residents especially long time residents are saying Elk Grove is going downhill. The demographic has clearly shifted and will continue to is what they are saying. Take it as you may, but Asian population may overtake White in the years to come. A lot of conservatives dont like that and thus why they are saying Elk Grove is changing to what they do not agree with. Also with South Sacramento bordering Elk Grove, there is constant debate of crime fall off. It's often argued but its a legitimate argument. It is a fact that South Sacramento area is one of the worse areas and does have high crime, and it is a fact that Elk Grove borders it. Crime stats are still good in Elk Grove though, so its just something you have to think of. The nice thing about Elk Grove is it's only 1hr and 45min with no traffic to San Jose. Even closer to the east bay. Elk Grove is a fine city right now, but there are just too many tangibles at the moment and it's probably the suburb city in Sacramento that may have the biggest changes in years to come, so if you are dropping $500-600K+ for a new home here, or any home for that matter thinking that things will only get better, just look at the past first to get a better idea where the future is headed. Remember for transplants moving from the bay area, when you move here of course this maybe all positives, but dig deeper and you may see how much better it was in the past, and for long time residents, what you think is great, is already meh for them now. In comparison, if you go to Rocklin or Roseville, where homes are much higher in price for similar sq footage, there is no fall off as it doesnt border bad areas, and already the higher price of a home there prices out a lot of people.
Redd | Boise City, ID
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Thank you for that review. My wife is very focused on moving to Elk Grove, because of it's conservative rating. Now live in Silicon Valley, where the avg summer temps are less than 80 degrees. I my self am very doubtful any place in Calif can remain conservative when its near a big city, like Sac. And especially when tons of Silicon Valley types are moving there because of the dirt cheap housing prices. 50% of the prices here. Thanks again... JR
Jeff | San Jose, CA | Report Abuse
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