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Santa Barbara, California is known for its beautiful beaches, mild climate, and upscale lifestyle. It is a popular tourist destination and also a desirable place to live for many people. The city is located in Southern California, about 90 miles northwest of Los Angeles.

User Reviews:
1) "I absolutely love living in Santa Barbara. The weather is perfect year-round and there is always something to do outdoors. The community is very welcoming and the downtown area is filled with charming shops and restaurants. It's definitely a more expensive place to live, but the quality of life is worth it." - Emily W.

2) "I moved to Santa Barbara for work and it was the best decision I ever made. The city has a laid-back vibe and the people are friendly. The beaches are stunning and the mountain views are breathtaking. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a relaxing and beautiful place to live." - Mark S.

3) "Santa Barbara is a paradise. It's a perfect blend of city and nature. The downtown area is lively and there are so many great restaurants and bars. But you can also escape to the mountains or the beach whenever you want. It's a bit pricey, but I wouldn't want to live anywhere else." - Sophia L.

4) "I lived in Santa Barbara for a few years and ended up moving away because it was just too expensive for me. The cost of living is high and housing is hard to come by. But if you can afford it, it's a wonderful place to call home. The weather is unbeatable and the people are generally very friendly." - Michael T.

In summary, the user reviews for living in Santa Barbara, California are overwhelmingly positive. Residents praise the city's beautiful weather, outdoor activities, welcoming community, and charming downtown area. However, it is also noted that the cost of living is high and housing can be difficult to find. Overall, it is a highly desirable place to live for those who can afford it.

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I moved to Santa Barbara around 23 years ago to study at Brooks, which like most of the Santa Barbara that I knew—has been destroyed. Homelessness, drugs, gangs, high crime, taxes, insane real estate regulation, woke politics, an uber woke marxist Mayor (and several of these in fact), and the usual California deconstruction of all things beautiful...and BOOM—the end of SB.

All you need to do is take a drive to the beach and up State Street. It's all the same as it is in every other California town and city. And the whole country is going this way as well.

Saving grace used to be the hiking trails, rivers, creeks and parks. Well, they've either had their water diverted and dried up or they're filled with graffiti and gang-members, along with trash.

Very very sad. This is NOT liberalism. This is something else. And we've seen it before. It doesn't end well for Read More

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Beautiful and friendly - 3/24/2021
I fell in love with Santa Barbara about thirty years ago and finally moved here a few years ago. Because of the price of homes, it is an expensive place to live. The real estate market is a game where you need to get your foot in the door. Once you do, it's easier to move up the scale. We now have a great home with beautiful views of the ocean and mountains and I walk to Shoreline Park regularly. The weather is fabulous and there's plenty to do. It is a tourist town so summer's are crowded. There is a homeless problem but I'd live here too if I was homeless. There is petty crime but rarely anything of a serious nature. Finally, it's not as diverse as I would like as I miss my black friends from back east.

Given all that I'm so happy to be living here. I come from a modest background and was concerned that all these "rich folks" would be challenging to relate to. I have not found that to be an issue at all. In fact, I find that most people are generally in a great mood Read More

A once great town goes downhill - 3/13/2021
If you like high crime, paying a $4,500 a month mortgage and crazy high taxes, this is the place for you. It’s too bad because it wasn’t always like this. When I moved here in 1992 it was quite a bit different. It was possible to purchase a home in the $200-$300K price range and you could leave your car unlocked in your driveway. Not anymore. My car has been broken into twice in the past year, my wife’s car once. One morning someone dumped 2 cardboard boxes stuffed full of opened stolen mail and empty Amazon packages on our street sidewalk. A few months back, a neighbor the next block over was running a airb&b that got busted hustling a Meth/fentanyl to-go business. They were back home the same day. San Roque neighborhood seems to be getting the brunt of this crime wave. Law enforcement is apparently are not prosecuting anyone short of aggravated assault or homicide. Why? Because we don’t want them to catch the Covid in jail- of course!
The thieves know this so the Santa Read More

It's all a myth - 11/26/2020
If you are a multi-millionaire and can afford to live, shop and educate your kids within the bubble of Montecito, you can ignore this review. Moved here in 2001 and back then people were friendly, and for lack of a better word, "normal" and civil. Crime was virtually non-existent, traffic non-existent, no homeless on upper State street or wandering family neighborhoods, police could be seen patrolling the neighborhoods, our local school was top rated, and we got rain in the winter. The area lacked things to do in some ways, still does, and could get a little boring at times, but Santa Barbara was a great place to raise a young middle class family in safety and among friendly neighbors. Fast forward 15 years and a certain type of politics and mentality has taken over in the last 7 or 8 years that is speeding up a state of decline. Taxes and rents go up every year while quality of life declines, whether it's the healthcare system (6 months wait to see a doctor!), schools, care of the Read More

Still nice but was nicer in the past. - 8/26/2019
Moved here in 1988 for college and never left. Highway 101 still had a stop light at State Street and was just 2 lanes both ways with a grassy median. Every year since more people (which includes homeless problem) homeless, more cars, and more high density development. It still a nice place live if you can afford the housing cost. If you’re young and just starting off in life probably not a good place to live if you want a big job market and the ability to buy a home and raise a family. If you got some dough like maybe a million bucks a least than you can get your foot in the door here with a fixer upper cottage maybe. For those of us not rich who live here but fortunate enough to own something and not rent we’re very Read More

Except for the price, it's awesome. - 5/20/2019
I've lived in the city since coming her for university in 1980 (and my wife has been here since her early childhood ... 1967). We love it.
There has been change, both bad and good like most places. There has been some growth, but compared to sprawl in many other locations (like my hometown Riverside or anywhere in San Diego, county), it is actually fairly minor.
It is very expensive ... and for good reason. It is beautiful. Both the natural and built environment. Our weather is always comfortable. I wear shorts and flip-flops 90% of the time (just had some Canadian's who moved to town 4 years ago pointing out happily how the pleasant weather makes you soft). Someone who is from Miami that reviewed this city complained of it always being cold at night. I rarely am, even without a jacket. I suppose if you need a jacket in the 60's that's fair ... but a light jacket as opposed to oppressive humidity I would take any day. I think finding a light hoodie or sweater in the Read More

A Nice City, But . . . - 5/11/2017
It's a beautiful town with stellar ocean views, a laid-back vibe and a climate that can't beat. Small wonder they call this the "American Riviera." So what's not to like? Plenty, if you're constantly worrying how you're going to make next month's rent. As the numbers show, the cost of living is EXTREMELY high anywhere along this coast, and a rental room could cost you close to a grand a month.

Unless you're a movie star, independently wealthy or a trust-fund baby, you're never going to own a home here. And with a limited employment base (tourism is the main industry), you're chances for professional advancement are severely limited.

As a result, this is a city with a sharp divide between the "haves" and "have-nots." If you're a "have," dig the coastal lifestyle and small-townish feel this may be paradise for you. If you're a "have-not," probably not, unless you're low on ambition and don't mind living hand-to-mouth for the rest of your days.

Read More

Expensive - 9/11/2014
Very high cost of Read More
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climate great - 7/22/2013
great Read More

review - 5/14/2013
Wonderful climate, high cost of Read More

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