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high tech jobs -vs- high cost housing - 9/20/2019
At this point, I would only recommend moving to silicon valley for the job market. Sure, the weather is great and the restaurants offer huge variety. But the costs of EVERYTHING are among the highest anywhere in the country.

After you've landed that amazing job at Apple, Google, or Facebook you'll be confident of handling the increased costs of food, haircuts, doctors, clothing, taxes, etc. However, you'll suddenly realize your enormous salary doesn't go very far when it concerns one thing: housing.

Like all the other cities in silicon valley, Sunnyvale housing prices are mind-boggling. $3000/month for a 2-bedroom apartment; more if the place is less than 20 years old. Even with a salary of $250k/year you'll spend more than 1/2 your after-tax income for 30 years to buy an old 1600 square foot shack on 7000 square feet of dirt in the nicer parts of Sunnyvale. Even after paying it off, you'll be hit with property taxes of $20k/year — that's the cost of Read More

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Bad things happen to a once great city - 9/17/2018
Like previous reviewer, tech company's tyranny over city gov and quality of living has negatively impacted a fantastic place to live. Climate, while super, is grossly overshadowed by Over crowding in all life aspects, strains on infrastructure, gridlock traffic throughout roadways beyond “rush hr”, including city streets, COL constant increase, no longer sane and peaceful pace and feel to our city has permanently ruined life here for Read More

Quality of life reduction - 5/3/2018
I've lived here for 40 years. While the weather is fabulous, For the past ten years of high density housing mostly needed to house thousands of a young up coming tech work force and the tyranny of the tech companies concentrated in my neighborhood has diminished life quality in the entire South Bay Area. What is a negative off set of this we have near grid lock traffic far past work day hours. There are lines and crowds everywhere. The strain of the over crowding has negatively impacted infrastructure specifically water quality. I feel quite sad. The new huge Apple buildings recently built, in my neighborhood will be soon filled with thousands more to join us in the streets and roads. Not to mention the COL cost continuous increase. It was once a quiet wonderful place to Read More

Expensive Housing - 10/25/2014
Housing is very expensive but it is a great place to live with low crime, wonderful weather, close to San Francisco or the beach Read More

Housing costs are insane here - 1/1/2013
And that's why Burbed is still publishing a new house every weekday, almost 7 years from its founding.

Lots of places have million dollar houses, and they look like a million. They're big, and attractive, and sit on a nice piece of land, and you drive by and wish you could live there. But only Silicon Valley are there million dollar crapshacks. You drive by a whole block of them and think "meh" or "stuck in suburbia" or even "what a bunch of dumps" and then you find out every one of them is worth more than a million Read More

SUNNYVALE CA 94087 - 5/23/2012
Sunnyvale is a very nice city to live in. Not overly crowded. Houses are close together though. Houses in the SUNNYVALE-MOUNTAIN VIEW-SAN JOSE area are rising rapidly. My old 3 bed 2 bath house is now worth $811,000. Very nice place to raise kids! I now live in the Town of Wappingers Falls NY 12590. Check out Wappingers Falls on this website. I have commented there Read More

Close to Everything - 10/16/2009
Very close to everything in the Bay Area. San Francisco is about thirty miles to the north. San Jose is five miles to the south. One of the best beaches in the country, Santa Cruz, is about forty five minutes away. If you want to ski or hike then Lake Tahoe is about four hours Read More

Rents are Stratospheric - 9/26/2008
People coming from almost anywhere else in the world are stunned by apartment rents in Sunnyvale (currently averaging about $1550 for a decent 1- bedroom). Later they find out that, for that price, they are getting into cheaply-built structures that are old and deteriorating.

It should also be noted, without any hate-mongering whatsoever, that Sunnyvale has become a predominantly Indian Read More

sunnyvale - 9/1/2008
well run but Read More

Diversity - 5/1/2008
Sunnyvale, California is the second largest city in Santa Clara County with a little over 100,000 people. San Jose is the largest with over 900,000 residents. Located on the peninsula and next to San Francisco Bay, Sunnyvale is strategically situated between San Francisco and San Jose.

Although the price of housing is one of the most expensive anywhere in the country, it is stiil a desirable area to live with low crime rates, a pleasnt climate, and entertainment ranging from sports to opera to wine tasting nearby.

Part of the reason for the diversity is that Sunnyvale is located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Major employment includes everything from defense contractors to chip makers to start ups in energy and wireless technology. With this strong immersion in technology, there is also a need for major support including hotels, restaurants, and the need for a quality school district.

City hall is run with a city council which elects a mayor Read More

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