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Snob says it's ok - 9/18/2020
Most people do much worse than Boulder. I'm the most critical person I've ever met who is never happy or satisfied -- so that's a pretty huge compliment.  Read More

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Rich - 9/15/2020
As hypocritical as it is -- the money stays in Boulder and for that I am thankful.  Read More

Scary elderly joggers - 8/10/2020
I recently visited Boulder Colorado with my son and daughter-in-law and their dog. We had a lovely lunch at a French pastry shop and the owner was very gracious and welcoming. However, we went to a walking path to spend some time outside and were almost physically attacked by two elderly men and another elderly woman wearing their masks and pointing their fingers within 5 inches of our faces about not having our masks on. We were on an outdoor path with no one around but these abusive elderly aggressive people. Next time I will have my stun gun or pepper spray to protect myself and family. Very scary Read More

Boulder, not so great anymore - 1/26/2020
I moved to Boulder in the late 90's and I have seen a lot of changes. For one, over the last two decades, land-use policies have helped shaped Boulder into what it is today. In the past, Boulder had a quaint downtown surrounded by a suburban environment. It had an urban growth boundary with a vast amount of open space. In wanting to keep that character, residents voiced concern over the densification of neighborhoods as population and job growth grew. Instead of allowing for infill development that would include apartments, duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes, around the downtown area, residents insisted that single-family homes stay in place, or be replaced with even larger single-family homes. This practice artificially raised the value of homes in Boulder to what it is now. The average single-family home was $1,207,403 in 2018. Of course, local wages did not keep up with the cost of living. This has forced low and middle-income residents out of Boulder, who now commute in every day Read More

Boulder has it all - 8/20/2019
Boulder is such a beautiful place to live. Nestled against the mountains, hiking is within biking distance. So many various shops, grocery stores, and restaurants to choose from. There's a great outdoor theatre downtown, as well as 2 other indoor venues near downtown. Lots of live music anytime of year. Pearl Street Mall is always filled with Street Performers, especially during the weekend. Read More

Fake - 3/12/2017
Town of elitist snobs and good renters that eventually to leave because it is not affordable. The elitist are fake liberals. They will protest for better but never allow affordable housing. Keep that kind out. The downtown mall is losing all its charm to chain stores.
I have now moved to Santa Fe, NM and I'm loving it. The cost of a home with a yard is about half the cost of Boulder. The town has mountains as a backdrop, a vibrant downtown plaza, year round awesome farmers market, great food scene, culture, amazing weather and abundant outdoor activities. The downtown plaza is full of locally owned businesses. I'll admit Boulder is probably the most scenic, cleanest and safest city I have ever lived in but it is not worth the cost. It now caters only to the rich. I feel Pearl Street will resemble a strip mall in years to come because only chain stores and banks will be able to afford the rent. I doubt in 10 years Boulder will be a place even worth Read More

Yeah yeah - 7/29/2016
A lot of truths and a lot of misconceptions from what I've read so far.
I came to Boulder two years ago from SW Florida.
Here are my pro's and cons:


- Literally the safest city I've ever lived in. I can walk, bike, or drive in any part of town without a second guess
- Fantastic place to raise a family (if you can!)
- Great coffee shops
- Accessibility to nature is beyond all others
- Around 35 min to nearest ski lift, 1-2 hours and you'll be at many more!
- Everyone's down to hike or do something fun and active
- Great activities to do for a college kid
- Mostly friendly people
- Pearl st. and the shopping is great


- The traffic, although not Miami or LA, sucks! It's a smaller area with lots of traffic
- Somewhat pretentious vibe
- No cultural/racial diversity, which makes for a boring ass place at times
- Although you can hike anywhere, peace Read More

About rental properties: check to ensure everythin - 6/3/2014
The City of Boulder requires a rental license for rental properties. An inspection is required to obtain a rental license. However landlords must hire a third party company to do the inspection, the City does not inspect the tens of thousands of rental properties in Boulder. Inspections only deal with life/safety issues. Issues like: do the electrical outlets work, is the plumbing working correctly, are there holes in the walls, are the walls even insulated, is there a large dead tree in the yard; are not covered in the inspection and landlords are not required to maintain / fix these issues. Also, helping a locked out renter is not the landlord’s responsibility.

Boulder is a popular place to live, more renters are always on the way. Check everything before signing the lease.Read More

Moving to Boulder ? - 3/31/2013
Most people moving to Boulder don’t buy a house, they rent.

School is a good way to spend time in Boulder, consider CU, Front Range Community College, Naropa, Boulder College of Massage Therapy, Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts.

Some people move to Boulder and assume it will work out, only to discover a job is tough to find. Don't be afraid to consider towns around Boulder, they are less expensive, some people call them the L cities: Longmont, Lions, Louisville.

While looking for a job consider staying with a friend, the Hostel, even a Walmart parking lot. Most rental agreements in Boulder charge you around $300 if you break the lease AND expect you to pay the rent until the landlord can find another renter.

Not everyone can stay, there are not enough jobs for the numbers of people that want to live in the Boulder Read More

Growing Up in Paradise or Long Live the Republic o - 12/31/2012
Boulder is an anomaly. I grew up in the Republic of Boulder (as the State Legislature called it) and lived there from 1963-1980. Even then I felt like a stranger in a strange land. I didn't know what "normal" America was until I moved from Boulder to the Midwest in 1980. I literally went through culture shock at discovering that the rest of the country was nothing like Boulder. I have since lived in Ohio, Kansas, Indiana, N. Carolina, California, Texas, Georgia, Arizona, Germany, South Korea and Saudi Arabia. Confirmed. Boulder is an anomaly.

Boulder is ultra-liberal which for some give it great appeal. For others like myself it makes Boulder seem like an unsustainable fantasy land. I can see why it's rated as the smartest and healthiest city in America - it most likely is. And those are the things I like about Boulder. Yet underneath all the warm, fuzzy imported-from-California & New York yuppie glow, is a reality as cold and as harsh as the winter in Boulder Read More

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