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Star Rating - 3/12/2017
Town of elitist snobs and good renters that eventually to leave because it is not affordable. The elitist are fake liberals. They will protest for better but never allow affordable housing. Keep that kind out. The downtown mall is losing all its charm to chain stores.
I have now moved to Santa Fe, NM and I'm loving it. The cost of a home with a yard is about half the cost of Boulder. The town has mountains as a backdrop, a vibrant downtown plaza, year round awesome farmers market, great food scene, culture, amazing weather and abundant outdoor activities. The downtown plaza is full of locally owned businesses. I'll admit Boulder is probably the most scenic, cleanest and safest city I have ever lived in but it is not worth the cost. It now caters only to the rich. I feel Pearl Street will resemble a strip mall in years to come because only chain stores and banks will be able to afford the rent. I doubt in 10 years Boulder will be a place even worth visiting.
Matthew | Boulder, CO
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Man... after reading this I’m judt left with questions for the author. You’re mad at people moving in to a city that they find attractive and appealing. You’re mad at the city for thriving and for prices going up. You blame the people moving in for the cities issues, yet you never really point any emotion towards the land owners; the ones who are in control of raising the prices. If people work hard to make a good life and good living, and they find Boulder a very attractive city to live and grow a family, why on earth should those people not desire moving and living in a city like Boulder? Again, I’m not questioning your opinion because you’re opinion makes sense from the position you’ve lived, but it seems like a lot of people are mad at the wrong people. Wouldn’t you moving to New Mexico be the same thing as people moving to Boulder? You moved somewhere you weren’t from that you liked and could afford. Is that not the same thing? There is a growing sentiment in this country of citizens being mad at citizens; of renters being mad at renters, yet there is no energy put forth to question and change the actions of land owners or big business that are in control of the rising prices. I understand the frustration of small towns changing over time, I come from a once very small town in California, but I also understand it is pointless for me to get mad at those moving to a city when they have only moved that city with the intention of experiencing a quality of life they could not find elsewhere.
Matthew | Pomona, CA

Sounds like Boulder has only gotten worse since I lived there in the 70s. Still overcrowded, stuck up, and lily white. Not my kind of town. Colorado is beautiful, though. But just visit; don't move to Boulder. Niwot's Curse has not been a problem for me.
Linda | San Diego, CA

Wow this dude is so bitter. Too bad he got priced out.
John | Boulder, CO
- 7/29/2016
Yeah yeah
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