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GOD'S COUNTRY - 11/27/2020
Lived here for almost 50 years. Love it. Am captured and captivated by our mountain range. Totally love this place, God's place, and am bound by its bountiful beauty. Will stay here until I perish. Read More

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Somewhat overrated - 8/26/2020
The Springs is great if you're an avid outdoors man or are really into psychedelics and weed but the average Joe may have some difficulty living here. The housing market is screwed here; you will be lucky to find a one bedroom apartment to rent for under $900 and forget about buying house for anything under $260,000. This is not a good place to be young and broke but if you can afford a house around the $280,000 - $400,000 range then you will be fine. Colorado Springs has, by far, the worst drivers I've ever seen. Traffic isn't bad in terms of gridlock but people drive like maniacs and will constantly cut you off and ride your ass even 10 mph over the speed limit. I lived in Phoenix for 15 years and have seen almost the same amount of car crashes as I have in the Springs in just a year. This is only exacerbated by how many hills there are combined with the icy roads during the winter.

The climate is absolutely phenomenal winters are short(ish) with a moderate amount of Read More

Want to move to Colorado Springs, Colorado, DON'T! - 6/22/2020
If you want to move here you will screw yourself permanently. All those involved in real estate here work together. You will pay 15,000 to 20,000 over asking price which is still 1 year ahead of actual value. You will be stuck in that home for no less than 15yrs before you will break even. You will pay maxed out junk fees, ex. 750 for an appraisal which I got three quotes on ans 200 to 400. You will pay 5 plus points and all parties will max out their profits on the deal burying you in a home you'd better want to be buried in. This is life in the springs and that just moving here. I came from California were prices are high they are now high here. Vist and see for yourself but bend over if you want to live here. The real estate market is full of crooks and they do not negotiate. If your constipated move here and you wont be anymore and if you do move here you deserve everything you get. I live here and it's just like Vegas in 2009. People owe twice what their property is Read More

Nice place to raise a family - 4/13/2020
Colorado Springs is a nice place to live and raise a family. For the number of people that live here, ~750k in the metro area, the roads aren’t that crowded, at least not where I live or typically drive.

That said, in the summer, highway 24 can get pretty congested heading west toward Manitou Springs from I-25, as thats where most of the “touristy” spots are, and Manitou itself gets very crowded for the same reason. Compared to other cities with the same population size, however, I’d say traffic is probably lighter here, but my other experiences are mainly the Twin Cities and Phoenix, so take that with a grain of salt.

The weather is.... interesting... to say the least. Prime example, it’s April 2020 as I type this, and on Saturday it was sunny and 74 degrees. My yard is turning green and and I spent much of the day outside. The next day, Sunday, we didn’t get above 30.

That’s pretty typical throughout the winter, we’ll have several Read More

Would not recommend moving to Colorado Springs - 3/19/2020
I feel that Colorado Springs is pleasant but no where near great.
Its really over rated.
Its become very crowded, congested, crime-ridden and the cost of living here has been soaring.
There are alot places in the area that are in the lower economic scale, places are little run down, in distress and not very well kept.
Been looking at relocating to a better place and better fit than Colo Read More

Disappointed in Colorado Springs. - 9/20/2019
Eh - Recently moved to Colorado Springs from Denver to get away from the high Cost of Living, Crime, Congestion and the Crowds.
We were wrong for thinking this place was any better
As the saying goes out of the frying pan into the fire.
There was recently a drive by shooting less than a mile away and another shooting later that night in the same vicinity.
Cost of housing has skyrocketed to near Denver levels as well.
There are alot of neighborhoods that dont have an HOA and houses have overgrown weeds and trash in their yards.
Traffic and congestion is nearly as bad as Denver was.
Electricity and Water are much higher than anticipated.
Doubt if we stay here very long and already looking elsewhere to relocate.Read More

No going back - 8/3/2019
I've lived here 3 different times due to my work. Every time I've gone back it has grown drastically and cost of living and housing has skyrocketed. It's not what it used to be when I first moved there in 1982. I moved away permanently last year with no looking back. I don't miss the hail storms or wildfires that pelt the area. And don't have to worry about the presence of mountain lions. Read More

Going downhill - 5/13/2019
I've lived here for 15 years. You need to update your average price of a home because it has gone up dramatically in the last two years. According to our local paper, the current average price of a home is $303,450. Apartments are unaffordable. The scenery and activities available are great, but it is getting very crowded and the crime has gone way up. I moved here from the south and one of the reasons was the low crime rate. Now it seems like there is a shooting every day, drug busts are rampant, and wrecks are increasing much so that they are putting in red light cameras at multiple locations (and they aren't helping.) The freak weather is so bad that insurance rates have skyrocketed. If I could afford to move, I Read More

There are better places for sure. - 4/14/2019
Not the worst city, but certainly not the best either. People are rude...Hillbillies at best, not the brightest. Women are not attractive at all! have you have heard of the ugly stick? If not,Just ask one of the local gals as I'm sure that they can tell you all about how it feels to get beat all to hell with one! Pace is expensive, getting worse every day too. Sorry if you don't like my opinion, just telling it like it really is. go ahead come on out here and find out for yourself if you don't believe. Oh, and make sure you have good car insurance. Between the baseball size hail and Read More

It's not that great - 3/18/2019
Moved here in 2017, the cost of living has skyrocketed, the traffic gets worse every day, its DRY everything is brown and red outside no green grass, the houses are very ugly. Unless you van afford a million dollar mortgage...good luck, the food is not good here, but I do love the amazing people and mountains. Read More

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